13. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

At this time a powerful Light influx occurs on earth.
High Light entities of the 6th and 7th dimension have 
entered into this world – and support due to their 
presence on this planet all further processes until 
the uplifting.


The awakened part of mankind has now asked for this 
support, so that the last phase of the ascension can be 
completed. The timing for it has been exactly chosen, 
because this manifestation of the subtle and non-physical 
Light forces of All-That-Is on this earth could not have 
happened at an earlier moment, because the world had 
to be liberated first from the prevailing dark energies.

While we all carry out our service on our bridges to the 
world of the Light, the energies in this world have been 
turned, transformed and refined due to our work and the 
work of many light warriors.

The Lordship of the Dark Ones is over! 
The lordship of the dark ones is over. Today we are 
confronted with the after-effects of this lordship and 
also with the consequences.
We enter a destroyed home, and we have begun 
with the cleanup jobs. And while we do this, still 
dark structures and entities, trace populations, 
trace cultures and scattered devotees of the devil 
interfere, and they cause unrest in this dimension of 

And our Light siblings from the high realms of the
6th and 7th dimension support us now at this point 
in the sequence of the uplifting, so that we:
1.) can continue almost unhindered all further 
purification and redemption tasks on the individual 
and global level, and
2.) so that the process of the ascension can 
be quickly finalized.

The demands of the light warriors of the first and
last hours, who as human Beings serve in this 
world, is immense. I know it and you know it.
There is no power in All-That-Is, which could 
carry out this work at our position. We are the 
ones, who count. And we are the ones, who can 
accurately and precisely assess the situation on 
location, also if very often the overview of the 
“greater whole” is missing in us, because we are 
perfectly consciously not switched into many 
universal processes.

And this is, so that we do not get lost in issues, 
which were assigned to other entities, so that we 
can totally focus on our work and so that we fulfill 
what we have come for in this world: The transformation
of mankind to the point until all human Beings, who this 
pertains to, have awakened and until Mother Earth gives 
the last signal for the ascension, whereby we have fulfilled 
our assignments and whereupon we return to God.

Light Warriors in Transformation 
The energies and the behavior of the light warriors 
of the first and last hours have changed.
While a few light warriors experience themselves and
appear accordingly as Creator Gods, the great number 
of the once courageous and nearly invincible light warriors 
of the first and last hours have decided to take a pause
– and this at a very inconvenient moment in time.

Pauses, which are necessary in order to attain new strength, 
are supported by the spiritual world and every human Being 
gets assistance, which he needs, in order to quickly get up 
again and to continue on the path of Love. The pauses, 
which the light warriors of the first and last hours have 
decided for themselves, equal capitulation, because these 
light warriors lie down worn down in the field, give up their
light weapons and sink into a deep sleep.
It is the submersion into unconsciousness and 
into forgetfulness, a sleep, which they could no 
longer wake up from.

Awakening of the Light Warriors 
And this sleep will now be ended, because the high
entities of the 6th and 7th dimension are appointed 
to induce this re-awakening. Thereby new valuable 
energies become effective and the army of light 
warriors attains a so far unreached and awe-inspiring 
As one talked about the impregnability of the light 
warriors so far, this is even more true today!
The power of the dark ones fades, the power of 
the light warriors grows and increases over 

For all those, who vigilantly continue their work for the 
great whole, this means the following: Hang in there 
persistently to manifest your power of creation. 
Never give up, as “success” is not immediately 
meant for you.

Successes can show immediately or can be visible 
only later. Time is still effective and the legality of 
this matrix still take effect, even though the power, 
which it is capable of exerting, fades.
Because each Creator God rises above this world and 
the greater and the deeper this “interlocking” of a human 
Being is with his divine origin, the more effective are the 
mandates and provisions, which such a human Being
makes for this world.

Tie the success of your mandates as Creator God 
solely to how the energies in your environment 
change accordingly, how they turn and how the 
reality in this world aligns according to your will. 
It takes some time, because time is still effective,
yet it occurs according to your will and space-time 
will be stripped off. It is obvious:
1.) The wind has turned.
2.) The dark forces walk toward the abyss.
3.) The world rises and the light warriors 
inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

It is also obvious that these processes are based on 
your power of creation and that the great transformation 
is foremost affected due to human Beings on earth.
The light forces of Heaven assist you and hold the world 
in balance, and they coordinate the great events far from 
this level and only intervene on this level, if the dark 
energies threaten to devour the earth.

Perfection of Perfection 
It is important to understand that this ascension 
initially seems to occur linearly, until the moment, 
when the linear laws of space-time are totally 
At that point, for those, who are ready for it,
the illusion of this matrix will be recognized at 
once and the matrix itself will be stripped off.
The illusion of time thereby exists to the last 
instant in time, in order to dissolve in a single 

And this event can only unfold due to your 
consistent and persistent activity in this world 
as Creator Gods, which you are; it will discharge 
and a storm will come over this world, which will 
purify everything.
Thereby you are now supported on all of your 
levels and from the Light entities of the 6th 
and 7th dimension. These creatures visibly and 
invisibly affect amongst you, while the dark 
princes of this world want to impart the 
deathblow to this world.
Never were Light and darkness of creation 
closer; this is an encounter of immeasurable
tension for human Beings and an encounter 
of immeasurable power of transformation for
the world.
Now the now following events on this level 
of space-time will transmute this world again.
The Light prevails until the Ray of the Creator 
penetrates all levels. 

Now the encounter with the truth 
occurs in this world, for every human 
Being; no matter  if he longs for the 
truth or if he is afraid of it. 

A new dynamic, a new plateau of the 
interaction of the Light forces has been 
reached: We fulfill the perfection of this world. 

The Light has prevailed, the Kingdom of Peace 
has been announced and Love is omnipresent
– in our new world in God. 

I am


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