24. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb 

Welcome beloved Child of God and I greet you, 
my Love is with you and all days I accompany you 
wherever you may be. Unfold your wings and experience 
your infinity, here on earth in the eternal Now-Time.

I am Jesus Christ and again I give you a new perspective 
about my life on earth so that you can liberate yourself 
from all the adopted and often inappropriate pictures 
about my life in Jerusalem.

Today we dedicate ourselves to love and how it can be 
implemented in your daily life, even though you feel 
surrounded by very weakening and hate-filled energies.

«...love your neighbor as yourself.»

This is my clear and always valid message.
Given at that time and today I renew this one 
and truly it is imperative to let this life quality

In case you succeed, you are therefore asked to 
look inside yourself again. Into your inner world, 
into your heart and into your Being.
Then you will find everything and you search will 
be crowned with the insight about your all-embracing 
ability – to love.

Such begins your journey to you based on you looking 
inside and with the fact that you turn all of your attention 
to the inner; and you see your whole totality of love.
Everything begins in you because you must learn to 
know yourself in order to love.

You gain your self-love by beginning to accept what 
constitutes you. To recognize your shadows always 
means to take another step toward love.
To learn to love yourself with all your «faults» 
and fears, with the inadequacies and also with 
the often long unnoticed and dammed up energies in you.

Feelings of fury, anger, worry, fear and impotence come forth, 
even though the feeling of hate can spread. And while you 
observe all this, you love yourself. You do not reject this 
side of you, because it belongs to you and this attitude 
affects dissolution.

You gain a loving look at your patterns, ideas and your 
lack of courage. You discover that God loves you like you
are right now. In this moment while torturing thoughts 
nd emotions haunt you. On the path to your salvation you 
make the acquaintance with your inner «monsters» and you 
are not afraid anymore.

I am there and whenever you call on me, I will come in 
order to help you in the resolution of these feelings, 
which call for salvation. All it takes is your courage, 
beloved child of mankind, so that you may look at it 
and free yourself. This courage brings you into your 
heart and gradually you let go of fear and you begin
– to love yourself.

Slowly the feeling dawns on you that is God who loves 
you, and the more you dissolve your hindering thoughts 
and emotions, the more understanding you become in 
your look at your fellow human Beings. Because then 
nothing human is unfamiliar to you anymore and you 
understand the actions and the intentions of human 
Beings. You look through their motivation, because 
you have met yourself and you can surmise what it 
is all about the destructive energies.

Thereby you become understanding and even-tempered.
Your soft heart recognizes and is full of sympathy for 
those who have not attained this insight about their true 

Your rebellion against the inner «enemy» is gone.
You are free and this freedom is the fertile soil for 
your love. 

Before you can truly love your neighbor,
you must therefore learn to love yourself 
at first. Without self-love the brotherly love 
will not work.

To accept yourself fully and totally. Totally uncompromising.
Whatever you discover in your heart, to accept it in love and 
then let it go if it hinders you to love.
Also your pain is in need of your love.
Also your wounds call for the Light and the 
loving power in you.

Truly it is easy to love somebody who loves you and 
returns your love. To love where there is love succeeds 
by itself and this feeling fills you completely.
But to love where there is darkness, where there is 
fear and hate, is a true challenge, but necessary if 
you want to regain your wholeness. In order to love 
where hate is, you must have looked at your own hate, 
your inner subversion and inner desperation and anger. 
After that what is needed is reconciliation and not to
judge or condemn these feelings.

Do not cast judgment over you 
and you will not speak in judgment 
over your fellow human Beings.

In the experience of your own desperation do you 
understand the desperation of others and by looking 
at your own abyss your heart opens in order to understand 
your brother and your sister. In order to meet in true
understanding also of their needs and fears, expressed by 
loveless behavior.

«...do not condemn so that you may not be condemned.»

Everything is connected with each other and if you do not judge, 
you also begin to see your fellow human Beings in a new light.
Until you have gone through the valley of tears and have seen 
whose child you are, it does not even occur to you any longer 
to judge, because your heart overflows with full sympathy and 
love for your siblings.

Because each human Being is your brother,
each human Being is your sister. Without exception. 
All human Beings are joined through an invisible inner 
umbilical cord. The direct connection to all of us Father 
and Mother in Heaven.

This one source has brought forth everything and born it. 
And therefore we all are always connected with each other. 
Visible and invisible, but always linked to each other through 
this bond of love to our home, to our assignments, to our 
prime force in the universe.

As soon as you arrange your inner world and you accept 
yourself, it is over with judgments and condemnations. 
You attain the power of distinction, but assessments of 
any kind have lost their importance.

Everything begins from you, in you and with you.
If you love yourself, if you accept yourself, then you 
can easily assume that we meet on the outside.
You recognize yourself in it and like with a mirror you 
sense this reflection as soon as you meet with whom, 
where and however. You know the connections and due 
to your power of distinction is it possible for you feel inside 
and to look into human Beings.

You see their pain and desperation.
You know where it is coming from and you recognize 
their broken hearts. Therefore your sympathy and your 
kindness awaken, because you have recognized that only 
these forces can bring healing.

You have experienced it yourself: As soon as you have 
accepted yourself, the pain became less and your love 
grew to a lushly sprouted itself giving away bloom from
your heart. Now you succeed to recognize the desperation 
of your brother from the viewpoint of your awakened heart 
and your love can be felt, your heart exudes this strength 
and your brother absorbs this energy. The hearts of human 
Beings are all equal in their core. And the pure energy of 
heart’s love will be instantly recognized and felt.

Your dedication and your sympathy change the hearts of 
human Beings and it is obvious that love has an incredible 
power in it. You love unconditionally and it shows!

Your example moves human Beings to the exploration 
of their inner beauty. And it is always an example that 
brings a change. Not words without deeds.
It is your Being that visibly affects your environment.

Therefore it is urgently necessary that you reconcile 
with yourself on the inner and you find your self-love.

«...because you will recognize them in their deeds.»

That is the point.
A human Being in the awareness of his strength and power, 

a human Being, whose love is awakened, has a great radius 
and directly affects the hearts of fellow human Beings. Many 
are ready to be touched by this energy in order to find their 
strength of love. Your example is the one that counts.

No empty words and not the Sunday sermon.
It is the deeds coming from a purified and pure heart, 
which let the earth become what it is: An eternal place 
of God’s beauty. You were at the beginning and you are now.
You are God and HE is you.
Everything is connected and comes from the oneness of Being.
Your redeemed heart knows that, your purified heart is the 
messenger of this fact and wherever you may be, your love 
pours out as an all joining and healing power.

Human Beings long so much for it, yet many have
lost belief in it. The belief that it is indeed possible to 
bring forth a new earth. With all the attributes, which
enrich living together and which make love the only reality.

They have lost the confidence, because they see what 
happened around the globe and they do not know how 
one can ever stem these doings.
The solution also for it is always – in you.


Initially take on yourself so that you can love yourself.
Redeem your issues and free yourself from the slavery 
of your thoughts, ideas and emotional blockages.
You begin to love yourself as you are and as God also 
loves you. You begin to see your beauty and this picture 
will also become visible to your fellow human Beings.
This is the first and most important step!

Due to this self-experience you bring forth just
by itself a lifestyle that enables your siblings 
to regain their own power. Your example begins to work.
Maybe you will be asked whereby you have come into 
this awareness of life and what made you so confident
in this time?

Do not impose on others but talk about it in an appropriate 
manner. But what always counts, are the deeds.
You will be observed and many will see that your love 
brings forth more love and therefore they become aware 
of their own abilities and power.

Be patient and trust your Father in Heaven.
Everything takes its time and thus awareness is 
not born over night.
Your heart recognizes and you know from your own 
experience that everything takes its place in God’s order.
Your self-love is the key to the hearts of human Beings. 
Only thereby love of your neighbor becomes possible. 
The acceptance of your Being is the way in order to be 
without judgment and to act in kindness out of a loving heart.

And your deeds create this new reality.
I have come to give an example.
Now go there and give your example so that a 
collective awakening of human Beings, a permanent 
anchoring of the energy of love and mankind living in 
oneness may become reality.

Let nothing be untried and do justice to your assignment.
We from the spiritual world accompany you and each 
human Being is supported and accompanied by us in
infinite love.

Exercise your responsibility. 
Again I have returned and 
I am among you. Project 
«Earth» finds its completion.

Of the «days of judgment» there are many in order to
find enough opportunities and be able to ascend. 
This means to always accept your reality.

It is your rebirth as Loving-Self.
It is: Your merger with the wellspring of All-that-Is.
I am Jesus Sananda and I am here, all days.

Your heart knows me.

This is an excerpt of the book “Jesus Biography, 
My Life on Earth, Part I" that will probably be 
available in Marc 2015 from Lichtweltverlag. 

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