30. Januar 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

JJK: A female reader wrote us a wonderful saying regarding 
the “false prophets” of this time: “Arrogance comes before 
the fall, not before ascension!”  Coined for those, who always 
dig in the same location, to stir in the same turbid soup of 
their own vanities and lift themselves to “Masters” above 
human Beings and the world, yet thereby entirely ignore 
their own issues. What is the root of arrogance?

GOD: Arrogance carries the energy of low worth.
And whoever feels “inferior” on the inside, cannot 
swing up or cannot reach the high Light levels of 
Self-vibration attracts foreign vibration.
An unrecognized low worth, no matter with how much 
effort it is overlaid, is a wound, which must be healed 
and must be closed, before a human Being can swing 
up to the divine. 

„Arrogance“ pretends courage and 
self-consciousness, yet is exactly 
the opposite of it. 

The more insecure a human Being is on the inside, 
and the more inferior he feels about himself on the inside, 
the stronger is the need to balance this lack. Many of these 
human Beings acquire specific capacities, feel thereby superior 
and thereby define their “outstanding rank” among human 
Others on the other hand mutate to aloof and hostile loners, 
in order to justify their special status in front of the world.

In both groups of human Beings low worth is active and 
these entities are dominated by different lack issues and 
are held in constant unrest. “Arrogance” has many faces 
and here two widely distributed idiosyncrasies are 
explained. Therefore “arrogance” always comes before 
the fall, because everything unreal dissolves, as soon 
as it meets reality. 

Arrogance lacks the basis of truth and no matter 
which illusion a human Being may choose reality 
will destroy any illusion.

Distinguish Gurus and Prophets 
JJK: Can you once more illustrate to us, whereby 
one can immediately recognize truly false prophets?

1.) The Ego dominates: „Me, me, me“.
2.) Exercise of power, self-presumptions 
and control paranoia are predominant.
3.) Sexual dependencies are aimed for and 
sexual misuse is the result.

JJK: Why do only a few human Beings 
recognize these obvious signals?

GOD: Because they let themselves be blinded by 
specific capacities of these human Beings.
Somebody can, in comparison to you, walk on hot 
coals, and you are already impressed. Another one can, 
in contrast to you, recite all scriptures, and you are 
immediately impressed. Some can, in comparison to you, 
walk on water, transmute lead into gold and reawaken the 
dead, and you are already impressed. This enumeration can 
be complemented with anything possible and be carried on. 
In each one of these situations human Beings let themselves 
be blinded due to outer magic instead of feeling attracted 
due to the inner capacities of a human Being, due to the 
Light, which acts in that human Being.

The truly divine is simple, is silent 
and does without any spectacle. 
Whoever loves does not ignite 
fireworks, instead awakens 
the fire of Life in you.

The truly wise one loves silence, is like an ocean 
and never shows off his abilities, instead puts 
them at disposal, and a healing and sacred intention 
is always connected with it. 

The immature student seeks the 
immature Master due to his outer 
abilities. Whereas the mature student 
recognizes the mature Master due to 
his inner charisma, due to the Light, 
which emanates from him.

The students testify much about the Master and vice versa. 



The comprehensive conversation with additional 
topics will soon be published here! 

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