25. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
Today clarity and the genuine observation of events 
is the tool in order to encounter this time with deep 

I am amongst you!

Begin to genuinely view the course of the world. 
Do not think that you must direct your thoughts in
a particular direction in what appears to you; do not 
think that you must give value to the things, because 
all things have value out of themselves.

You meditate and you try to attain inner stillness.
Thereby new unrest develops, a new inner conflict,
the conflict to regain the inner stillness.
So you labor instead of accepting and taking on the
unrest and the unsteady characteristic of your thoughts. 
And to accept means to neutrally view these thoughts, 
neither evaluating nor judging them. 

Observe your streams of thoughts, 
observe your emotions and sensations, 
do not give them any direction! Do not 
guide them, and instead be in great 
peace in what appears to you. 

Only thereby can you overcome conditions,
which seem inappropriate to you, and only thereby 
do you avoid new inner conflicts, which remind you 
of the unreached, the undone, and thereby keep you 
in unrest.

Practice the Exercise 
Today this exercise is more urgent than ever before.
Today, as the value of the whole world and the essence 
of whole mankind are unveiled, the genuine view of these 
events is a significant part in order to encounter the mental 
and emotional swings of the pendulum of this time with 
necessary equanimity.

The genuine observation of what really is becomes 
possible due to this inner attitude. 

Do not choose sides for anyone, 
also not for yourself. 

Instead watch, observe and remain a clear witness, 
which does not allow to be distracted by its own 
preferences. Practice this known exercise; attain inner 
calm until stillness is coming. Enrich your meditations 
with this exercise and your soul will expand and your 
whole being will find an entirely new access to the 
events and the energies of this time – vigilance without 
effort and peace without denying the war around you.

Take hold of this exercise foremost as you enter 
into the different lowlands in this world, as you 
redeem energies due to your assignments and as 
you must purify worlds. Strength grows from a 
collected and focused spirit, which is fully aware 
of the demands of a human life.

And thereby this human Being acts wisely, 
as he understands to get up after each fight, 
in order to take on the perspective 
of his divine consciousness.

Now remind yourself of the 
value of genuine observation 
of all Life and you will find peace 
and you will remain in peace. 
On this soil Love grows, 
On this soil human Beings thrive. 

In infinite Love,

Size the Now – LORD MAITRAYA:

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