29. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Friends, Brothers, Sisters, 
Siblings from the Light and God’s eternal Children!


Fanaticism. The widespread reality in this changing 
and transforming into the Light world. Still.

Where does the spiritual origin of this fact lie, which, 
since the beginning of mankind, brought wars, pain, 
crimes and infinite suffering to individual human Beings 
and whole populations?

The fanaticism of a soul is based on the fact that 
it has created a radical experience for itself and 
also wants to experience this on this level.  
Fanaticism, regardless if a human Being gives 
itself a light-filled or dark countenance, is always 
an experience of fallacy, the evil and of darkness.

A Being, who has chosen this for him, wants to empty the 
chalice of suffering, in order to be able to start the way back 
to the Source thereafter. Fanaticism is the deepest point, 
which a human Being can reach, because with it go hate and 
lack of love and it is equally a point of turning back, after this 
level has been experienced.

Religious fanaticism or the fanatic identification of a human 
Being with his people, the race or a language, are always 
experiences, which bring this soul to the null-point of their 
development. Meaning that the fanatic expression of a life 
is very often the turning point of a soul, the point where it 
begins to turn away from false thinking, false speaking and 
false actions.

Thereby it is of greatest importance to see how 
the energy, which such an experience sets free, 
1.) The energy of hate is liberated.
2.) The energy immediately flows back to 
human Beings or to whole populations.
3.) This energy is being questioned.
4.) This energy is dissolved by:
a.) Redemption of the associated karma.
b.) Recognition of the circumstances, 
which led to this decision.

This fact is thereby described in order to better understand 
the course of the world and the behavior of human Beings.

Instrument of the Dark Ones 
Fundamentally, and this pertains to the great dark circles
behind the visible political and religious system of society 
in this time, the representatives of darkness specifically foster, 
stoke and build up fanaticism, so that scenarios of threat, 
meaning, different anxieties in human Beings can be maintained. 
Thereby human Beings remain manageable and guidable. It is the 
fear, which enables this, because without fears, a human Being 
is free and the human society is healed. 

In conclusion this means: Many souls and soul fragments 
enter into human life in order to experience this side of darkness.

It has been like that at all times and today finds its 
greatest expression. Once a soul returns into the Light 
after such an experience or returns to an appropriate 
level of awareness, it will be confronted with its actions, 
which this programming had brought forward. And the 
“cleaning jobs” begin.

Karmic Redemption 
Meaning, perpetrators become victims, so that karmic 
redemption may occur. Fundamentally it is true that 
perpetrators are also victims of their fallacies, yet in 
this context it behaves as described here, because a 
karmic redemption must always occur on the level, 
where the necessity for it has been created.

Meaning that roles and sides are changed life after 
life until karma is redeemed and insight is born.
It is of great significance to understand this soul 
level, in order to understand today’s upheavals.

In this process of generating and creating karma, 
today it is foremost about to redeem existing and 
great karmic connections.

The radicalized and fanaticized human Beings, 
who cause worldwide devastations, are therefore 
on the one hand still only Beings with existing soul 
fragments and are as such suitable “instruments of 
the dark ones” and on the other hand these human 
Beings are inundated with energies, which are released 
from the collective energy field of many human generations. 
The severity of such discharges is obvious and they appear 
on a daily basis. This process is part of the great purification.
Thereby new karma is acted out in another world, while the 
old karma of this level is redeemed. So much at this point 
in order to understand today’s events in this world.

The Euphoria 
Euphoria works contrary to fanaticism!
Euphoria or enthusiasm is the fuel of the light warrior.
Enthusiasm is positive, brings forth a creative human 
Being and is foremost one thing:
It is non obtrusive, because it passes by friendly 
for all those, who do not want to be infected.
Euphoria provides every creative light-filled process 
with sufficient energy.
Euphoria wants to communicate with everyone in Love, 
does not exclude anything or anyone, but does not bother
anyone, who does not want to be touched.
Euphoria is the higher-ranking sensation of a soul, 
is the joy of a human Being, is the energy whereby a 
Being can create new and light-filled realities. Pure 
genuine enthusiasm is visibly created life; fanatical 
“enthusiasm” is visibly created death. 

Fanaticism narrows the viewpoint 
of a human Being and closes the 
human heart; euphoria expands 
the viewpoint of a human Being 
and opens the heart. 

Therefore let self be carried by enthusiasm 
and let self be “infected”. Euphoria is a wonderful 
fuel for our sacred actions on this earth. 

Get enthusiastic about God, get enthusiastic about 
Life! Get enthusiastic about what you came to do! 

Observe your “exaltation”. If it makes you wide and 
loving on the inside, then it has been channeled correctly; 
if it restricts you on the inside and it entices you into a 
missionary zeal, then the way has been paved for fanaticism 
and the turning away of a light warrior from the path of 
Light seems likely.

Therefore be free to lead an enthusiastic life far 
from fanaticism. Recognize the uniqueness of all life. 
If a uniquely light-filled countenance illumines you, 
be happy, and if a uniquely dark face looks at you, 
avoid it.
And one more thing: Defend yourself, if energies elbow 
themselves into your life, as they rob your freedom and 
want to control you.

Remain anchored Light pillars of this time and never 
let yourself be put in front of the cart of an ideology or 

Remain anchored! 
There, where you experience a lack in freedom, 
stay away, there, where you recognize a lack of love, 
stay away, there, where you meet death instead of life, 
stay away.

Remain enthusiastic light warriors, who accept their 
abilities and live, light warriors, who realize the most 
light-filled potentials and always appear to human Beings 
in your divine Light, meaning:
a.) Love peace, shun war.
b.) Honor human Beings, avoid contempt.
c.) Adulate life, shun death.
d.) Be a servant of your assignments! 

Do not let yourself be infected by the “fanatical” 
dark energies, which have been ignited anew. 
This world is still being haunted by darkness; 
redemption of suffering, whereby new suffering is 
created, seeking its redemption in another world.

Darkness volatilizes in this world and the dark ones are 
hauled into the light for all to see. And thereby this time 
distinguishes itself from all past times: After the dark 
energies of many epochs have been redeemed and human 
Beings have been healed from fanaticism, the reconciliation 
of the world will be the gift for all human Beings.

I speak to you as one, who has savored life in all 
its richness and in all its lack. I speak to you as the 
one, who knows the course of the world and understands 
that at the end of all processes is insight and redemption
– for all human Beings. 

In these days fanaticism rears up for 
the last time, before it is extinguished 
due to the transformation work of the 
light warriors and due to God’s behest. 

The fire of hate turns into ember and cools down to ashes 
while the flame of ascension illumines every corner of the 
world and warms every human heart.
Mankind’s desire is quenched, 
Love spreads out and Light has prevailed.

Truly: The time wherein no time exists comes 
closer and closer.

In the Love, who I am and as a 
brother of all human Beings,


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