7. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Energy Vampires of End Time 
Report: I am in a small swimming pool of the fitness club, 
where I regularly go. In order to be able to swim unrestrictedly, 
it is important to always remain exactly in one’s lane. Then 3 
people have plenty of space. I see one Asian man stepping into 
the pool and as he begins, he constantly crosses my lane, in order 
to move to the side at the last moment. After I send him a few 
mental “packets”, he slightly changes his behavior. Next to me 
swims a woman and I guess that she could be a child or teenager, 
about 14 years old; at the edge of the pool I seem to recognize her 
waiting mother. Yet as the young woman leaves the pool, I see that 
she is an adult person of about 40 years old – I rub my eyes repeatedly. 
Now the man, who crosses my lane, gets out of the pool and like a thief, 
first looking to the right and then looking to the left, takes the two 
towels, which I had placed on a surface close to the pool.
After that two English-speaking men step into the pool and speak 
to each other so loudly and forcibly, that it clangs in the whole 
building; a relaxed swimming thereby is no longer possible. 
Later, I am already in the rest area next door, I man begins 
to produce sounds, a very unpleasant song that destroys any 
kind of relaxation. The two egoists remain in the water by 
themselves. (End of report)


Beloved Ones,

These scenes describe the status of humanity at the end 
of time and show what happens on the energetic level. 
Human Beings, who like thieves, want to acquire the energies 
of the ascending ones. The Asian swimmer and his behavior 
point to that.

The woman, perceived in the water as a child and out 
of the water as an adult, shows that after the great cleansing, 
the water pointing to that, many human Beings very quickly 
become adults and awaken. Human Beings, to whom it is given, 
will draw great insights from the floods of these upheavals and 
will be able to set very quick steps toward awakening.
It is important to understand that at this time the assaults
and the attacks can come to you from all directions. In this scene, 
the Asian and the two English-speaking men point to that. 
The theft of the towels reinforces this message, which says: 
Under all circumstances I want to acquire something that doesn’t 
belong to me, something that I nonetheless would like to possess 
without doing anything for it.
And what wants to be possessed is the clear and powerful 
vibration of the light warriors. In a process of panic, the 
remaining human Beings do anything in order to attach 
themselves to the heels of the light warriors.

Therefore remain extremely vigilant, use any thinkable 
possibility in order to keep yourself harmless from all these 
doings, because the period of the ascension pushes the unwilling 
to any deed, because indeed they no longer have anything to lose.

The Methods 
In these days of the Light, an actual light warrior stands 
out so obviously, so that the dark fork forces can easily 
recognize you, and as you open yourself to them, they 
can occupy you. 

The methods are generally as follows:
1.) Mellifluous or infringing approach.
2.) To draw energy.
3.) To take flight.

This time brings all unredeemed dramas
of unconscious human Beings to light.

The affected human Beings recognize now that there
is no time left in order to bring about changes, which 
they anyhow do not want. This creates great panic, 
because they now see themselves confronted with the 
consequences of their decisions. And therefore they cross 
any boundary of shame, just to enrich themselves by the 
light-filled energies. Mistakenly these human Beings believe 
that they can thereby escape the inevitable – their temporary 
downfall. The duel, whereby the drowning ones cling to the 
existing saviors is a characteristic of this time.

For the light warriors of the first and the last hours it is 
now necessary to encounter any human Being with the 
necessary wakefulness and consequences, because truly:
Many put over themselves the garment of someone seeking 
help or display a friendly face, in order to hide behind it their 
true intentions, namely: to disrupt your path into the Light 
and to appropriate for themselves the most beautiful fruits 
from the tree of life, having denied any care for it as it was 

The attribute of the last days of mankind is hereby described.
Stay fully awake, because the pretensions and infringements 
increase and become more insistent, also where you least 
expect it.

Reward and Greatness 
A great and long Peace awaits you;
Peace and Quiet, Happiness and Bliss -
The unity in God.

The reward for the persevering ones is great, 
infinitely great, because truly:  
You are the new yardstick of Creation, and the Creator 
aligns new Worlds according to your Greatness. 

Trust this time and its upheavals.
Recognize the multitude of garments, 
wherein this ascension drapes itself, 
recognize the “Stuff of all Life”: Light.

In infinite Love


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