4. Dezember 2014


Honored Readers!

“Actually it deals with the fact that those 
human Beings, who are connected with 
your work or are personally close or 
very close, provide their financial portion, 
as they are able to do so.” Asana Mahatari, 11/08/2014

„The Great Wave” – Asana Mahatari: 

Indeed, the free availability of our messages still requires 
money. And therefore we would like to express today at this 
point our heartfelt gratitude to all readers and companions 
along the way, who have given us for some time – and in these
last days increasingly – greater or smaller amounts, regularly or 
irregularly, and depending on what is possible.
A heartfelt thank you also goes to all those readers and 
companions along the way, who in the last weeks have 
actively supported the Lichtwelt project, whereby you have 
arranged for a fixed monthly contribution to the Lichtwelt-Verlag.

In total we can only perform our work at all due to your 
support in the meaning of “All-That-Is”, and/or free 
from financial issues. 

“It is time to set the blessing of money 
against the evil of the financial system. 

Money is able to ease suffering and is able to level 
the path for light-filled realities. Money is able to 
level the path for this day, until the time of times 
is fulfilled and you have entered into the money-less 
society of a higher dimension of All-That-Is. 

During the time of transition it is necessary 
to recognize the character of all impermanent 
things and to program them with new energies. 

It is necessary to recognize that what generally 
is viewed as a hindrance to enlightenment, 
levels the path toward enlightenment, if it 
is correctly applied. It is each human Being 
himself, who gives value to things, gives them 
power and reality – due to his energy.  

Whoever only assumes the dark side of power in 
money, has not yet recognized that everything 
where an almighty Creator God directs his Light 
toward, changes and receives a new structure
– the quality of Light, the reality of Love.”  
Master Kuthumi 11/14/2014

In this spirit and with God’s Blessings,
We thank you for your energy balance! 

In Love
Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 


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