14. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: I actually perceive very strongly how the
chasm between human Beings widens. On the one side 
the “unteachable ones” and on the other side the “conscious 
ones”. Whereby the “unteachable ones” are ignorant to such 
a degree that it literally causes “physical” pain. This mankind 
is equally in the process of abolishing itself as the world is in 
the process of dissolution. Also in my closer and expanded 
circle of friends and acquaintances human Beings go in a 
circle, relationships break apart and individual human Beings 
cannot – in most cases do not want to – step out from the 
labyrinth of deceptions.
From impotence to power is truly still a long way.
Affected thereby are also highly gifted light warriors, who do 
not grow and do not grow beyond themselves, because they 
shun further purification and foremost the last steps in recognition 
and this, even though they are perfectly informed about the present 
time of Grace. In total I see that few human Beings awaken while
the broad mass continues to vegetate in their self-created caves 
and waits for its end. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This perception describes the actual time quality.
God’s Grace affects and works until the last of all days. 
Until then a certain percentage of mankind will be awake. 
Many will resurrect and rise up only at the last moment. 
And these opportunities are now being opened and will 
be fostered intensively, by:
1.) the continuous Light influx to earth from the 
primal Source of All-That-Is and
2.) the continuous changes or also the “intensifications” 
in the life of many human Beings; changes, which the 
affected ones cannot control and which will affect an 
opening of the heart in these human Beings. This is 
what it is about now. 

Before a human Being awakens 
and can open itself to the flame of 
transformation, a touch with the 
divine Light must have occurred in 
the heart of this human Being. 

This is now possible for those human Beings, 
who have said “yes” to ascension on the level 
of the soul, while they said goodbye to further 
tasks of preparations on the level of their human 
Once the divine Light touches the heart 
of a human Being, everything is possible.

Phase of Profound Disentanglements 
We continue to write space-time and we are 
now in the phase of disentanglements.
All connections between human Beings, who have a 
different degree of vibration, are detached from each 
other and all worlds, which find themselves on different 
levels, will be separated from each other. These processes 
now become more visible than ever before, whereby the 
chasm between human Beings widens and widens, until
it becomes unbridgeable, what in many areas is already
the case.

The arrival of high Light entities of the 6th and 7th 
dimension on earth accelerates any process of
transformation or the denial of it.
This has a direct effect on the global geo-political level, 
whereby the hellishness of the dark elites increasingly 
appears. It also becomes obvious that the dark rulers 
of this matrix themselves perish in their own created 
system. And we find ourselves in the middle of this phase 
of the demise of the ones and the ascension of the others.

Sporadic leaders agreed to a soul transfer in the 
last moment. These few human Beings give the events 
of the last days the necessary impetus, in connection 
with the already light-filled forces, and give them the 
orientation anticipated from Heaven:
a.) No dramas for the ascending ones 
and the ascending worlds.
b.) A quick end for the remaining 
ones and for the remaining worlds.

Until then the animated decision carriers in 
this world work in their positions, visible for the 
smooth course of all further and preparatory 
ascension processes.

Many heads of States, most of them, were, 
also now in the view of their own destruction, 
not willing for a soul transfer and therefore many 
“soul transfer programs” had to be abandoned in 
these days. Yet nothing remains untried until last 
and everything will be done, so that for as many 
human Beings as possible the path into the Light 
will be paved for them.

„Programs of Timelessness“ 
Among the ascending ones themselves there is a 
new “mood” today. Those, who carry the Light sword 
and continue unerringly and consistently with their
internal purification tasks, not only have much to do, 
instead they have discarded their impatience and have 
become the ones in the know. Knowledgeable ones, 
who know how to interpret the course of time, and who 
understand to think and act far from time, because it is true: 

The “programs of timelessness” already 
work in the ascending ones, fully conscious 
entities of the 5th dimension of All-That-Is. 

This activation is taking place in the warriors of the Light 
and thereby the “waiting and expectation” of the ascension 
becomes increasingly easier despite the perception of a 
more and more sluggish space-time and the massive 
circumstances in this world. Whoever has liberated himself
from all deceptions, is also liberated from the illusion of time.
Such an entity acts unrestrictedly in the now; also then as his
human existence is still bound to time. These human Beings
truly have made a significant leap in consciousness and the 
“Key to Now” has been handed to them. 

The ascension is primarily a matter of 
consciousness and only secondarily a 
matter of physical transfiguration. 

Whoever lets himself be dominated by impatience 
and expectation, can now recognize that any matrix of 
space-time can be left due to a timeless consciousness 
and due to the process of becoming aware. All specific 
outer events, which occur in this world, are based on this 
ideational realization. The ascension into God’s omnipresence 
occurs due to consciousness. And it is consciousness, which 
manifests all events in the visible world. 

It is not the events in a world, 
which let a human Being awaken; 
instead, it is the events, which happen 
in the human consciousness, which let 
a world awaken. 

The principle is always organized from the 
inner to the outer, never in the opposite order.
This fact is being recognized more and more, 
and it is being integrated. “Impatience” or “patient 
waiting” withdraw, because the future occurs now.

Great Leaps in Consciousness 
An extremely dynamic growth in consciousness is 
now possible, for those, who are ready for it. 
And ready are those, who place themselves in the 
still unfulfilled tasks of redemption in their 
own life, and put themselves through the paces, 
as long, until the truth has been recognized 
and God has been seen. 

Without self-recognition the recognition 
of God stays away and the path into the 
Light is unfulfilled.  

The growth of human Beings proceeds and also 
the falling back, into the time before this time 
continues for many human Beings; and while this 
happens, many human Beings still have the choice 
between Light and darkness, truth and the lie, Love 
and hate, between God and godlessness.
The vibration fields of the Light and the fields 
of God’s Grace foster every process – the one 
of transformation, and the one of its denial.

Days of decisions have started for mankind, 
even though it is already decided, days of truth, 
even though the truth is met everywhere and days 
of Light, even though the Light has been revealed a 
long time ago.

The quality of this time creates the level, whereupon 
all processes of the ascension are now fulfilled.

Be in awe and look: The world fulfills itself due to us 
and we return to the source of All-That-Is – in God’s glory. 

I am the blessing for the world,
I am the refuge for human Beings and
I am the guiding principle for our heavenly siblings,
Who according to this principle mandate their 
benefactions for this world. 

In infinite Love

I am

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