28. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

We approach the exit from the matrix.
We come ever closer to the moment of the 
ultimate upheavals, which change everything.
We go rapidly toward the goal of the fifth dimension 
of All-That-Is.

We are the awakened mankind.
We are those human Beings, who together with 
this world conclude our own life in mortality
- rebirth in God is our bliss.


At this point in space-time it is of decisive significance 
to manifest powerful transformation energies, so that it 
fulfills what must fulfill itself. Heaven has been entrusted 
with it and we are entrusted; and thereby the long desired 
miracles happen now. Some awaken, human Beings rise up 
and there are more and more.

Awakening progresses! 
This fact is of great significance, because each 
awakened one accelerates the process of uplifting.
Thereby heavenly forces never get tired to flood this 
world with Light and to fill those closed human hearts 
with Love, hearts, which in a moment of Grace open.

Even though all decisions have been made for the great 
part of humanity, it is necessary to affect further “awakenings” 
and to feed these human Beings into the suction of the ascension.
Thereby new energy flows into the ascension process and thereby 
the ascension process in total attains a new dynamic. Know: 
Each individual awakened one contributes decisively to the 
ascension and the more human Beings may be awakened, 
the more flowingly and the more rapidly the process of 
the ascension occurs.

In the meantime the vibration on this planet is continuously 
being increased, and increased to the extent, until all 
ascending ones have anchored this vibration.
Because each ascending one will be “catapulted” to the 
highly vibrating level of the fifth dimension due to this vibration.
The vibration is the key for everything! 
Each reality, each universe is defined by a specific vibration 
and thereby all human Beings at the end of days get to exactly 
the kind of world, which they attract due to their vibration.

Resonance works, decisions bring forth consequences and 
the home is, where a Being recognizes itself among equals.  

This means, in the time of the transition, which we are in right 
now, neither the ascending ones nor the remaining ones perceive 
their “home planet” as “home”.
Why? Because for unconscious human Beings the vibration is 
too high and for the ascending ones it is too low. This is a 
space-time specific fact and this will still remain such for 
just a very short time.
Actually nearly all human Beings are in a “train station” 
of this world and will be picked up exactly from where 
they have decided to get on. Whoever therefore no longer 
feels bound to this world, knows now why it behaves like 
that; all other attempts for explanations are only a part
of this fundamental cause of “feeling foreign” in this world.
Therefore it is necessary for all human Beings to discard 
and to overcome this matrix. The ones break through this 
mantle of illusion due to their high Light vibration and the 
others remain prisoners of this illusion, also if it continues 
in a new world. 

This planet in its actual form is a melting 
pot for all human Beings, wherefrom a 
transformed world and the transformed 
human Being emerges at the end. 

All human Beings alter themselves, and all receive a new 
reality, exactly the one, which corresponds to their energetic 
A new quality of Light has come to this world so that this 
process is enriched in strength with the necessary energy.
The last and all changing events will now appear openly; 
an entirely new section in the process of the change begins, 
because a new energetic level is established and begins to 
take hold. All human Beings on this planet and all layers 
of society are touched by it.

Each human Being is captured; nothing and nobody can 
withdraw from the inevitable and all provisions and safety
nets will turn out to be entirely useless. Neither downfall 
nor ascension can be denied, as day X fulfills and still 
before the dawn of a new eternal day appears.

The last Polish 
And before it is that far, the light warriors of the first 
and last hours will continue to be confronted with their 
still unresolved life issues and belief patterns, because 
it is the light warriors, which count at the end of time, 
after the majority of mankind has already decided and 
made the choice.
We come inevitably closer and closer to the day of days.
Some “delays” result from the fact that the preparations 
for the “great bang” are continuously supplemented and 
completed, and because the process, whereby the high 
ascension vibration is anchored in human Beings, is still 
ongoing. Yet the regular vibration measurements of these 
human Beings demonstrate very clearly that more and more 
human Beings strip off the old space-time and that they 
have oriented the consciousness toward the source, and 
foremost that they can also increasingly hold this energy.

This „Refinement Work before the Ascension” is now 
being completed and the moment, when it is also done, 
is very, very near.
Insights are given to you and your life changes itself 
anew, until thereby all life in this world has been transformed. 

The Ascending Ones receive their last Polish 
and the World is being fulfilled; and the Bridge 
into the Light leads across the Field of Grace 
of the Creator, to the Bridge, which you cross now. 

I am among you


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