11. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The great sowing of the seeds of ascension reaps,
the harvest is rich. The yield is great,
the good soil brings forth fruits in abundance,
humanity inherits Life.

Beloved Ones,

No time is like any other, yet this time lifts off from all 
times, because time and space specific laws are dissolving 
in front of your eyes and are discarded.
This world is in the middle of dissolution, you yourselves 
are attuned to your departure and oriented toward your 
ascension – the heavenly Father comes, in order to lift you.

The seed of ascension reaps in these days.
While the harvest withers in many fields, 
healthy wheat grows in your fields.

The number of fertile fields is insignificant, 
significant is the yield of the harvest, is the 
Light that you are and that emanates from you. 

The seed reaps and satisfies all Life. 

The great thanks of Creation are due to human Beings, 
who have established the kingdom in Heaven on this soil, 
while in many places it has been neglected and has been 

Human Beings and God are unified in Eternity.

I am

Recognition and Dissolution of Foreign Energies – MASTER KUTHUMI: 

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