19. Dezember 2014


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channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

King and Waiter

Dream Scene I: I am the host and/or the king of a party. 
All human Beings must pay their respect. Some human Beings 
are familiar to me, others not. What I see are consistently 
unbelievably ugly human Beings. Only rarely do I see human 
Beings with a pleasant outer appearance. Naked or in a state 
of undress, with worn out clothing, ducking their head in homage,
they pass in front of me. One man surpasses all of them, standing 
in front of me with his own shit and urine dripping from all body 

Scene II: I see how I serve these human Beings, who have just 
paid their respect to me as a king, as a waiter and I take their 
orders. Thereby I have mostly the task to point out proper behavior 
to these human Beings. Human Beings do not know how to behave 
and I even have to tell them how to sit properly. (End of dream)


These scenes show what kind of quality the 
present transformation work has. 

Due to the new vibration, 
which has captured our world 
and surrounds it, nothing can 
be hidden anymore. 

Human Beings and institutions appear in their actual condition.
This pertains to all and everything, what until today has 
established itself in the last niches, where the Light has 
not penetrated until today. It also pertains to a few human 
Beings, who impersonate themselves as light warriors of the 
first and last hours, yet still have not proved themselves of 
this quality.

„King and Waiter“ mean, only those are a king, who carry 
out their position in service to human Beings and whose 
kingdom is mankind. And indeed, it is a service and a great 
merit, to hold up the mirror to human Beings, so that they 
can look at themselves and can recognize themselves.
And today, this task falls to the actually awakened ones. 
Just by itself and without having asked for it. 

Because those, who serve as a light tower, 
not only offer orientation, but are experienced 
and rejected as a threat by those, who have 
committed themselves to darkness. 

Each awakened one serves as a mirror to human Beings 
and this has an effect in the most diverse daily occurrences: 
Light penetrates darkness and human Beings see themselves. 
Some experience this as a blessing, many as a nuisance. 
God’s time of Grace fulfills and completes in these days.
Again the chaff is separated from the wheat, until all 
levels have been redeemed due to this process, and 
have been perfected.

In summary: The transformation work continues and reaches 
now a so far unique intensity. What has been hidden until
today becomes visible and in most cases, this is an ugly 
and rarely a beautiful sight. 

A new energy quality has reached this world and thereby 
new possibilities for transformation become possible.
Nothing can be hidden from the Light of the Creator and
in the mirror of Masters in human Gestalt, the walking 
kings of mankind; this time is truly over. 

In the coming days and weeks this brings great upheavals, 
changes in society and in the environment of individual human 
Beings. Much is rearranged, much is brought together or is 
separated; it is the time of far-reaching transformation 
and the truth. 

Everything and each human Being unveils now their true value, 
and from now on it is impossible for human Beings to remain 
invisible and undiscovered with their unredeemed issues.
The sword of truth does its work, whereby all deceptions 
and lies are removed, so that human Beings recognize 
themselves in their own mirror image. 

The most intensive and most powerful 
time of transformation has begun, for 
those, who until now have cleverly 
hidden their true Being. 

This fact paves the ground for individual and global ascension 
and what seemed impossible so far, becomes possible: 
Ascension, Transfiguration and Assumption. 

I am with this world.
I am amongst human Beings.

I am

Elija Prophecies 46-65 (digital) - JAHN J KASSL: