16. Dezember 2014


From the Book: "Master-Dialogues"
Volume I, Chapter 3

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Conversation with Sananda 

JJK: The situation that a dark source was able to interfere 
with my channeling and to determine it, still preoccupies me 
(see the message «Massive attacks of the dark ones»: 
Also the question is raised in my mind, what has to be done, 
so that this can be absolutely avoided and the question, 
what are the conditions, in order to carry out this work at all? 
To carry it out, so that clean and pure messages come 
through – and only those!?

SANANDA: I am omnipresent in this world, which now 
enters rapidly into the phase of realization of the 
transformation on all levels. Your questions are of great 
importance, because many feel competent, but really are not 
and some are, and do not recognize their assignments. 

At the very first it is important to understand that the 
dark «adversaries» on this level have power. Power, 
which they now lose, yet it is still sufficient, in order 
to bother light warriors of the first and last hours.

This fact has been very vividly put in front of your eyes, 
so that your attention regarding this is maintained. 
This game is still a game of strength, whereby the 
dark warriors constantly challenge the warriors of Light, 
also, even though the light warriors have become tired 
of this struggle a long time ago.
With respect to you, with this visit of the dark force, 
it was about to maintain your attention in this specific 
area and with this specific entity, which with an army of 
desperate and hate filled comrades-in-arms, wants to 
leave a scorched earth behind, wherever it seems possible.
So much about this. 

Can dark influence on messages be absolutely avoided?
No, as long as the worlds still overlap, this possibility exists.
Yes, if watchfulness is always given, then the dark forces 
must yield, because any «foreign occupation» will be 
dispelled, even before they are up to mischief.
Two different answers and both are correct.

Quality of a light-filled Message 
What are the necessary conditions, so that a sufficiently 
light-filled, a generally truthful and a message carried by 
God’s Love can come through? What are the characteristics 
of a human Being, in order to be able to channel a light-filled 
message from Heaven?

The answer for it is simple: The condition is an extensive 
purification of the energy field. This is what counts. Many 
human Beings, who say of themselves that they receive 
messages from the Light, do not fulfill these preconditions 
or to a very low extent. Thereby a lot of confusion is spread 
among human Beings, because dark messages are given out 
as light-filled ones. Many human Beings, who have stepped 
unto the path of Light, regard the first insights on the path 
as sufficient achievements, utilize the first moments, when 
their Being opens in order to attract Beings from the other 
world into their energy field. 
Thereby it remains hidden to them, how manifold the levels
are and that a «voice» from the other world can be as polluted 
and dark, as the voices, which can be perceived in this visible 
world. Meaning:  

Many channel mediums begin too early with this work 
and many do it, without proper correspondence with 
their heavenly assignments.
Meaning that they completely miss their vocation, 
only through this work they receive a certain attention, 
a certain self worth, which in most cases they very much 
would have to do without. The solution is the purification 
of this lack and not to compensate the lack through an extra 
ordinary – yet not fully ripened – capacity, which one pretends 
to have.

JJK: Meaning that there is too many channel 
mediums, or many, who think they are, but really are not?

SANANDA: Yes. The fact that in the last decades many 
inner channels have opened up for many human Beings, 
does not automatically mean that everyone should carry 
out this work as a channel for the spiritual Light levels. 
While a considerable number of human children still push 
in front of them their own unpurified blockages, they regard 
the first insights along the Light path as so significant, so 
that they build up these universal truths and proclaim 
themselves as Masters, yet before the mastership has 
actually been attained. 

A truly clean message can only be manifested 
by those, who are fully conscious of the whole 
process, the many different levels and also of 
the forces, which can affect the transmission, 
and not those, who open themselves arbitrarily, in order to 
offer a platform for any guests for their shady intentions.

You may remember that I had to brake off a transmission 
from my side, because a clean transmission was no longer 
guaranteed due to certain centrifugal forces on both sides 
of the veil. This always needs to be considered, because it
is easy to channel; yet it is extremely taxing, requires a clear 
human spirit and a purified inner Being, as it is called for in 
order to bring pure divine Light vibration and the truth from 
the Light realms of All-That-Is into the density of words, 
which are available for it.

Do Moods have an effect? 
JJK: I also ask myself with my work that I myself 
am sometimes subjected to certain moods. Do they 
have an effect on my channelings and if yes, how?

SANANDA: Here a wildly distributed misunderstanding 
needs to be eliminated. Many human Beings believe 
that an extremely meditative and inner balanced condition 
is required. No, this is not at all always necessary.
Yet what is always required, is a fundamentally purified 
Being, then the actual mood is secondary and even 
insignificant. Foremost one needs to understand one thing:
The heavenly Light Beings also utilize the different moods of 
a human Being, in order to bring through certain messages. 
For instance, if you, Jahn, are not amused about the 
developments on earth and you are in your thoughts and 
emotionally preoccupied with them, this is a very good 
fertile soil for us, in order to transmit a message in clear 
Here it is about resonance. We go in resonance with you and 
you with us. The best transmission is then possible – naturally 
on the basis of a substantially purified consciousness – as the 
medium is already familiar with the issue and not as it writes 
it down on a totally «white piece of paper».

The soil for a clear, truthful and light-filled message
is always prepared and this in different manners.

JJK: Sometimes I also experience that I am 
totally switched off during the message? 

SANANDA: Yes, this is the case then, when we want to 
bring through specific and totally new issues. Issues, 
which your daily consciousness rarely touches. This is 
a method, which you have agreed to, as the modality 
of our work was defined. Therefore it is possible for us
to transmit some messages, which are truly unique in 
this world. Your «unwritten spirit» is here of great 
significance and this form of cooperation with the 
Light forces of All-That-Is is part of your assignments. 

Transformation Work is essential! 
Whereby we have arrived at the assignments.
Know beloved Ones: 

It is essential that you recognize 
what you came for to do! 

Then everything is on its right and good path. 
Then you will be well prepared for the 
work of channeling, if this is part of your pathway.

Precondition, in order to clearly recognize your own 
assignments, is the implicit will for your own transformation 
work. During this process the assignments are gradually revealed 
to you. Yet these remain pure speculation, as long as you flee from 
this profound work on your inner Being. 

You will attract harm, if you stand still in your purification 
or you begin too early with certain abilities, which already
loom, yet are not ripe enough. 

Because the half-knowing ones 
or half enlightened ones are welcome information carriers for 
the sluggish forces from different levels of All-That-Is. 
Thereby false messages and messages from sluggish 
worlds often creep into our reality.

JJK: Besides my many lives, which have predestined me 
for this work, have I for more than three years and without 
knowing what for, been intensively prepared for this work? 
Can a human Being prepare for the activity of channeling, 
whereby he makes this decision, just like the choice of a 

Old Souls 
SANANDA: Yes, this is actually possible, as a human Being
is truly destined for it. And to some human Beings this will 
also be distinctly conveyed, even before they truly begin with 
their own purification.
Meaning, these human Beings receive dream pictures or life 
circumstances and encounters, which focus them on their 
assignments, so that they turn around or awaken and accept
their assignments. This «wake-up call» reaches mostly «old souls», 
whose time for a turn-around has become short. This means that 
«old souls» enjoy a special treatment from their Light families, 
because it is these souls, who were fitted with high assignments 
as they came to this world. Each old human soul, whose eternal 
assignments remain hidden, will be offered many possibilities 
for the attainment of the knowledge, because the soul essence 
has a degree of maturity, which makes this possible.

JJK: «Old Souls» therefore enjoy a somewhat 
more encompassing accompaniment on earth?

SANANDA: Yes. The appropriate accompaniment, 
which they have acquired through many great deeds 
in different incarnations. This does not yet apply to a 
young soul.

Recognition of «light-starved» Messages 
JJK: How can «light-starved» messages be most clearly 
recognized? I think often of the fact that I have been 
given very many profound messages, which do not lack 
anything in distinctness – also «personal» messages were 
among them. Following it, these were regarded as 
«light-starved» by some human Beings – mostly those, 
who were affected by it. Naturally I am also aware that 
often times it is exactly these messages, which can break 
the «ice of spiritual ignorance» in human Beings and these
 events are only possible due to an extremely high and clear 
vibration. But what is the orientation for these human Beings?

SANANDA: Each human Being orients according to his own 
resonance field and attracts into his life what shall come 
into his life at a certain moment.

The distinction, the recognition 
of messages and the right allocation 
of it, requires exactly the same purified 
energy field, as the reception of messages. 

An unconscious, in his energy field polluted human Being 
is never in the position to make a clear distinction, no matter 
in which field. Therefore there is no general rule, because what 
is fear producing for one, is purifying for the other, etc. 
The field, wherein this experience is played out, is truly very, 
very wide.

Yet I would like to mention a basic rule for orientation: 
Always connect the message with the messenger! 
Is the human Being, who passes on this message, 
«credible» or is this human Being besieged by a multitude 
of unresolved issues. Also look this human Being into the 
eyes and into his face. Look at their life, does it agree with
what they do as a spiritual medium, or are unresolved issues 
stuck in their cells. Are the words in agreement with the 
gestures and the gestures in agreement with their actions?

In short: Apply the method, which you apply quite often, 
whereby you examine a human Being for his credibility, 
what means, to compare the life and the vibration of a
human Being with what he does. Because it is always true:
Each human Being can be recognized by the fruits of their 
actions. You recognize this quite easily in the look and the 
face of a human Being. Is this look clear or unclear, what are 
the facial features? This is the best resource in order to bring 
into harmony the messenger with the message, because an in 
himself unclear human Being can never channel a clear message 
and operates on a low vibrating level of Creation. 

Actual Space-Time Events 
In conclusion these words regarding the
actual space-time events on this level.
1) The healings of physical as well as subtle levels 
in all human bodies fulfill themselves in all light 
warriors of the first and last hours.
2) The number of ascending ones increases, 
while the number of unconscious human Beings
is still very large.
3) The quality of the ascending ones turns this world 
into the Light, and it has no more significance that 
many human Beings – also «old souls» – have decided 
4) The stronger the impression of a great world 
fire expands, the closer is the uplifting.

The great time has come.

In infinite Love

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