14. Dezember 2014


Begin the day in Love, 
carry on the day in Love, 
and end the day in Love! 


Beloved Ones!

Great and intensive controversies characterize these days. 
You are challenged and you perform your service on the bridges 
of Light, on the levels between worlds and in this world, as it is 
portrayed to you, in the “matrix of illusion”.

Consciousness and Base Vibration 
Now it is the goal and assignment to leave this matrix 
and to strip off this matrix after the work is done, which 
is still outstanding.

It is not a question of time but a question 
of consciousness as to when your journey 
in this world of deceptions ends. 

Lift yourself, still today lift yourself above this reality, 
and you will see the reality in God and partake in it, as 
someone who always partook in it without having known it.
And the raising in your consciousness, the increase in your 
own vibration means to enrich your daily life with an entirely
new reality.

Uplifted above this world, you nonetheless remain clear and 
incorruptible witnesses of the events; uplifted above the events 
you nonetheless remain a vigilant and conscious onlooker of the 
great arch, the great whole – whereby all societal and planetary 
transformations are integrated.

You, who incorporate the first row of the light warriors of the 
first and last hours, can only bridge this time with bravura as 
you are aware in each moment of your life that you can overcome 
any sluggish condition instantaneously solely due to your 
consciousness and the increase in your base vibration.

You know it, you can do it, but you apply this ability, 
which has been awakened in you, hardly ever.

Henceforth I urge you to uplift yourself after every 
“battle in the lowlands”, to consciously go into the realms 
of higher vibration, because truly: 

You still also have to redeem heavy burdens in service 
for the whole, not only for these, but foremost also for 
other worlds, where remaining human Beings will 

You are still under your divine assignments on this earth, 
still the end of time is expected, it seems that it has not 
arrived yet in your time – the Now still has not been totally 
captured or understood in its depth. What rarely has been 
given to the human mind, is nature to the human divine soul: 
The understanding and experience of the All-That-Is reality 
in the Now – naturally and given by God.
And this is where you are taken now at the end of time, 
when time seems to stretch, because your ascension 
keeps waiting and your transfiguration is outstanding.

Now it is necessary to uplift yourself after every visit to 
the “lowlands of daily life” and to grow above this world; 
like a messenger from Heaven, who solely due to the
observation of all things in its being and becoming, 
endures this world.

Purify yourself consistently 
In this message it is about to point to the necessity that 
every light warrior of the first and last hours needs to set 
himself back into God’s Light and Love vibration, into the 
All-That-Is-Now reality, after each “employment” in the 
sluggish world and after every controversy with the sluggish 
dark forces. Never forget this, the longer you surround yourself 
with low vibration fields, the easier it is for certain elements to 
anchor themselves in your energy field, which brings further 
painful experiences and incurs redemption processes.

Purify yourself after every “battle”, after every encounter 
and after each controversy with the dark, and free yourself 
of the energy, which was superimposed on you, because 
each one of your days shall begin in Love and end in Love.
Like a fieldworker, who after a day’s work cleans his clothes 
and his body, you shall remove your energetic traces after a 
day’s work, which were created due to many different events 
of the day – by powerful mandates, by powerful initiatives, 
which were given to a true Creator God of this time and 
which are possible for you today.

Call on the most powerful instrument of this time,
the golden-violet flame of transformation, purity, 
abundance, Love and healing; and your adhesions 
will detach like a brittle masonry will detach during
an upcoming storm.

End of Space-Time 
This time is “timeless”, which means that the ascending 
ones move rapidly to higher levels of All-That-Is and yet 
are fully aware of the demands in this world.
This is a contradiction, which dissolves slowly, 
because you perceive increasingly how timelessness 
and the Now feel, because your days on earth lose the 
temporal and spatial structure. 

What time is it? Which day is today? 
Where am I? These are questions, 
which increase and this is proof that 
a reality dissolves around you, because 
you already exist in a different reality. 

The Now is not to be understood, instead it is gradually 
captured, as some messages from the Light, its deep
sense is only gradually unveiled to several human Beings.

The journey back to God is full of miracles.
And here it has been reported to you about the miracle 
of the transition to the highly vibrating worlds of Light, 
while you are still in service in this world.
The key to your multidimensional reality has been 
handed over to you and now the revelations of this 
reality begin.

You are in the world but not of the world – because 
you have anchored yourself in the light-filled level 
of the fifth dimension. Understand: The Now is now, 
because truly: The space-time continuum breaks away 
in front of your eyes and will be left by you in these days, 
weeks and months – due to the power of your divine 

In Love lives the human Being, 
who is eternal, in Joy and in the Light. 

I am

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The End of Waiting – ELIJA: 

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