3. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I sit in a television session with Henry Kissinger. 
We are the two of us and with sit facing each other, as I begin 
to confront him with all the wars and the dead, for which the 
USA and himself bear responsibility since the Second World War. 
I begin with the enumeration: “Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…” 
Kissinger makes a dismissive hand movement and signals to 
me that I could really stop the enumeration of all the war places, 
because it is anyways correct. Thereby he seems very relaxed, 
as if this were the most natural thing in the world. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,
I am amongst you!

The days of purification have begun and further healing 
measures loom ahead as it is portrayed in this dream image.

This scene describes:
1.) The public confrontation of darkness with the Light.
2.) The visible but also put on equanimity of the dark 
ones given their murderous deeds.
3.) The lack of any injustice consciousness with 
these human Beings.

This scene occurred on a subtle dream level and now 
these images also gain reality in the physical world, the earth.
The doings are being unveiled and in the countenance of truth 
the denial of these facts is impossible for the dark ones. They 
know this and therefore they “decline responsibility” and they 
lay claim to have murdered and have killed justifiably.

The Dark Ones must take Responsibility! 
The next step consists of the dark ones having to take 
responsibility for it. This dream describes exactly the status 
quo on earth: The dark ones are being recognized for what 
they are and they negate the fact of their declining power 
whereby they pretend that their power would save them 
from any calamity. This process is now ongoing and it leads 
to the step whereby the dark ones must take responsibility 
for their actions, and this still in this world. 

It is a fallacy that the dark representatives 
of this time could “save” themselves to 
another level or can only be confronted 
with their corrupt actions in the subtle 

Indeed the laws of exchange become effective and it is
foreseen that all leading forces of the devil will also be 
confronted with this game and its consequences on exactly 
the level where they played the game, in order to logically 
provide exchange on the adequate level.

This purification is hence of great value, so that the 
energy of pain and suffering can dissolve from the 
human collective in a fully conscious manner.
In summary: A dream image, wherein the abyss of 
the dark ones is portrayed and it points to the next
step, whereby these human Beings are held responsible.
So much regarding this.

Be ensured that everything takes its right and good course.
The truth and the Light prevail in these days, also over those 
forces, which could until now effectively hide in the twilight.

With this short “discussion” of this dream image,
I ensure you of my presence.
It fulfills and has already been fulfilled, Because truly:

the Light breaks through the darkness and 
the nature of all things is unveiled to you.

In infinite Love

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