20. Dezember 2014


Freedom and Healing

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers!

With every great celebration, which the Catholic Church carries out, 
whereby the life of Jesus the Christ is commemorated, the prevalent 
and often false images, which were implanted in human Beings of 
the “Redeemer”, are uploaded.

This is also the case with Christmas 2014. Why?
Because every commemoration of Jesus the Christ,
as the Roman Catholic Church has contrived it, is dedicated 
to suffering and pain. The dramatic end of Jesus and his alleged 
death on the cross have been very deeply imprinted in the collective consciousness of human Beings and is passed on at the cellular level 
from generation to generation. While the celebration of Jesus’s birth 
is carried out, the horrible pictures of his violent death are also uploaded,
a death, which has never happened, yet does excellent service for the 
Roman Catholic Church, in order to continue their agenda to exert 
power over frightened and guilt-ridden human Beings. 

Not a single Roman Catholic celebration manages without 
the subtle message of suffering, blood and pain, because 
every celebration is done under the cross and is decorated 
with Jesus hanging on the cross. Whoever bows his knees 
under this symbol remains obligated to suffering and is far 
from freedom. 

And the celebration of Christmas is superbly qualified to 
enliven these inner illusions in human Beings, whereby life 
continues in fear and guilt. Just the fact that this celebration 
is carried out by more than 1 billion Vatican-Catholics creates 
an extremely powerful collective energy field, wherefrom only 
very few can withdraw.

Symbol of the Cross 
Whoever gathers under the symbol of the cross or sings 
the praise, and whoever carries out this celebration without 
reflection, will always be crushed by the burden of the cross 
and can never be reached by the energy of Love and the Light 
of the Ascended Ones, which emanated from Jesus. 

Symbols have an effect and human Beings succumb to them; 
even then, when the individual human Being is not at all 
conscious of it.

This is a sick and sickening game for human Beings, a game, 
which the Roman Catholic Church has contrived as an end in
Human Beings stay behind uncertain, remain captured in 
their guilt and seek comfort and counsel, foothold and 
refuge from their torturers. The calves choose their butchers 
themselves and follow them until death.
The goal of this propaganda has been and is, to never let 
human Beings come into their own divine power. 
The self-determined and self-conscious direct binding to God, 
like it was taken for granted by the gnostic early church, is 
impossible for those, who have been polluted by Catholic

As long as pictures of suffering and guilt, 
even when only in “trace elements”, exist 
in us, the door to insights is locked and 
the door to the Light cannot be opened. 

Many, too many of us still experience ourselves as “unworthy”, 
in order to enter under the “roof of the Lord”. And it is exactly 
this condition, which closes off the access to divine recognition 
for all “believers”. We all originate directly from the Creator, 
come forth from the Source of sources and are truly Gods in 
human Gestalt. 

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, 
the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works 
than these shall he do  (John 14,12 Bible) 

We are Creators and omnipresent as well as almighty 
entities of the Light. We can do, what also Jesus has 
done, and even still much more….

And it is this truth, which instantly frees human Beings from 
their self-doubt and their self-denial that is cloaked in secrecy.

The Catholic Doctrine
Loses not a single word over it and if, then it is so hidden or 
falsely or re-interpreted that human Beings continue to go 
astray and must remain far from God.

The birth of the savior, a celebration of joy and of Grace, 
which every year is symbolically celebrated on December 24th 
(winter solstice), is entirely devalued, because the joy of his 
birth is subverted by the bitter taste of his impending death,
because only then does his birth also have any meaning. 

The Roman Catholic Church keeps 
human Beings away from any profound 
and individual recognition of God. 

The doctrines and belief concepts, which are recited during
every High Mass, confirm it as well as the prayer wheel 
statements from its priests, bishops and popes, apart 
from such celebrations.

In the center of this religion and its representatives are
suffering and death, guilt and sin, with the goal to carry 
out earthly lordship due to these instruments. Neither joy 
nor Life are prayed to, it is pure idolization of dark energies, 
which therefore is equal to the idolization of the devil.

The Roman Catholic Church as the self-proclaimed “guardian 
of values” is worthless, because the most precious good of a 
human Being, the direct binding to God, on all levels, subtly or 
obviously, is sabotaged and undermined.
A human Being freed of guilt and self-conscious is its greatest 
enemy, because for his “salvation” he no longer needs an 
institution. This makes any church useless and the church
in Rome also knows this precisely and therefore is with all 
means set against its insignificance.

In summary this means:
Even if under the cross a loving crib is built, 
every celebration of Christmas is overshadowed 
by the symbol of the cross. Also this celebration of 
Christmas awakens guilt feelings in many human Beings, 
also when one rarely experiences this in the air filled with 
incense of a church. With effective folklore and romanticism 
lulled in, most church attendants feel “unworthy” and “little” 
with respect to the exaggeration of a false Jesus image – still.

The dark magic of the Roman Catholic Church affects in such 
a manner and the images, which for 1600 years are being evoked 
and recalled in human Beings, so that human Beings remain 
completely and utterly surrendered to it. Whoever can nearly
unrestrictedly exercise lordship over thoughts, the conscience 
and sensations of human Beings is indeed truly powerful. 
And the church exercises this power cleverly and frivolously.
Whereby I invite all human Beings, who are willing, to free 
themselves now from all false inner images and programming, 
which are still or already again effective.

Let us utilize Christmas 2014 in order to liberate ourselves 
from the curse of the church and foremost, in order to free 
ourselves from any guilt, from any guilt confessions and from sin.

On this occasion I have decided to publish now at the 
time of Christmas and at this site the “Invocation” from 
the book “The Jesus biography, my life on earth, Part I” 
with two additional messages (“Love your Neighbor”, “Stigmata”).

For those readers, who already know this “Invocation” 
or the book in total as a deepening, and for those, 
who are still not entirely familiar with it, as blessings 
and liberation.

Each human Being, who is now ready for it, can attain this 
liberation now! Then nothing stands in the way for the celebration 
of Love and freedom, then all inner programming and images of 
the sinner have dissolved, and then the ground for self-recognition 
has been stepped on and the level of Love for God has been reached.

Then – and only then – occurs whereof the Roman Catholic 
Church is most afraid and wherefrom it wants to keep us: 
Knowledge, awareness and enlightenment; the union of a 
human Being with God.

Wake up. Liberate yourselves from the 
shackles of the Roman Catholic Church, 
which has only one thing on its mind: 
To view mankind also after Christmas 
2014 as under-age Beings instead 
of awakened Gods.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl


I ask you, Jesus Christ, to transform my 
ideas of suffering and guilt through your Light.

I ask you for your presence and for your Light 
of Love.

I am now ready to let go and to recognize 
that my joy, my peace, my kindness and 
my love are the powers, which blossom now.

I am ready to separate myself from all 
distressed thoughts, the pain-filled 
feelings about your demise on earth.

Please cut now the energetic bonds so 
that I may face your countenance.


I recognize you as the one you are.
As my brother, who shows me my own 
beauty and accompanies me during the 
now upcoming journey, back to God.

I am now ready to let go of all suffering!

I am free of any guilt and of pain.
I am who I am!

Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness.
God’s eternal Light.

Beloved Jesus, I thank you.
My Heart is eternally joined with 
your Heart. I am that I am!

In Eternity, Amen.

This is an excerpt of the book “Jesus Biography, My Life on Earth, Part I"

that will probably be available in Marc 2015 from Lichtweltverlag.   

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