8. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

2:44 AM
The days get tight; the world now stands at the 
end of its journey and human Beings with it.

Wake up beloved Ones, time presses on, 
the course of the world changes and lives 
end and are reborn!

There is still time, God’s Grace is still omnipresent, 
the Light flux to this world is still unbroken, in order 
to enable each transformation. The end of time is still to be 
expected, the light warriors of the first and last hours still 
see themselves confronted with the unpredictability of this 
world and those, who want to impede all of mankind, either 
good or evil, are still riding high.
As long as the great events still have not unwound in great 
success from the Creator, there is still time for everything, 
foremost time for your turning back!

And therefore this wake-up call from eternity goes out 
to this world and to this mankind: 

Wake up as long as Mother Earth still offers
you an opportunity for it and as long as the 
Creator nurtures you in his Grace. 


Master of Clarity, Master of Purity and Master of all those 
human Beings, who are willing to face themselves in God’s 
Light – unconditionally, without compromise, truthfully and 
with a heart filled with the desire for God.

Change is Brewing 
The unrest in this world increases. The great change 
with the cascade of great events is truly brewing.

The positions for the last hours in this world have been
taken on the socio-political parquet, human Beings have
chosen and mankind has decided.

Madness spreads, there, where reason has failed, fallacies 
prevail, there, where the manipulations of the human mind 
are effective and all those human Beings remain unconscious, 
who despite the many opportunities for awakening have decided 
to remain unconscious.
Who at the end of all days says, he did not know anything about 
the planetary transformation and the cosmic events, is a false 
broker of his case and will freeze in God’s countenance, in the 
Light of the Creator and in the truth of Heaven.
Because whoever has denied the obvious, even then, when it 
intrudes on him, has agreed to a new circle of life in the 
impermanence due to death and dying and remains away 
from the levels of light-filled 4D worlds.

The extent of the transformation is obvious, and the light 
warriors of the first and last hours know that after eons the
great arch of all Life closes today – it will be fulfilled what on 
account of God longs for perfection and on account of human 
Beings can now attain reality.

Yet human Beings in great numbers leave this world and 
enter into a new world, and yet remain unchanged, because 
they add new loops of fate to their dull life in illusion.

Beloved Ones!

Wake up, before the last opportunities fade and elapse, 
and before you yourself will die away with these opportunities, 
whereby you face your mortality again; as an unredeemed human
Being standing in front of his mirror image. Recognize how much 
the brood of vipers wants to imbibe you. And while this plan 
occurs on a level, wherefrom the ascending ones will stay away, 
it will become reality for all those, who want to remain 
unconscious until the last day.

Awakening of the last Light Warriors 
And yet this wake-up call from eternity goes out to 
this mankind – today, here and now. Why?

Today, here and now, it is about those human Beings, 
who still carry a spark of wisdom in themselves in order 
to awaken, because: Every awakened human child is a
Creator of a new world of Light.
This world rises and is dissolved at the same time.
In these days those Masters, who serve on the bridges 
between the worlds, experience that many human Beings, 
who were called, are deaf, and that many, who are expected, 
stay away. 

It is true: The number of spiritually awakened
ones is as few as their quality is unsurpassed. 

Today, here and now, it is about to shake up in a last act of 
Love those human Beings, who are of good will and yet have 
gone astray, and to liberate them from their sluggishness, 
in order to save them from what is upcoming; because truly: 
each experience of pain demands healing – and before such 
an experience finds redemption, it creates again only damage 
and upheaval in a soul.

Pain experiences are only means for healing for those human 
Beings, who are fully unconscious and due to events, which 
break open human consciousness, will be moved to turn back.

And this chalice of pain experiences can go past the number 
of human Beings, who still carry a life-spark of Light and love 
in them, whereby they still recognize today what they deny 
and tomorrow are ready for the journey into the Light.
To serve the truth, to see reality – and to discard every 
comfort and habit in thinking, feeling and doing. This is 
the way, in order never to be handed the chalice of suffering.

Recognition and Awakening 
Recognition means: To recognize the false prophets 
in politics, the economy and in the New Age movement.
Awakening means: To apply one’s own power as an awakened 
Being, as Creator among Gods, and thereby undermine the 
foundation of the dark forces until the last of all days in this 

The wake-up call from Eternity, for all those, 
who, standing on the bridge into the Light, 
are turning back or want to turn back. 

Do not back off from your decision to return to the Light,
rather back off from the fact to be subjected again to the 
impermanent world, because your desire for God has been 
suffocated and you have forgotten your divine assignments. 
You are also light warriors of the first and last hours, only
you have neglected the daily work in God’s garden in contrast 
to those, who rightfully call themselves Master of mankind and 
have ascended to Creator Gods of All-That-Is.

And so today you stand full of doubts and full of insecurity 
on the bridges between worlds; you are captured by fear and 
you turn around instead of aiming toward the other side of the 
bridge with full strength and confidence. You are the lost ones, 
who now receive this opportunity.

And this due to the fact, because the ascension has stretched 
in length and the great events were built up always anew, in 
order to pour out in close foreign worlds; because before this 
Mother planet of ascension ascends, all worlds, which arise from 
this world, will be captured by the dynamic of this process.
The wake-up call of this kind and in this time is possible, 
because the clock of this time still runs and the final events, 
even though they have been ongoing for a long time, will still 
nfold their effect overpowering everything.

Now is the moment, when Heaven leans toward you, 
in order to remind you of God’s presence and your absence 
from the divine. A reminder – at the same time, a wake-up 
call – really, a last opportunity – foremost.
Take the necessary precautions, so that suffering 
and pain remain excluded, because: 

Today those, whose pain is not owed to any 
higher sense, suffer their own ignorance and 
lack of love toward oneself and toward Life. 

Stand up, look up! You light warriors, you, those, who deny 
their own Light and do not know how to interpret the wars in 
this world? How long do you want to wait and how long shall 
we still expect you?
We are sending out this wake-up call to those, who have 
preserved God’s spark of Love and to those, who today 
remain standing stock-still on the bridge between the worlds, 
because they fear the Light in front of them as well as the 
darkness behind them. 

The days get tight; the world now stands 
at the end of its journey and human Beings with it. 

I am with you, beloved One,
I am with all Life in this world.
I am only a breath away from you,
And yet those, who cannot gain anything from 
Eternity and can gain everything from impermanence, 
are an Eternity away from me.

In infinite Love

I am

Begin of transmission/end of transmission
2:44 AM/3:44 AM  

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