23. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: A dark-skinned woman talks to me excitedly 
about Obama. By all means I try to convince her that 
Obama is an out-and-out bastard, yet she does not 
understand it at all. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

A short as well as clear dream sequence.
And this is what it is about in many areas of the year 2015.

Human Beings will receive the opportunity to see the dark, 
to recognize it. New and unique opportunities will be given 
so that an awakening, further growth and becoming are possible. 
Yet it will be few, who will recognize this and accept it.
The inner illusions have consolidated themselves inside 
of human Beings and even given that the truth obviously 
appears, many human Beings will turn away from it. 

Whose journey through space and time shall be 
prolonged, the appearance of truth still has no place 
in life. On this level of All-That-Is, the human will is the 
measure of all things and the progress of a life orients 
itself according to the will of human Beings. 

Meaning, the dark truth of this dark Orion-System, 
which rules this world and many human Beings, 
comes to light. Those days are ongoing and 
Heaven has opened.

Many human Beings have been 
captured by the longing for truth, 
yet the confrontation with the truth 
must still be mastered – by each 
individual Angel in human form on 

Life is being created, death is being overcome.  
Whoever opens oneself unconditionally and without 
fear to the truth and does not flee from the pictures 
of the old time, will fulfill the last steps into the Light, 
and will experience oneself in a new world of the Light 
and in the world of Love as reborn.

The path toward the truth is the 
coronation path, only surpassed 
by the path of Love, and this path 
is now being entered in this world. 

To see what is, to recognize what works, to act as an 
awakened one. The truth can no longer be overlooked; 
the time has come for it now.
Clarity, purification and redemption are granted to you 
due to my Light. Therefore come under my care, because 
I am omnipresent in this world.

I am the Light for human Beings and the healing 
power for Mother Earth, until harmony has been 
established and Love rules.

I am

God’s Grace everywhere – ASANA MAHATARI: 

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