27. Dezember 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The Austrian Kronen Zeitung, (…The Kronen Zeitung, 
commonly known as the Krone, is Austria’s largest newspaper 
with about three million readers out of Austria's total
population of approximately eight million. The 2012 circulation 
of the paper was 800,000 copies, reaching 40% of the Austrian 
readers. Therefore measured on the number of the population, 
the Kronen Zeitung is one of the most influential newspapers
in the world, Wikipedia), reported on 12/25/2014 about a “witness”, 
which contradicts the rocket version regarding the downing of MH17. 
And it reads like the following: 

Ukraine-Jet supposedly fired at the Boeing 
Kremlin presents “witness” for the 
downing of MH17

Moscow. – Now it gets exciting: Five months after the crash 
tragedy of the Malaysian passenger jet over Eastern Ukraine, 
the Kremlin presents a “witness” contradicting the rocket version.

„Regarding the “witness”, it supposedly is a Ukrainian defector. 
A newspaper, close to the Kremlin, published on its front page 
the photo of a pilot with the name of Vladivlav Volochin, who 
supposedly shot down MH17. From the beginning Russia and
the separatists were blamed for the deed, says Moscow.” 
(Kronen Zeitung Dezember 25th, 2014)

When I reported in August 2014 under the title
“Sanction Media and Politics”:
 http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2014/08/sanction-media-and-politics-jjk_4.html a totally different version of the “course of 
events” and presented the “irrefutable facts” from flight captain  
Peter Haisenko, I and all were struck with a lot of mistrust by
the believers in the system and they immediately used the 
conspiracy club. At that time I had written:

Flight captain Peter Haisenko, with 30 years of flight experience, 
today active as a “critical journalist” and founder of the
“Anderwelt Verlag”, brings to light a new sound trace in his
“Shocking analysis regarding the shooting-down 
of Malaysian MH17”: “I do not talk about speculations, 
instead about undisputed facts”, writes Haisenko:  
“The cockpit shows signs of bullet holes.” 
In the meantime it is well known that shortly before the 
shooting-down a Ukrainian SU 25 was in reach of Malaysian 
flight MH17. 
It is obvious that this military jet could have something to 
do with the shooting-down of the passenger jet. The photo 
of the cockpit of the downed jet shows very clearly that the 
cockpit has been literally riddled with holes and the Suchoi 
SU 25 carries a great arsenal of different attack weapons with it. 
All, who are truly interested in the truth, should immediately follow 
this hot trace! Already tomorrow, all sanctions against Russia 
would be from the table, the putsch government in Kiev would 
be history and the genocide would end. But who of the warmongers 
would really want this? (End of citation)

And today? Things begin to turn around; truth finds 
access to the mass media, because other media have 
also reported about it, even though doubtful in undertone 
and in general unobtrusively. The “hot trace” to the perpetrators, 
which in this case sit in Kiev, has been picked up.

Especially the Kronen Zeitung, whose Foreign Policy 
figurehead Kurt Seinitz, blind on the Ukrainian eye and 
shortsighted on the Russian eye, verifies clearly, due to 
today’s publication, that some notable formats sheer off 
from the synchronized media machinery.

Certainly, these reports are still rare; such facts are still 
swept under the carpet as long as possible. The longing of
human Beings for truth and the courage to ask for it, is still 
too little, so that the great upheavals could show up immediately.

Yet a first and important step has been taken!

All of our work for a new society, whereby alternative media 
and spiritually awakened human Beings bluntly revealed, what
is, and pursued a new direct policy against mainstream media 
and mainstream politicians, bears the first fruits.

Our mandates and decrees, the orders 
and instructions begin to fulfill.

And we will not relent to apply our power of creation and to 
repeat the truth as long, until all levels of human society have 
been captured and all areas of life have been penetrated. 

„One must always repeat the truth, because the fallacy around 
us is preached over and over again, and not just from individuals, 
but from the masses. In newspapers and encyclopedias, in schools 
and universities, everywhere the fallacy is on top, and it feels well 
and comfortable, in the feeling of a majority, which is on its side.” 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832)

From my perspective, the development described here 
is a hopeful conclusion of the year 2014 and let us 
expect good for the year 2015.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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