25. Dezember 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Beloved Brothers, beloved Sisters,
We are one and we serve the one 
force and power: God.

Today we have reached a new point in time.
Great healings have been fulfilled and great 
healings are coming up. The energy field of this 
ascending planet has been purified again and has 
been freed from the dark and sluggish influences 
out of the collective field. This relief of the planetary 
energy field paves the way for further steps in 

Today it is about the transformation of all life 
and not about individual revolutions in this world, 
and it is significant to understand this. 

Revolutions always belong to time 
and they always occur in that fabric, 
yet transformation is a process, which 
aims at overcoming time and space. 

Therefore it is no longer useful to talk about revolutions,
as the change in society is being envisaged. Rather talk 
about the change of all Life, of the transformation of society, 
instead of talking about a revolution. Transformation means the 
alteration of a condition into a different form, whereby the old
“dies” and the new is born. Yet the new always emerges from 
the transformed old condition. The old therefore does not really
“die”, instead it alternates its form. An energy remains energy, 
the cosmic prime matter is immortal, what goes away is its form.

Revolution means the induction of new and the release of 
old life conditions. Thereby the means for its success are

Successful revolutions push back 
the old yet never dissolve it. 

This is confirmed by the fact that revolutions have 
to return over and over again, because the old 
ghosts always reappear.

This means, in the future talk about the transformation of 
human society and say goodbye to the expression of 
"revolution” and to the energy, which this one sets free in 
you. On lower vibrating levels revolts are the custom, on 
highly vibrating levels, which many human Beings have 
already scaled, only the transformation of one’s own 
Being and of the planetary Mother of all Life counts.

I stand by you in Love!

I transfigured thousands of years ago and I preceded 
you, because what was divined for me is also given to 
you – to each one of you human siblings.

I know how heavy expectations are; 
I know how long the transfiguration of 
a Being can keep itself waiting.

Never let yourself be discouraged! 

Because truly: The days are numbered 
and the Now is the All-One-Reality.

In the knowledge about the correctness of all things,
In the knowledge about the significance of these events, 
in the knowledge about the Grace, which we all partake of,


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