6. Dezember 2014


Healing due to God's Grace

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Today we will sharpen our power of distinction!
Sharpen in order to be spared or not to be occupied by 
dark or foreign energies. Today it is about to recognize 
the characteristics and symptoms of an energetic takeover
and to bring oneself again into the original balanced divine 

I am the Master of clarity and the Master 
of unconditional Love of God. 

Whoever turns toward me, finds healing, attains 
graces and can experience himself in his whole power. 


Let us dedicate ourselves now to this significant and 
determining issue of this end time: the effect of foreign 
energies, as they consolidate in a human Being, and the 
methods and causes, why and how they come close to you.

First of all this basic principle is true: Please be an 
uncompromising, clear and incorruptible observer of yourself 
in the assessment of your energetic condition. Do not deceive 
yourself, do not look away from where you are supposed to look, 
recognize courageously and intrepidly who has crept in where, 
and who and how draws energy from you, robs your 
self-determination and diminishes your strength.

Physical Symptoms: 
Symptoms that a human Being has been 
taken over from weakening foreign energies are
- Sudden weakening of the immune system
- Sudden headache or migraine
- Sudden sting in one of the inner organs
- Sudden sting or swelling of joints, all the way
to temporary immobility
- Sudden pain or immobility of the neck
- Sudden loss of the voice or a “frog in one’s throat”

These are the most distinctive physical characteristics, 
which can point to a spontaneous or acute energetic foreign 
stress or foreign takeover. These symptoms naturally can also 
have other causes. Yet an energetic foreign stress can be easily 
recognized in that the here described or similar symptoms appear 
and spread SUDDENLY. Just like from nowhere these physical 
fluctuations and the pain appear and they also disappear like 
out of nothing, after a highly accurate treatment, meaning 
after the dark forces have been addressed and were dispelled.

In this dynamic you recognize where the wind is 
blowing from and you are your own best physician, 
as you react quickly and decidedly and call things by name.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms: 
- Sudden urge like pressing a button wanting to say something; 
uncontrolled impulse to say something and this even then 
when nobody is interested in it.
- Sudden changes in mood all the way to depression.
- Sudden anger and aggression, uncontrollable and 
filled with hate.
- Sudden appearance of destructive and pessimistic
thoughts, thoughts, which are foreign to you.
- Suddenly appearing fears, diffuse or concrete (fear 
of the future, existential fears), which overwhelm you.
- Sudden loss of logical thinking and of intellectual 
recognition, with for you otherwise easily looked through 

Now we would like to look at these two levels more accurately.

1.) Physical Foreign Takeover
and how to dissolve it? 
If you are suddenly overtaken by physical indisposition, 
then foreign energies have certainly interfered. The opportunities 
are manifold when dark and destructive forces can creep into your
energy system. After all, worlds overlap and daily you thereby 
intercept different vibrational levels of All-That-Is. Each day you 
are touched by other worlds and Beings, each day movements 
between dimensions and encounters of this and the “other kind” 
take place, even if only very few of you are aware of it.
The possibility of a touch of these different energies therefore 
is very real, is widely distributed and all human Beings are 
affected by it no matter if in recognition or ignorance.

Fundamentally the following needs to be regarded:
1.) Avoid the gatherings of many human Beings.
2.) Avoid narrow small spaces (lift) where different human 
Beings stay.
3.) Avoid any encounter, which beforehand already does 
not feel “good” and does not fulfill any necessity or purpose.
4.) Recognize that this new time brings forth a new living 
together among human Beings; friendships are newly defined 
and the service of old relationships and patterns of friendship 
attract energy robbers, like light attracts so many animals.
5.) Always be aware, where you are, why you are there 
and with whom you are where. 
6.) Purify yourself daily! Meaning, after necessary and 
unavoidable performances of the day, like shopping, 
administrative tasks or work, it is necessary to purify 
yourself from all foreign energies of the day. Mandates 
serve for that, and we are available for it, we the Ascended 
Masters and the great number of Angels and Archangels.
In your meditations ask for it, ask for our help and it will 
be affected and is given. Never believe flippantly that such 
energetic takeovers will dissolve by themselves.

This is a great fallacy, because thereby you also act due 
to your free will and with your divine consciousness; any 
lack of consciousness prolongs unwanted physical, mental 
and emotional conditions. In your meditations and prayers 
join with our high Master energies – we stand ready, as 
you are ready for us!
We stand ready, as you are ready for the conscious 
dissolution of this manifold stress of space-time.

2.)Mental and Emotional Takeover 
and how to dissolve it? 
Initially it is also necessary to recognize that it deals 
with a foreign takeover. Meaning, as soon as you notice 
that your mood like out of nothing and without any obvious 
reason changes, as soon as you slide into whimsical or hurtful 
behavior, you are no longer yourself and it is necessary to 
remove the dark forces and energies by means of mandates 
and/or with the help from high creative Light energies 
(Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels).

Here the course of action corresponds exactly to the 
physical takeover, because foreign energies in total 
pave the way through any Being, and as soon as they 
are correctly addressed, they must leave, no matter in 
which part of a Being they nest.

Fundamentally it is true,
Each sudden change of your emotional, 
mental or physical body and wellbeing is 
mostly based on a foreign interference.
Karmic redemption work and events from the distant past, 
which want to be redeemed now, carry a different signature, 
they appear differently and they build up differently. Whatever 
appears suddenly and also goes away suddenly, is what we are
talking about here and these are foreign possessions of the 
most different kinds and intensity. Thereby it is true, 

Dark forces reach each human Being 
here and there, as he is open for it, 
also even if it is only slightly. 

If for example you walk into a supermarket with an open 
heart, without adequately protecting yourself, then it is 
an invitation to the dark ones to mingle in your energy field. 
And know: the dark ones never let an opportunity pass,
because they depend on the light-filled energies of human 

Always remain careful and vigilant and 
also then, when you would like to embrace 
the whole world, because an open Being in 
the condition of joy is open to all energies, 
because it has removed all useful and 
necessary boundaries. 

Meaning: open yourself, be Light, bring Love, 
yet are always aware that in a moment of 
carelessness, energy vampires can haunt you.
The worlds still penetrate each other, and the time 
still has not come, when all fields of dark energy have 
left this world.
This is the reality of these days.
This is a fact, which is familiar to the 
awakened ones and alien to the unconscious ones.

Curses and Maledictions 
The third level, which we want to illuminate today, 
is the level of curses and maledictions. Very many human 
Beings are affected, foremost more than is usually assumed.
Such dark possessions can be recognized, if this condition 
does not change despite a powerful mandate.

What can be done?
It is necessary to recognize the curse or to examine 
the issue for an eventual curse. In this case address the 
curse directly and lift it whereby you call on 
ARCHANGEL METATRON, the Angel at God’s throne.

Foremost those light warriors, who have ended old relationships, 
no matter on which level, are occupied by curses, because they 
have decided to lead another life. Old friendships were dissolved, 
energy paths and energy robbers were severed and the naval cord 
of Light to energy vampires was cut. Very often this has the result 
that those, who were left behind in such a manner, thereby react 
that they pronounce a curse or a malediction.
This rejection brings forth emotions and feelings like jealousy, 
envy and hate, and thereby these light warriors are occupied 
with maledictions or curses.
A curse is hate, is light-starving and is to be allocated to the 
area of black magic; and in every case it is very powerful, 
because hate always leaves traces behind, no matter who 
has sent it out.
Yet even for that there is always redemption, 
Because the divine Light works, where it is called and 
unconditional Love decisively puts an end to any hate-
filled condition, either a malediction or a curse.

As you notice that your wellbeing does not return after 
a mandate, then it is necessary to take on the trace to 
an eventual curse. As a second possibility, the fact works
here that some light warriors of the first and last hours are 
entrusted with the redemption of global energy fields, and 
therefore cannot find back to their strength before the time.
Yet this possibility pertains to a much smaller number of 
human Beings. Much further distributed is the fact of the 
blockage of a human Being due to a curse and this is here 
and now the issue.

3 Days 
The guideline for it is 3 days. If after this duration in days 
and if after you have spoken the mandate repeatedly, the 
physical and subtle condition has not changed, then it is 
necessary to pronounce the mandate for an eventual curse. 
Adapt the mandate to the situation and after that call 
ARCHANGEL METATRON into your presence.
Ask the Archangel of Archangels to liberate you 
from this burden – and it occurs.

Continue your Transformation Process! 
If after this process everything remains unchanged, then it 
is necessary to still redeem an unredeemed issue of yours. 
Thereupon it is necessary to continue with your transformation 
process and ask for a sign from Heaven so that you recognize, 
what is and liberate yourself from your own fallacies – even if 
it takes some time, which is often the case.

Today many human Beings have a tendency to assign 
any discomfort to foreign and dark energies. This is not 
always the case. Very often it is still unredeemed issues 
or issues are in the process of redemption. And in the moment 
of “redemption” pain reappears, because the redemption of 
blockages causes the same pain as the integration of blockages.
Meaning, it is important to know what one is dealing with so 
that the right medicine can be given.
For all these processes it is necessary to work closely 
and unconditionally with the Ascended Masters, the Angels 
and Archangels, the Beings of Light; then the path to reliable 
healing has been entered. In summary this means:

1.) Sudden foreign takeovers dissolve as quickly as 
they have come; in most cases after a mandate has been spoken!
2.) Energies, which act in you for a longer time, like curses and 
maledictions, dissolve after you have recognized them and 
ARCHANGEL METATRON lifted them. This process can take 
somewhat more time, yet never takes more than three days.
3.) Energies, which act longer in you, which also still last, 
as you have exhausted all possibilities of liberation, means 
that you should continue with your transformation process 
and your work of purification.
Meaning: The healing is directly linked with your will for 
self-recognition and with your consistency whereby you foster 
this healing. One’s own unredeemed issues still traverse many 
human souls. This also pertains to those light warriors, who have 
entered into this world endowed with high assignments.    
Meaning, foremost address your own issues. Recognize 
what is yours, what is foreign – and act.

One’s own Issues,  
Which may be redeemed, very often require time for healing. 
This means that a sudden change of awareness is rare; here it 
is necessary to wait for the energetic processes, which are 
necessary to complete a healing.
Therefore distinguish precisely!
And everybody can do it as one really wants to!

The great Gift: Dissolution of Curses 
I am among you with a number of Ascended Masters, 
and we bring you a great gift. 

Each human Being, who follows this manifestation of Light, 
which means here the appearance of all Ascended Masters 
and the presence of all Archangels, will now be liberated 
from all curses and maledictions.    

These burdens weigh heavily on a human 
soul and you shall be light and loving.
At any time this gift unfolds its strength and 
reaches far beyond today’s togetherness in the 
Light (meaning, the Light Reading of 11/21/2014, 
when this gift has been activated. Remark JJK). 
Livestream – Retrospective: 
Livestream-Audio MP3: 
As soon as a human Being, who follows the energy of these 
lines with an open heart, or takes in the images of the 
transmission with an open heart, what is heralded here 
comes into force: The liberation of all maledictions and curses!

Please profess your willingness for it now and it occurs….


Redemption, liberation, healing, grace –
An infinite stream of Love is activated now…..


Pay attention to your energetic garment.
Call the Light, call on us the Ascended Masters, 
call God into your reality, everything is possible, 
everything heals, everything is given, as you take 
your daily occurring steps in awareness and as you 
expand and lift your consciousness daily.
Foreign energies can still reach you.

This is part of the reality of this reality.
Yet it lies in your initiative, how long these
energies will last or if they can even be anchored in you.

Know: Their presence is always of short duration, 
as you act decisively and immediately, as your stance 
is the one of a Creator God, who mandates:

I (say your name here)


Everything is given to you, and everything is cared for.
Pick up the trace to yourself and to life that surrounds you. 
Thereby be courageous and act wisely, because: As the look 
toward your own shadows requires courage, the removal of 
these shadows requires your wisdom, which understands at 
the right instance, to call things, forces and powers by their 
name and to dismiss them.

I am among you and I say to you:
Whoever loves unconditionally is unconditional in everything!
Nothing remains permanently attached to such a human Being 
whatever is light starved or can be assigned to the dark side 
of power. 

Because, whoever has decided to love 
unconditionally, has also decided, 
to remove from one’s life everything, 
which is in the way of this decision. 

Thereby we stand with you. We, the Ascended Masters and I, 
who I am the Master of the last days, who reminds you to 
expect God’s arrival in patience and in deep solidarity with 
Mother Earth.

In infinite Love I stand by you. 

From Knowledge to Certitude – SANANDA: 

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