7. Dezember 2014

Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners - Paul Craig Roberts

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers! 

Therefore, the demonization of Putin and plots 
against him will continue.“ 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts draws this conclusion in his newest 
article, which is also published here, and it is perfectly to the 
point regarding the relationship between the USA, the West 
and Russia. On December 4th, 2014 the US House of Representatives 
has approved a resolution against Russia with 411 to 10 votes. 
This is a resolution, which is not only perceived with great fear by 
PCR, but also by the long-time former Representative of the US 
House of Representatives (1976-2013), peace activist and 
fighter against the private American Federal Reserve, 
Dr. Ron Paul, who describes in his newest article this 
resolution a “declaration of war”: Today the US House passed 
what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.“ 

Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul call things by their name and 
both high-ranking former US politicians know exactly what 
consequences such a resolution has. And they point to exactly 
that, which makes their publications so valuable.

What this war declaration of the USA against 
Russia means for all of us, is clear: 
1.) Further lie-propaganda of the mass media mob and 
of the EU-NATO fascists, because the Anglo-Saxon agenda 
of the New World Order has to be implemented. Russia has 
to fall for it – so the plan. 
2.) Further economic destabilization of all European Nations; 
the debt mountains bank up and also the decoupling from the 
Russian energy supply is already ongoing. (End of South-Stream)
3.) Furthermore the creation of social tensions on all levels of
society is THE agenda (immigration, terror fears, gender madness, 
poverty), until human Beings go into the streets.

These are conditions, which we know today from Spain, 
France and Greece, and already very soon will determine daily 
life also in the German speaking countries. And responsible for 
all this is the “evil Russian”, is Putin, or according to the situation, 
nations and their leaders declared as rogue countries. All signs 
point in that direction and one thing is clear: The diabolic elites, 
which gather around the greatest living mass-murderer in this 
world, Barack Hussein Bombama, want the great war and they 
will also get it. A war, which at the end they themselves will 
go down in. 

Until then, what does that mean for each one of us:
1.) To be vigilant and stand up against these developments! 
Obama and his vassals have only the power, which we 
concede to them. 
2.) To withdraw the power from the system, means:
a.) Avoid every election!
b.) Avoid all mass media; cancel subscriptions, 
get rid of television.
3.) Perform education work, whereby you openly talk about 
these developments, wherever you are and no matter which 
wind blows against you. Write to politicians, write to the media;
do not discuss, but declare your displeasure and express your will. 
Show those, who ensure these upheavals that you no longer put 
up with this, because those, who spread fear, their knees shiver 
the most.
4.) Participate in events, which serve the peace and reject any war.
5.) “Put down the Weapons!“ Mandate this for the world, 
even though if success does not happen immediately. 
We are the creators of a light-filled world and we 
command the representatives of the devil to stop 
with their doings. 
6.) Inside remain in deep trust of God and in Love. Nothing 
can do damage to you, as you are constantly linked to your 
spiritual home.
7.) Do not have any illusions, the dark elites are desperate 
and they will ignite a war, and at its end is their own demise 
and our rebirth in the Light of a new world, the fifth dimension 
of All-That-Is. 

 „No one should be surprised to see Washington, 
its presstitutes and European vassal states using the 
same propagandistic lies against Russia and Putin as 
were used against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and 
Gaddafi, Syria and Assad, Afghanistan and the Taliban, 
and Iran. Washington is fearful of the rise of Russia and 
China, of the leadership demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, 
of the formation of new organizations independent of 
Washington, such as the BRICS. writzes Paul Craig Roberts, 
and I add: 

No one should be surprised that this end time, 
wherein the great transformation of this world 
and of this galaxy occurs, brings forth exactly 
that kind of horror. The Light illumines every 
unredeemed condition and what is unredeemed, 
rarely offers a pretty sight. 

Before we meet each other in the Light of the fifth dimension, 
it is necessary to fulfill the work on this level, and it is obvious 
that an extremely demanding, possibly the most demanding 
section of the way is now before us, and before we come home 
to God. We are many and we become more and more!
It is time that we understand how energy behaves, how our 
intensions affect and how our mandates manifest.

Let us act now, in order to sabotage the plans of the 
elites and in order to establish the kingdom of peace on earth, 
far from pain and far from suffering – for as many human 
Beings as possible: 

„Put down the Weapons!“ Mandate it for this world: 

Now and in Eternity. I am That I Am.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl  

Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  

The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, 
Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington’s vassals, and the 
American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and 
President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet 
of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a 
vote of 411 for and 10 against. 

The entire world should take note that the American people 
are capable of electing only ten intelligent representatives. 
Ten people out of 435 is 2 percent. And yet Washington 
declares itself to be the “exceptional,” “indispensable” 
country empowered to exercise hegemony over the world!

No one should be surprised to see Washington, 
its presstitutes and European vassal states using 
the same propagandistic lies against Russia and 
Putin as were used against Iraq and Saddam 
Hussein, Libya and Gaddafi, Syria and Assad, 
Afghanistan and the Taliban, and Iran. 

Washington is fearful of the rise of Russia and China, 
of the leadership demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, of the 
formation of new organizations independent of Washington, 
such as the BRICS. While the George W. Bush regime was 
sidetracked by its “six week, $70 billion war,” which turned
out to be, so far, a multi-trillion dollar 13-year losing operation, 
Putin kicked out some of the American agents who were 
contaminating Russian sovereignty and rebuilt the country. 

When Putin blocked the planned US invasions of Syria and Iran, 
Washington decided that something had to be done about Putin 
and Russia. Washington had spent $5 billion dollars buying 
Ukrainian politicians and funding fifth column NGOs. With 
Putin distracted with the Olympics, Washington struck,
overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and installed its 

The puppets set about antagonizing Ukraine’s Russian 
population in provinces that formerly were part of Russia 
but were attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders when Russia 
and Ukraine were the same country. Russians threatened with 
death and the banning of their language naturally did not want 
to be victims of Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. 
Crimea voted to reunite with Russia from whence it came, 
and so did the eastern and southern provinces.

Washington and its the vassals and presstitutes lied 
and described these acts of self-determination as Russian 
invasion and annexation. Russia is falsely accused of having 
troops occupying the breakaway provinces.
The purpose of Washington’s false accusations is to destabilize
Russia and the country’s government. Washington has many 
avenues by which to destabilize Russia. Washington has the 
US funded NGOs, the foreign owned Russian media, and the 
House Resolution calls for Washington to expand propaganda 
broadcasting into Russia in the Russian language. Washington 
has cultivated oligarchs, business interests and Russian 
politicians who see their economic and political interests 
aligned with the West. There are deluded Russian youths 
who think freedom resides in the West and others represented 
by such as Pussy Riot who prefer the West’s amoralism or 
immoralism to the Christian culture that the Russian 
government supports.

If Washington fails to destabilize Russia or to have Putin 
assassinated, frustration could result in more reckless behavior
that could lead to military conflict. The House Resolution calls 
on Obama to arm Ukraine with US weapons so that Ukraine can 
conquer the separatist provinces and take back Crimea. There 
are constant calls from NATO itself for more military forces on 
Russia’s borders, and NATO war games are conducted near 
Russia’s borders. Washington wants to include the former 
Russian provinces of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, 
something that Russia cannot accept.

Washington is placing the world on the path to Armageddon, 
as Professor Michel Chossudovsky makes clear in “Towards A 
World War III Scenario” (Global Research, 2012).

The Russian government downplays the dangers and continues 
to speak of “our Western partners,” with whom the Russian 
government hopes to work things out. 

The Russian government and the 
Russian people–indeed all the peoples 
of the earth–should understand that 
Russia has no partners in the West. 
Russia only has enemies.

Washington has made it completely clear that Russia can 
be part of the West only as a vassal state and not as a 
sovereign country with its own interests and an 
independent policy. 
Washington’s demand for hegemony does not permit the 
existence of other sovereign countries sufficiently strong 
to resist Washington’s will. As the ideology of hegemony 
has a powerful hold on Washington and is institutionalized 
in the neoconservative control of critical government offices 
and media, war is the almost certain outcome.

Washington’s puppet rulers of Europe 
are the enablers of the neoconservative 
war-mongers. In all of Europe there is not 
a government independent of Washington. 
Pawns like Merkel, Cameron, and Hollande 
are selling out human life.

Russian government officials, such as Putin and Lavrov, 
address the facts, but to Washington and its European 
vassals facts are not important. What is important is to 
destabilize Russia. The conflict that Washington has brought 
to Russia cannot be addressed on a factual basis.

Washington knew that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of 
mass destruction and no al Qaeda connections. Washington
new Assad did not use chemical weapons. Washington knew 
that Gaddafi was being set up with lies. Washington knows 
that Iran has no nuclear weapons. What was important to 
Washington was not the truth but the overthrow of these 

While the Russian government was preoccupied with 
the olympics, Washington struck in Ukraine, installing a 
puppet government.  It is likely the case that the only 
solution that can make the festering problem of Ukraine 
go away is the reincorporation of Ukraine in Russia.
Arrogance and hubris usually result in overreach, 
and overreach could break up Washington’s empire. 
But Washington doesn’t think so. Just as Washington 
put its NGOs into the streets of Kiev in what is called
the Maiden protests, Washington has put its NGOs in 
the streets of Hong Kong, hoping that the protests or 
riots will spread to other Chinese cities.

Russia and China are far too open to the West than is 
good for them. Tsar Nicholas II did not expect his government 
to be overthrown, but Kerensky did overthrow Nicholas’ 
government in the February Revolution only to be overthrown 
by Lenin in the October Revolution. The Chinese don’t expect 
to be overthrown, but neither did Viktor Yanukovych.

Political life is full of ambitious persons and agendas. 
Putin faces these ambitions in Russia.  
Washington knows that Russia cannot be 
turned into a vassal state as long as Putin is 
in office. Therefore, the demonization of Putin 
and plots against him will continue. 


Opening the Gates to Word War III – Paul Craig Roberts: 

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