22. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

The false assumption about my death 
on the cross has dammed up so much 
energy that it had to manifest.

Francesco de Assisi, Theresa of Konnersreuth or Padre Pio have 
taken on the suffering of human Beings and have not confirmed 
my suffering. The universal belief of human Beings found its 
expression in their Stigmata.
Not as a confirmation of my death on the cross but because 
of a false imagination about my death on earth.

The thoughts have a tremendous power.
And there are great souls who can incorporate these powers 
and bundle all these energies in them like a channel, so that
the ones, who adhere to certain ideas, may find relief.
It is a pure service of love for human Beings.

Each stigmatized human Being through their communion 
with God and due to the love of their heart has absorbed 
the energies of innumerable human Beings and that is how 
the “miracle” of the Stigmata happened.

Over and over again great souls are sent to earth in 
order to channel these forces so that an arrest in 
suffering may be hindered.

It may look like these wound marks may strengthen the suffering, 
yet on an energetic level the opposite is the case. In order to lessen
the collective experience of suffering these wound marks have 
manifested themselves in a few individuals up to now.
As soon as you released all of your suffering in you it no 
longer necessitates this work from your Light siblings.
Everything that is not in you does not exist!

As soon as the collective energy pattern of humanity 
repels suffering the energy field of the planet changes.
The earth will regain its peace, the joy, its beauty and 
the love of all creatures. There is no further need for suffering.
The power of an idea and the belief in a picture bring forth facts.

Please separate and redeem 
yourself from suffering.

That is how you change the facts.
Human Beings immersed in and interlaced with pure divine
consciousness have relieved you of what was mirrored in your 
thoughts and your religious ideas, so that relief may happen to you.
But now it is necessary to step into your self-responsibility.
Liberate yourself from your suffering.
And step out of the world of the collective pity, 
the oppressive feeling of impotence.

Suffering is not meant for you, beloved child of mankind.
Understand this truth and release yourself from it. 

“Nobody will/shall suffer more than I”. 

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church 
voice this figure of speech.
But this is not true, my beloved brothers and sisters. 
Each suffering is absolute. And each human Being is fully 
immersed in his suffering. The pain is unbearable and the 
awareness reduces itself to the situation that evoked it.

There is a scale of 1 to 10. 
When you experience suffering, and it is filled 
with pain, you reach your limits.

Naturally I sensed also in my life on earth the pain 
of separation from my Father in Heaven.
Even though I was constantly connected with Him, 
there were moments of pain and the suffering of my 
silent and eternal longing for my home.
Beyond that I did not encounter any suffering.

All the events of that time had a deep ”logic” 
and were according to the divine plan.
I was aware that I fulfilled my assignments and that the 
events, whatever drama they always brought forth, were 
in unison with my life and the will of my Father in Heaven.

But it is true I saw so much suffering.
The poor ones and the depressed ones, the enslaved 
ones without hope and full of anger, the burdened ones 
and the ill ones, trying to maintain their earthly securities 
at any cost.
I was offered a picture full of suffering and pain.

Therefore I came to relieve the pain, in order to free 
human Beings from their suffering.

By talking of love, joy and peace; and by carrying 
my Light into the hearts of human Beings.
True suffering happens as you live in darkness and 
at that time many did not see the Light.
I had plenty of it and I gave wherever I could and 
where it seemed appropriate.

I lived in Light. And therefore there 
was no suffering for me, and no pain.

Where there is light there is also love.
And love is always free of feelings and energies of 
that kind.

Please free yourselves from 
the idea that I had to suffer.

Liberate yourselves from this guilt even though it was for 
a long time presented to you as reality.
I have come in order to relieve your suffering and not 
in order to experience my own suffering, and in order to 
liberate you from suffering, not in order to create suffering 
in me. Suffering does not create love, only more suffering,
lack of understanding and hate. My love is a sign for the fact 
that I repel suffering, it is alien to me and in my Light it 
dissolves, is transformed and rises up – as a divine spark 
into eternity.

Let go of this idea and you will be able to meet me 
more directly. Thereby my true message will spread 
in your heart. Suffering is not designated for you and any 
pain you create through your thinking and your actions.
Be careful in everything that you do, with every thought, 
with all your words, which you speak and be mindful of 
your deeds. Thereby you create your own reality.

You are the creator of your world.

And through your loving actions infinite beauty 
and peace can grow.
The Heaven on earth. Recognize this and transform your pain, 
your suffering, so that you may be purified and be full of light 
a true brother, a true sister, to your fellow human Beings.

But how can you escape from this spiral?
Whereby you do not identify yourself with “your” suffering.
And how do you do this when I hurt all over and
I am full of pain all over, I hear you ask yourself?

By remembering who you are.
By understanding what has brought you here.
By recognizing your assignments.
And in the fulfillment of your assignments there is no 
suffering, because everything happens in harmony with 
your own eternal Being. You are aware of your origin.

But how do I recognize my assignments and my origin?
Have you ever asked for it?
Have you written YOUR letter to God?
Did you fill your heart full of longing and have 
posed your questions? How unconditionally are you 
interested in your history? Are you ready to let go in order 
to learn, to recognize and to experience of who you really are?

Often times I spoke in parables and there 
the idea of “giving up” was talked about. 

„... go there, sell everything and follow me...“ 

Thereby the letting go is meant.
This moves you forward, toward you and away 
from suffering.

This is not meant verbatim, but also that could 
be the case. Here it means the “selling all” is the 
readiness to give all in order to receive the awareness 
of your Being. To separate yourself from everything, 
in order to gain everything; thereby your full attention 
is needed and any binding comes from you. So that you 
may be free when you encounter me. This encounter 
is always an experience of God and brings you into the 
knowledge of your power and strength.

All bindings to this reality dissolve from the inside.
Often there were human Beings who took these words 
verbatim, sold everything and even then were still 
plagued by suffering and pain.
Transformation happens in you and transforms your heart.
The fullness is necessary and is meant for you, but you 
should not be attached to anything – this is the freedom 
of which I talked about and this is the meaning of selling 
everything – not to be attached to anything in order to be 
present in the moment.

It does not require any stigmata for you to redeem 
your suffering. It happens as you ask your questions 
and you begin to listen to your inner voice.

If you arrive in your love then you walk in my steps.
It is always the love that removes everything from you, 
the suffering, the worry and the fear, in order to give 
you ALL – the eternal entry into your true essence.

Let go of your suffering and you 
will also not find it in this world. 
It will dissolve, like the fog dissolves 
as soon as the sun breaks through.

Your suffering is the suffering of your fellow 
human Beings. Your joy is there joy.

Nails through my hands do not exist.
No blood and no death on the cross.
Liberate yourself from this belief even 
if it is difficult for you.

Put the invocation* in this book into your hand, 
go into your chamber and I am with you.

Ask your questions and I will give you an answer.
Have patience and let it happen.
Open your heart to me.
And all wounds will close.

What remains, is your divinity, your light and your love.

Your Being as it is.
Your essence – God.
I am with you, all days.


This is an excerpt of the book “Jesus Biography, My Life on Earth, Part I"
that will probably be available in Marc 2015 from Lichtweltverlag.

*Christmas 2014 (Invokation) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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