13. Dezember 2014


From the Book: "Master-Dialogues"
Volume I, Chapter 7 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Report: It is late in the afternoon. I am home 
alone with my beloved Son NOAH (He is presently 3 
and a half years young). We sit comfortably at the table 
and have a small snack, as Noah suddenly asks me: 
«Do you see ghosts?» Whereupon the following dialogue 

JJK: No. I do not see them, but I feel 
when they are here.
NOAH: Also evil ghosts?
JJK: Yes.
NOAH: What do you do then?
JJK: Then I chase them away with my 
Light sword – head off and done.
NOAH: Do they go away then?
JJK: Yes, because they must.
NOAH: Are you afraid?
JJK: No, the evil ghosts are then afraid of me. 

And you Noah, do you see ghosts?
NOAH: Yes.
JJK: What kind of ghosts?
NOAH: Evil ones.
JJK: What do you do with the evil ghosts?
NOAH: Then I take my Light sword (thereby 

he points to multi-colored wooden stick, which 
he likes to use) and I chase 
them away, I kill them.
JJK: Are you afraid of it?
JJK: Do you also see good ghosts?
NOAH: Yes, also good ones.
JJK: What do they look like?
NOAH: Green, red.
JJK: Where are they?
NOAH: Upstairs (He points to the two 
bedrooms of his older brothers, which 
are located on the upper floor.)
JJK: This means that they protect your brothers?
NOAH: No, all children of this world.
JJK: Are there many of them?
NOAH: Yes, many. (End of dialogue)

Beloved Ones, 


The significance of this dialogue appears in the 
concluding sequence «All children of this world».
Yes, all children of this world enjoy and receive 
comprehensive protection, so that they can survive 
this time and the events of this time well and foremost 
without new emotional, mental and spiritual injuries. 
No matter which child where and how it suffers damage 
and no matter how it leaves this world, far-reaching injuries 
of their energy body are mild and as soon as these Beings 
arrive in the Light, will be healed instantaneously. 

The protection of Heaven and the accompaniment by 
a vast number of Light Beings, which these small human 
Beings and great wise Ones receive, is absolute.  
The multitude of Angels and the multitude of Light 
Beings serves this mandate from God, because children 
are in their innocence, those, who are easiest to be 
reached for the intentions of the dark forces and are 
their most desired victims.

This fact is counteracted by this divine mandate. 
Because those, who misuse the innocence of a single 
child for evil purposes, will on the day of judgment 
become aware of what crime has been committed here 
and what kind of reconciliation is connected with this 

It is the children, who breathe Life into the new time 
and it is the children, who heave the new world into 
the ocean of innocence. 

In infinite Love

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