8. Januar 2015


Expression of Gratitude

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers!

Today I would like to say thanks to you from the bottom 
of my heart, in the name of the Lichtwelt-Verlag-Team for 
all your financial support, which arrived in the last weeks.
A heart-felt gratitude also goes to those human Beings, 
who have arranged for regular monthly contributions, 
which makes our planning month for month much easier. 
Money is still an issue in this world and as long as we 
are working on this level, it will still remain an issue.

Yet today our thank also goes foremost to those human 
Beings, who support us energetically and spiritually, whereby 
they accompany our work with Love and enrich it with positive 

Challenging times and great days of purification have begun, 
individually as well as globally, because the Light of Heaven 
reaches the darkest places of souls and the world.

Whoever builds on Love now, triumphs; 
whoever flees from the Light now, has 
to continue his shadow life.

Therefore it is up to us, to willingly accept God’s Light 
and to walk on the path of Love with determination and joy.

"Love, which does not excuse anything, 
yet is able to forgive everything, is the 
instrument, which, at the end of time brings
forth the most beautiful sounds in a soul."
(Master Kuthumi)

In this Love and in Gratitude