13. Dezember 2014

MASTER - DIALOGUES, Volume I, New Publication, JJK

New Publication (digital)
is immediately available! 

„Blessed be, who follows these words, 
because the invisible hand of the Creator 
glides you through time and space.” Sananda

Honored Readers,

The first volume of the new digital publication series 
from the Lichtweltverlag, „Master-Dialogues“, is available.

In 14 messages (9 of them conversations) questions 
regarding this time quality are being answered.
Clearly, unmistakably and in unconditional Love, the High 
Masters Babaji, Sananda and Asana Mahatari point out the 
greater context. Our questions find answers and in every line, 
you can also experience the closeness to the Masters.

It is a book at the pulse of global, 
planetary and cosmic transformation, 
which in full force and intensity has 
captured life in this world.

Now dive into these wonderful dialogues and 
experience also, what has been granted to me,
because I am convinced that what is possible for 
me, can also be given to you – and even more.

With Joy and in Love

Your Lichtwelt Team & Jahn J Kassl 

Master-Dialogues, Volume I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: