6. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones, alive in God that I am!
The dream has been dreamt; the dispatch of human Beings 
is finished. Now everything herds back to me, now Life in 
God that I am, fulfills itself.

The world, whereupon free human Beings were robbed 
of their freedom, their thoughts stolen and their emotions 
programmed, finds an end, so that Life returns and Love may 
Fallacies, which hold on to today’s days, have led to then 
fact that great light warriors have not awakened and remained
in deep sleep of ignorance.

Thinking with the Heart 
And a fallacy that is of particular characteristic for this time 
and for the sleeping light warriors, is the parole dispensed 
without reflection: Do not think! Think only with your heart! 

What for has the mind been awarded to you 
by me that I am God? What for have you been equipped
with an awakened spirit, whereby a clear mind paves the 
way to awareness?
Why has all of this been given to you; mind, intuition, 
heart, spirit and consciousness? So that you may claim it, 
because it is yours. And therefore it was said to you “Do not think” 
and while it was said to you as such, the thinking was taken over 
for you from forces of darkness – you had no longer thought for 
yourself, instead thinking was done for you.
Indiscriminately and wantonly you have opened your hearts,
in order to do justice to this expectation, and thereby you have 
ignored any necessary precaution, precautions, which were 
supposed to protect you from unsolicited guests.
Your open hearts were an invitation for the dark forces, 
which spread out in them and so it happened that many 
light warriors were taken over from these forces, without 
knowing what happened to them. 

“To think with your heart” is given to those, 
who tamed the mind and have connected any 
impulse of the mind with the heart. 
This is possible for only a few, because many pretended
that the mind does not exist and that a heart separated 
from the mind is the measure of all awareness.
The divine balance that keeps everything alive in a 
Being and adjusts everything, has been neglected and 
been denied. Thereby the power of the whole Being has 
been denied. 
Without a mind, without clear thoughts, without the genuine 
sharp view through the glasses of the mind, human Beings in
masses swallowed the bait of the dark players. 

You broke the habit of independent thinking and the 
power of discernment was taken from you. The great 
fallacy began, as you took over from the misled spiritual 
scene the “thinking with your heart”, without reflection 
and without deciphering the fine context. 

You were cut off from your ability to distinguish 
evil from good, because the mind had not been 
granted the right of say for the obvious. 

Mixed up with the fallacy, every human Being to be good 
and light-filled, you opened your hearts and the dark took 
possession of you and over you. 
“You only see well with the heart”, 
yes, after you uncovered the field of 
vision to your heart with your mind.

Mind is your Servant 
The mind is your absolutely essential servant and as
you degrade it to insignificance, it can no longer perform 
its service as an awakened reminder and observer.
And that was exactly the point, you Beloveds!
The obvious, the course of actions of the dark ones 
remained hidden to you, because your mind did not 
vigilantly perform its service on the bridge of your living 
spirit; and thereby destructive energies blended in your
hearts, forces, which you were unable to recognize as to 
what they are and what they were. 
For the perception of the obvious horror in a 3D world, 
the human Being needs foremost an awakened mind 
and an unconditionally open heart; thereby a naïve or 
gullible, all trusting human nature is more of a hindrance 
than help. Understand this truth, because only  
in the balance of all characteristics do you obtain 
happiness; if you deny a part of you, you deny all.

Claim your Power 
The human stupidity results from the denial to use one’s 
mind and to use and apply thinking as an important corrective
measure. A loving and open heart needs wakefulness and 
awareness on all levels of a human Being.
Is this the case, then go there and love, be and become.
Those, who are aware of its significance and have obtained 
the awareness of the nature of things, have the ability to 
think with the heart.
Many human Beings went astray due to this fallacy, 
because, without protection and without reflection, they 
disempowered the mind, the guard on duty for the human
This end of time uncovers all layers, unveils all fallacies – for those, 
who are open for this knowledge. It is the time, wherein everything 
fulfills itself and wherein also the imperfect will be perfected.
Let your whole power, your whole Being shine – let your whole 
Being with all of its characteristics, which were handed to you 
by me, who I am God, be in harmony and know: 

Your emotions, your mind, your sensual awareness, 
are significant and equivalent servants of your all-knowing 
divine consciousness that in this human existence acts for 
the benefit of Creation. 

Gods, who have chosen this human experience, 
are becoming aware of their abilities as a human 
Being and their power as a divinity. 

„Give the King what is of the King, 
and give God what is of God!“ 

Thus understand: Return power to your human attributes, 
so that you may effectively apply your divine attributes.
Because the truth is: Think like a human Being, sense and 
feel like a human Being, perceive with your human senses, 
as a human Being – then you have paved the soil for any 
divine awareness. 

Who denies a part of oneself, 
denies the whole Being. 

Therefore from now on be whole, whereby you accept 
everything, what God has imparted on you, in its 
significance and in Love.
Because what had been imparted on you by God, 
cannot be taken from you, unless fallacy has taken 
possession of a human Being, because God’s gifts are 
not being recognized as such.

I am on account of you and in you,
I am


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