6. Januar 2015


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers!

I do not know how you go through it, yet for me the New Year’s 
addresses of our politicians equate to a mocking of the citizens. 
With unbearable speech balloons the population shall be distracted 
from the essential and every year the politicians demonstrate to us 
how far they have already distanced themselves from human Beings 
and continue to do so.

The Misery of New Year’s Addresses 
Ever since I can remember this political procedure (1975), 
the politicians in their homonymous and consistent Christmas’s, 
New Year’s Eve or New Year’s addresses have always lied, 
equally sounding and consistently.

While they talk about “social solidarity of society” 
they continue to pursue their asocial corporate and 
client policy and look after their own benefit. One cannot 
explain it in any other way that our “social politicians” allow 
themselves fat salary increases while the common citizens 
must accept reductions in salary on a monthly basis.
Beginning with January 1st, 2015, Austria’s President for 
example gets 402 Euros more in monthly salary and also 
the Chancellor can enjoy a plus of 359 Euros per month.

Our politicians allow themselves salary increases with our 
money, whereby they believe they are entitled to them. 
When it deals with their own funds they all sit in the same 
boat and the opposition has a break.

„Social“ Politicians 
In the meantime the poverty trap snaps shut for citizens. 
1.5 million human Beings in Austria live under “precarious” 
conditions and are at risk of poverty – 1 million already are.
Applied to Germany, the numbers are similar. With 402 Euro 
more per month, several citizens of the EU could afford warm 
housing or purchase enough food. The 23,256.80 Euro (gross) 
is too little for the President and the Chancellor with a present 
salary of 20,765 Euro (gross) also finds nothing wrong with 
reaching into the treasury – obviously proper legally.

Our politicians are also foremost social when it deals with 
their own funds while the citizens are boldly lied to and are 
bothered with speech balloons from the political parallel universe,
which nobody can reconstruct. And this is especially true during 
election campaigns or now during the turn of the year.

I am sick and tired of this course of action and it 
disgusts me! And thereby I am not alone by a long shot.

More and more citizens become aware of our bold political 
elite and they form up for counter reactions and for measures 
against this policy. Protest movements and rallies against 
this system prove it.

Democracy- and Peace-Hypocrisy 
One likes to invoke also “democracy” and “peace” during these 
official but actually worthless public speeches. But it is the 
politicians themselves, who hollow out democracy and abolish 
it (ESM, TTIP, NSA), and counteract peace in Europe and in the 
world (Ukraine, ingratiation with the terror regime in the White 
House). „Austria is a democratic Republic. Its rights come from 
the people.” (Article 1 of the Austrian Federal Constitution)
And exactly this is no longer the case!

The rights rather come from those, who sit at the levers 
of power, who ally with corporations in a fascist manner in 
order to divide the world among them. The word democracy (is a 
form of government in which eligible citizens may participate 
equally – either directly by voting for the passing/rejecting of laws 
or running for office themselves, or indirectly through elected 
representatives. – in the proposal, development and establishment 
of the laws by which their society is run. The term originates from 
the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people",[1] which 
was found from δμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (krátos) "power" 
or "rule" in the 5th century BC to denote the political systems then 
existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens; the term is an antonym 
to ριστοκρατία (aristokratía) "rule of an elite". Furthermore, freedom 
of political expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press 
are considered to be essential rights that allow eligible citizens to
be adequately informed and able to vote according to their own 
interests. It has also been suggested that a basic feature of 
democracy is the capacity of all voters to participate freely 
and fully in the life of their society. Wikipedia) from the mouth 
of our politicians is a pure mocking of the citizens and also the 
inflationary utilized expression of “peace”, because in practice 
the political establishment acts exactly conversely.

Today peace means war; the war propaganda against Russia, 
which our politicians and mass media confront us with for some 
time, is proof of it. It is war by other means, before it really starts. 
Like in the Ukraine, where it is already bitter reality.

War in Europe 
Therefore war has returned to Europe and responsible for it is 
the US-submissive political bureau in Brussels together with the 
overwhelming number of EU representatives, the nodding ones on 
duty, the Yes-Sayers and opportunists, whose prestige and their 
well-paid job means everything and their service for the people 
means nothing. Proof for it are plentiful and I spare myself a listing 
of the totally incompetents as well as the total failures of our traitors 
of the people.

I am sick and tired of it!

Sick and tired, yet with much more justification than us in 
the comparably still “calm” West, is also the Prime minister 
of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko!“ 
And in his review of the year and in his outlook for the New 
Year he describes a sharp and free of hate picture of the events 
of his young Republic. From my perspective it is a courageous 
and free of any illusion speech, wherein one can experience the 
closeness to the citizens in every sentence and the love for the 
land. It is so different from us in the West.

Zakharchenko is plagued by the worry for his people and he 
certainly does not have to deal with problems in credibility, 
like with our politicians. Naturally the situation in the Donetsk 
People’s Republic is fundamentally different from the one here 
with us. There it is about the naked survival, about the daily 
fight for survival, while the still “well-to-do” West remained 
untouched so far. 

Yet also with us there is war! 
It is a war by different means and 
with other weapons. Because the 
politicians have declared war to their 
voters and the media has declared 
war to their readers! 

The past year 2014 has proven this very impressively: 
1.) The citizens reject TTIP, it comes nevertheless.
2.) The citizens reject the wrong and warlike Russia 
policy of the EU, yet it is still being pursued.
3.) The citizens rebuff relinquishing the rights of 
sovereignty to Brussels, our politicians force exactly that.
4.) The citizens firmly reject the ingratiation of Brussels, 
Berlin or Warsaw toward the undead at the White House, 
yet it is still being pursued, as if there were no tomorrow. 
And finally,
5.) The citizens themselves have been concerned about 
poverty and have been affected by this disastrous economic 
and financial policy. 

They are victims of this political arbitrariness, at the mercy 
of the corporations; and our politicians continue to increase 
their power. This is a disgusting truth, which human Beings 
encounter everywhere.

And during their addresses the politicians feign humanness, 
they appeal to the “combining” and throughout the year they 
force the separation of society with their policy.
Ahead of all this is the hypocritical mother of Germany, 
Merkel, who during her TV New Year’s Eve address actually 
said in the direction toward PEGIDA: “Too many times there
are prejudices, is coldness, yes, even hate in their hearts.” 
With coldness and hate (“It is the task of politics to strengthen 
the feeling of threat in the population. Angela Merkel, 02/03/2003
in the presidium of the CDU) Merkel certainly knows her way around,
because how would you explain otherwise that Merkel consistently 
and ice-coldly governs away from the will of the people. Merkel has 
repeatedly broken her oath of office, which orders her to “avert 
damage from the German people”, with ESM, immigration policy, 
NSA-ignorance or German US-ingratiation, and together with Federal 
President Joachim Gauck, the priest, who pleads for an expansion of 
German military operations, there, where he “sees a threat to 
German interests”, belong in front of a regular court of law 
and not in the Berlin office of the Chancellor.

I am sick and tired of it!

System Change 
Today it is about system change and not anymore about 
the replacement of some incompetent politicians, because 
the whole cast is corrupted, purchased from a One-World-
Elite and can be exploited by them at whim. 

Without a doubt this system change is the command of 
time and the command for the year 2015. Only then can 
the bloodshed everywhere on earth be ended, only then 
will the drone and/or economic wars be part of the past 
and all of mankind will be surprised how this was ever 

How was it possible that every 5 seconds, in a world that 
offers everything, a child under 10 years of age suffered a 
painful hunger death?
How was it possible that Nazis, Fascists and Zionists 
took over power under the mantle of democracy in this world?
How was it possible that truth was reinterpreted into lie, 
peace into war and good into evil and that the calves chose 
their butchers themselves?
Our children will ask us this; and many of us will have 
no answer, if it continues like that.

Take Sides! 
Therefore it is necessary to show your true colors 
now, show the flag and stand up against this injustice.
It is time to take sides! „The hottest places in hell are 
reserved for those, who in times of moral crisis did not 
take sides.” Dan Brown (Inferno)

Without a doubt: Today we stand less in front of a “moral 
crisis” but more in front of the inferno of the “total moral 
failure” of our elites.

Why does Europe politically legitimize Nazis in Kiev and 
the USA arms them, only so that this Putsch government 
can continue the genocide against their own people?

Why does the media not lose one single word about this, 
why do our otherwise so talkative politicians not take a 

Why are our politicians allowed to use the platform 
of a New Year’s address for their lies?

Because we still allow them to do so, despite 
the gradual awakening of many groups of human Beings.
Politicians and media are only powerful as long as we remain
impotent! The more human Beings awaken, these clowns will 
suddenly be history and also the system, which they served.
Like rain cleans out the dirt, these conditions will disappear
– all in one go. Because more and more human Beings are sick
and tired to continue with this madness any longer!

Against Suppression 
Therefore it is necessary to continue to do everything, 
to stay with it, until this system of suppression goes down, 
until the “society of salary slaves” awakens and the slaves 
themselves get up. This is transformation and this means 
the certain end for the 0.01 percent elite, which hold 
themselves harmless on account of us human Beings.
It is an equally crazy as well as unique time, because 
never before in the history of mankind has the day been 
ever closer, when these conditions together with the roots 
will be removed, and never before were the corresponding 
efforts of mankind greater. All leading indicators point in 
that direction:
1.) Light influx from All-That-Is.
2.) Awakening of human Beings.
3.) End of an Age in the cosmic sense,
the great divine cycle.

This means that today more than ever it is necessary
to level the path for the truth and the publication of this 
essay and the following crystal clear and truthful speech 
of the Prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic is, 
from my perspective, a very valuable contribution to it. 

War in the Ukraine means war in Europe, 
also if the bombs still do not fly around us! 
Let us not fool ourselves about anything: 
The Alpha-Journalists and the leading 
politicians declared war to the citizens of 
Europe by means of fiendish war propaganda. 

In unity these elites go ahead against us, political disguising 
maneuvers and medial lies determine their daily business.
It is time to bring these human Beings back from their parallel 
world into our reality, the world we must live or vegetate in due 
to their decisions. And I am convinced that the year 2015 has 
the quality for it.
The system change is coming up and I am sick and tired that 
politicians and media, which with all their power sabotage this
change, lie to us and lead us behind the light.

What is to be done? 
1.) Purchase no mass media and cancel your subscriptions!
2.) Turn off the television and inform yourself independently 
with the Internet!
3.) Think for yourself!
4.) Reject all elections, because you have no choice!
5.) Defend yourself and educate!
Every human Being can see with the example of the 
Ukraine policy of the West how the propaganda media 
and the system politicians work on us.

In the Ukraine, affected by war, the facts of the year 2014, 
are definitely others, entirely others. The Prime minister of 
the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko
names them.
At the same time Zakharchenko leaves no doubt about 
the outlook for the year 2015 for the young Republic and
the affected human Beings, whereby he says: 
„The major battles yet to come!“ 

Not only in Donetsk.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

Alexander Zakharchenko 
appealed to the people DNI

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Dear citizens of the People's Republic of Donetsk, 
Dear friends, colleagues, mothers and fathers, grandfathers 
and great-grandfathers! 

Today's appeal to the people to be kind of summing up the 
past year and heavy the results that we have achieved, 
I want to draw your attention to the tasks that lie ahead us 
and on whose solution depends on the welfare and prosperity 
of our young republic. 

But before that, I consider it my duty to thank 
you and all the people for their support, patience 
and courage in those moments when the fate of the 
Republic, the fate of our native land, our dear Donbass. 
This year we have gone through the ordeal that befell the 
nation-worker, the people - the Creator, the people - the Warrior.
We have proved that they can not only build and create, but also 
able to protect their achievements, their land, culture, their loved 
ones, with honor to defend truth and justice. We have proved 
above all to ourselves that our society is worthy to gain statehood. 
And the birth of a new state - the People's Republic of 
Donetsk - is not an accident but a natural result. 

I want to remind you start finding our way to statehood, 
to recall the events that was the starting point, triggers 
fateful historical processes. We all remember what events
took place in Ukraine. Oligarchic clans divided the country 
into spheres of influence and control it on the feudal principle. 
Torn apart by internal contradictions, seeking to seize power, 
they started a real war, plunging the country into bloody chaos. 
Hiding behind the interests of the people and the high ideals, 
they turned Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in the arena of battle for
financial flows. To achieve their goals, they did not stop at 
nothing. In the course was put all - angry crowds of well-trained 
and armed nationalists, corrupt media, and the worst thing was
taken into service fascist ideology seemed to be gone forever. 
Frank Nazism, the cultivation of hatred and intolerance towards 
other peoples and opinions - that was opposed to the southeast, 
and especially to us - Donbass. 

Began to appear to ban our language, outlaw our culture, 
the media began a campaign to desecration of our historical 
memory, our victories. It seems strange, but it was happening 
with the full moral and, as we know, the financial support of 
European countries and the United States. Condemning Nazism
in their countries, Western governments have condoned his
revival in Ukraine, thereby unleashing the hands of extremists, 
Dorval to power. The people of Donbass anxiously watched events 
in Kiev. But when the country's leadership has thrown us - the people 
of Donbass - one on one with these dark forces - our people stood up. 
At first it was a timid protest, the people came out on the square in 
the cities of South-East, gathered together to defend their legal rights. Frightened by what is happening in the country, residents of Donetsk 
and Kharkov, Odessa and Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and Mariupol demonstrated their attitude toward lawlessness perpetrated and 
demanded respect. Response to mass arrests and intimidation of 
people crackdown, beating any innocent people. But when the 
authorities saw that people will not be intimidated, they went 
on a monstrous crime, effectively ended Ukraine. 

Let us remember Odessa, May 2. On this day, people were killed, 
many people. They do not break the law, they did not threaten 
anyone. Jut these people thought otherwise. More than 
a hundred people that day were burned alive. Adolescents and 
the elderly, men and women, people of different professions 
and ages were deliberately destroyed by the brutal mob. But 
what happened after this tragedy defies comprehension. 
It turned out that these accidents are to blame, and burned 
themselves. It turned out that the killer can safely roam free, 
not even hiding their faces. 

Then, in early May, the account was opened in Slavyansk 
innocent victims when a gang of Nazis shot civilians. 
And the final feature has been communicated in Mariupol. 
Let me remind you, the ninth of May, the holy day for us, 
the city simply drowned in blood. Victory Parade participants 
crushed by armored vehicles, shot in the streets, burned 
representatives of law enforcement officers who refused to 
perform criminal orders. It became clear: they do not stop, 
they entered into the taste, these animals smell the blood. 
After the incident became clear to us - one protests their 
freedom not defend - the people took up arms. Donbass risen! 
To protect their families, their land, their homeland! But even 
then we were ready for a dialogue, were ready to talk. 
The people did not want blood, did not want war, the 
people demanded one - to be heard. 

But we would not hear from us do not even have to talk. 
Instead, instead of direct and honest conversation, instead 
of looking for ways to address the people of Donbass decided 
to show his place. There has been unheard of - against his
own people was thrown army! In our house came the war! 
In our blossoming land shells began to fall, razed kindergartens, 
schools, hospitals, mines and factories were destroyed. All that 
created decades our hard-working people, destroyed most 
barbarous manner. The mass executions, targeted attacks
on peaceful neighborhoods, the destruction of churches, 
theaters and museums - that saw the peaceful people, 
whose only fault was that they think differently. 

Yes, people dared to assert their rights, and for this 
it was decided to intimidate, punish and humiliated. 
But we survived and we answered. The answer to unleash 
a war, the emergence of death squads in our land was the 
emergence of a truly national militia. Metallurgy, teachers, 
doctors, miners took up arms, stood shoulder to shoulder, 
to keep out the enemy here. The enemy - this concept again, 
as many years ago, brought us together. People realized that 
once again it's time to fight for their existence, we have realized
the danger that threatened us. How many years ago, fascism 
appeared at the gate. We, the people living on this earth
- the people of Donbass, to halt the advance of this infection. 
We stopped the promotion of alien ideology, but paid a terrible 
price. I will be frank: what makes our nation - a feat. 

It may sound pathetic, but it is true. But the feat of the people 
consists of thousands of heroic deeds that are made daily 
civilians of our republic. Low bow our heroic doctors. Our 
doctors have worked wonders, rescuing people under the 
bombs and bullets, often as during the Great Patriotic War, 
right on the front line. No one could never think that these 
characters will be peace workers mines and factories. I will 
say that you so well know and remember: every day for several 
months, these people rebuild destroyed businesses, the gas 
supply system, water supply, destroyed power lines. And every 
day, in spite of the incessant shelling, staff housing and utilities 
went into dangerous areas to rebuild destroyed, eliminated the 
accident, repaired the damaged life support systems. Thanks to 
their selfless work, their fearlessness, and often at the cost of 
their own lives, in people's homes Donbass is light, water and 
heat. Every day in our cities were burning fires were burning 
houses. Every day dozens of people are under the rubble. 
And every day, risking their lives, went to their aid emergency 
workers. Firefighters and rescue workers - perhaps their faces 
and do not remember the people they got from the rubble and 
pulled out of the burning houses. But we remember them, 
remember what the heroism they showed every day. I will 
say this: every citizen of the republic contributed to the 
protection and the establishment of our state. But this 
is not the end. 

I will be honest with you - we are waiting for hard times ahead.
Yes, we now have a well-armed, battle-worthy army. Yes, we 
are well armed - and here I want to say thank you "valiant" 
Ukrainian army, which "heroic" gave us their arms and ammunition. 
Yes, we have achieved victories. I recall that just a coincidence
and the prevailing international situation did not let us develop
the offensive, which would lead to the complete defeat of the 
Ukrainian Army and the liberation of the whole territory of the 
Republic of Donetsk. You all remember what was September 5 - 
we had 2 days prior to the taking of Mariupol. I also want to remind 
you that the outcome of the victorious advance of our troops began 
to Minsk agreements that were not more than a concession on the 
part of the authorities in Kiev, who realized what a disaster they 
face. However, we understand that the representatives of the war 
party, whose positions strong today in Ukraine, perceive the 
prevailing truce only as a temporary respite to regroup their 
forces. They do not want peace, they are not interested
residents even territories under their control. These representatives 
of oligarchic capital, in alliance with corrupt officials, they want to 
continue the slaughter. 

They learned how to make money on the blood of humans
and abandon this "profitable" business is not going to. 
That is why Ukraine are waiting for, as we know, the next 
wave of mobilization, therefore accumulates on the borders 
of confrontation heavy equipment and weapons. The fact that 
there is a preparation to the breakdown of peace talks, and 
the beginning of full-scale hostilities, can be judged by the 
following facts. Night December 13 is fully closed airports 
Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. Within a few days, 
without explanation, were banned civil flights. Let's call a 
spade a spade - this was due to the start of the informal 
military assistance to countries in the West and the US 
Ukraine. Pay attention. We were regularly sent humanitarian 
aid, which collects the brotherly people of Russia. Convoys 
escorted by representatives of international organizations: 
the Red Cross, the OSCE, representatives of other international 
missions. Each truck literally every drawer opened and checked 
its contents for ammunition and weapons. We do not mind, let
them look, searched the car - we have nothing to hide. But for 
some reason we have not heard that members of the same 
international organizations to monitor these airports in Ukraine. 

I suspect that they did not let on a gun shot. 
And somehow sneaking suspicion that these 
landed military transport plane was brought not 
semolina, buckwheat, and not even New Year's toys. 
Our opponent is prepared, and he already have international 
direct military support. It can even be taken as a compliment, 
apparently, we are angered them seriously. They started to 
respect us! From all this you can make one conclusion: the 
major battles yet to come. But we are ready for them and, 
as they say, keep your powder dry. There is a wonderful 
expression: thou shalt not feed his army - will feed the 
army of the enemy. And we are doing everything we can 
to ensure that our armed forces were shod, clothed, fully 
equipped and ready to battle any opponent. But the creation 
of an efficient army, the presence of capable forces of the 
republic - it's not only our achievement. Our main victory
- is the creation of new government agencies. Virtually 
from scratch, with no experience, in terms of staff shortage, 
created by state mechanisms. Many people were afraid to 
take the initiative, a large number of experienced professionals 
have taken a wait, many of us left. Thus, for example, was 
completely destroyed by the judicial system - the republic 
remained virtually no judges, prosecutors, lawyers. City left 
almost all law enforcement agencies: traffic police, the 
investigating authorities, the police - most of these structures 
were put outside the country, and a large number of staff has 
remained a choice - to leave their homeland or be outlawed. 

As a result, our city and all the inhabitants of the republic remained 
defenseless. Some local authorities: local councils, municipalities,
cities, town councils also thrown his people. They took a wait, 
apparently, did not want to take responsibility and waited where 
the pendulum will swing, whose side will win and who will win. 
Let's face it - they were afraid. Also hit hard medicine, and the 
banking system has ceased to exist. By order of the leadership 
of the National Bank has been discontinued operations of all 
banking institutions - removal of employees, export or destroy 
documents, disable special programs. But let's speak plainly
- we have done almost a miracle! I'm sure the world does not 
know of such examples. The fact that some countries have built 
over decades, we have been able to build over months or even 
weeks. In the context of war, when the whole territory of the 
republic on fire when we threw the whole army, we have 
painstakingly built the state, brick by brick lining up all 
of its elements. 

Yes, Today we can not boast a high standard of living. 
Not all government institutions function as needed. 
Working here for many more. But the process of creating 
a new state is running, and it is irreversible. As a result 
of titanic work of thousands of our citizens have been 
created all the conditions for the gradual recovery of the 
authorities, the restoration of normal and peaceful life. 
We've got the main legislative body - the National Council, 
in which a team of true professionals and patriots of their land. 

Most of the deputies of the parliament flesh and blood people. 
They fearlessly rushed to help victims of war residents of the 
republic: equipped with air-raid shelters, brought bread to the 
starving, provided transportation of persons with disabilities 
and frail in a safe place. Thousands of people were saved 
thanks to the selfless actions, truly the people's representatives. 
We were able to keep the industrial infrastructure, the grand, 
unique resource that created our fathers and grandfathers. 
Hundreds of coal enterprises, factories, processing enterprises, 
metallurgical and machine-building plants, unique enterprises 
chemical industry enterprises of the military-industrial complex, 
scientific research institutes - all managed to maintain. At the 
November elections it is the people gave us great confidence, 
elected to the Legislative Assembly and the head of the republic. 
We have formed, I believe, effective government, which able to 
solve the most complex tasks. To be honest, work is being done, 
they say, to force majeure mode. But there are positive results, 
gives us confidence in our future. In particular, we have taken 
steps to ensure the food security of the country. 

Preparing planting program in 2015, which must be submitted 
for approval to the People's Council, before 20 January 2015.
It creates the conditions for efficiency in the agricultural sector,
to increase the productivity of agricultural producers, livestock 
development. We performed a comprehensive analysis of the 
situation in agriculture, and the data suggest - our residents 
will be provided with quality food own production. Work is 
underway to ensure financial security. Well underway to restore 
the banking system, which is already preparing the relevant bills, 
deal with personnel issues. We are in daily work with the business 
community, consulting with entrepreneurs from both the small and
the medium and large business. We are working on the development 
of legislation that regulates the taxes and fees, a full package of 
documents which will be developed within a month. I am sure that
this will create a comfortable and flexible interaction between 
government and business, which will result in the efficient
functioning of the economy. 

We need to build an economic model so that every citizen of the 
republic could without delay to open a business, to feel himself the 
master of his own destiny. In short, the work is awesome. 
But I want to emphasize - all the representatives of the 
power structures must remember that the political model 
of our state, is already incorporated in its name
- Donetsk People's Republic. 

We, the government, servants of the people, 
we are the same residents and citizens of the 
country, as well as all and any privileges and 
benefits we can not be. We have only one 
privilege - to serve the people. 

I am convinced that such an understanding is and the 
deputies, and members of the government and local officials. 
I believe that everyone is in place, and only thinks about 
one thing - the prosperity of our country. 
You know if the great poet of the Revolution, 
Vladimir Mayakovsky, lived in our time, his famous lines 
would sound like this, 
"I know the city will, I know, the garden bloom, 
when such people, DONETSK IS IN THE COUNTRY!"

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