9. Dezember 2014


Message from the Light Reading on November 21st, 2014 in Vienna.

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

I have ascended, as you ascend today, and I have come back 
to this world, as you will return to this world after your ascension, 
to many worlds, foremost to those levels in All-That-Is, which you
have created yourself.

I am

And until it is that far, until your transfiguration is fulfilled 
and until the course of time is completed, opportunities upon 
opportunities are created so that human Beings recognize, 
awaken and can perfect themselves. The cornucopia of God’s Grace 
is truly unlimited and today it pours out over mankind like at no 
other time before. Today this wake-up call from Eternity is dedicated
to all human Beings, who still carry a living Light spark in themselves 
and have still not ignited it.

This wake-up call is the one, which will liberate several 
human Beings from their self-imposed shackles.
A special power is inherent in this call, a penetrating strength 
and a strength removing all disturbance fields, a strength, 
which I represent. 

Everything shall be removed from you, 
which you hold on to in this last phase 
before the ascension! It is removed so 
that you are ready to receive everything
- out of the hands of the Creator. 

An allegory for it was given to Jahn on 11/19/2014:
Report: Scene I: On 11/19/2014 (1+9+1+1+2+0+1+4=19; 
1+9=10)  in the morning, my beloved son Noah, who is now 
3 years and 7 months old hangs on to a shelf made out of glass 
(with his whole weight of 18 kilos) below the great mirror in the 
bathroom, in order to reach for something that he wants to grab. 
Whereupon the glass surface, which holds bathing paraphernalia, 
like combs, crèmes, waters, etc. detaches from the wall and 
crashes down. Nobody is injured, only that the great oval mirror 
hangs on the empty wall in unfamiliar nakedness. 
Scene II: On the living room table 19 rose-red roses  
stand in a new red vase since several days ago, roses, 
which do not seem to wither, and just the opposite, 
seem to open more with every day. 
Which is rarely the case for ordinary, even though 
truly beautiful cut flowers from the supermarket.
(End of report/introduction) 

Interpretation JJK: These two scenes describe the 
quality of the “wake-up call from eternity”. The number 19, 
as the 1 for the individual human Being, who is fulfilled 
(in the 9, the last one-digit number). The number 10 points
to the wholeness of human Beings (10 fingers), and again 
the 1, and the 0, which point to the perfection in God.
The 11, by itself, as the Master number.

The empty naked wall, the great oval mirror without 
an area of deposit: Shows that human Beings encounter 
each other without make-up, all aid is being removed (the 
deposit area is removed); it also means that all securities 
disappear; encounters with oneself and with one’s own mirror 
image without make-up, with our true countenance in the 
“great mirror” of the Creator. 

Red Vase: Life (Blood), health in spirit and in all bodies, 
life force. 
Rose-red “eternal” roses: Rose-red is the healing Christ Light, 
the awakening of Christ consciousness, eternal Life in God’s 
Love (Roses, which never wither).
And again the number 19, as a symbol of the individual (1) 
human Being, who is perfected in God (9).
Two scenes, which show in what manner those human 
Beings, to whom this wake-up call is directed, will be 
shaken up – due to removal of all illusions and due to 
the encounter with oneself. (End of interpretation)

Therefore the process is in this particular manner. 
Those, who on a soul level have decided to comply 
with this wake-up call and are ready to look at their 
fallacies, from those the “make-up” will be removed, 
so that the unvarnished observation of one’s own and 
actual energetic as well as total consciousness condition 
becomes possible.

Too many light warriors of the first and last hours have arranged 
it comfortably for themselves. Too many neglect their daily 
transformation work! What is here being said of me, who I 
am the Master of clarity?

Too many of those human Beings continue to lead their lives 
in old dependencies. They refuse to put their life under the 
Light and to examine it for its actual truthfulness. Relationships, 
to be given up a long time ago, work conditions and circles of friends, 
are still being served; traditions, which have lost their meaning and 
thoughts, words and actions, which obey the old and established 
patterns of time, are continued to be lived without reflection.
Here those light warriors are being addressed, who still have 
not awakened, yet believe it based on their knowledge about 
the ascension.

Awakened is the one, who daily puts everything under the Light!
Awakened is the one, who never backs off from the truth – never! 
Here the truth is not meant, which one is ready to tell to somebody 
else, instead the truthfulness, which one is ready to deal with 

Know: The actually awakened light warriors have solved
their earthly affairs with respect to family and friendship 
relationships a long time ago and live up to their divine 
assignments at 100 percent. Those, who still confront unredeemed 
issues of this kind and questioningly look toward Heaven: those are 
the ones, which are meant here, and the opportunity is now given to 
catch up due to the blessing, which streams forth from todays 
manifestation of the Light.

Those, who have been freed from curses and maledictions 
(Message: “Recognition and Dissolution of Foreign Energies”, http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2014/12/recognition-and-dissolution-of-foreign.html, are free to be reborn.And every human Being, who 
follows these words full of trust and dedication, will be freed 
of curses at this moment, in order to be able to reorient oneself.

The inability of many human Beings or their unwillingness to 
true transformation is very often based on the burden, which 
a “curse” represents. This burden is now removed. Please pay 
attention that you are free of it in the future, because the time 
quality is still full of contradictions, whereby Light and shadows 
interchange, like day and night, only in very quick succession.

This wake-up call has been made!

Do not underestimate your will power or God’s Grace. 
Thereby everything is possible and a new life is the logical 
conclusion, as you are ready to look at your naked self in 
the mirror.

„You have come into this world naked 
and you leave this world naked.”

See what is 
Thereby you inner nakedness, the nakedness of your soul is 
meant, the actual truth, which you are without make-up, the 
self, which is pure and unclouded, and whereby you return 
into Heaven. Not meant is your physical nakedness.

To be naked in front of God means 
to see what is, is the lifeblood of these 
last days at this development stage, 
whereupon the light warriors of the 
first and last hours find themselves.

In world affairs the contradictions continue to increase 
and the gap between the Light forces and the dark powers 
again drifts apart; until the point has been reached, which 
brings the last discharges.
This means, it is still necessary to act on this earth firmly 
anchored and even though the time, which is allocated for 
it is short, to you it seems like eternity.

Connect yourself with God’s messengers, with the realms 
of the Angels and Masters. Receive strength, recognition and 
Love from it. It is highest time that you are continuously linked 
to the Light, because only thereby can you foster your own 
processes and understand the global processes, in order to
meet them in an appropriate manner.

The time until the last short days of mankind is short and 
the longer the days seem to you, the closer are the days, 
when everything will be unveiled to you.
Until then you still have much to do. Until then we still have 
much to do. Because a field requires the daily care of the farmer, 
the field of the immortal human soul requires the daily Light
flooding from Heaven even more, so that it is nurtured and 
can lift itself up to God.

Get well whereby you devote yourself here and now to 
your own soul, your own life again and without compromise.

I am ready! Are you also?
In infinite Love

I am

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no 
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light 
Reading lifestream or on location. 

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