10. Januar 2015


Part I

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

What is, emerges in these days, what has been hidden 
for a long time, shows in these days, and in these days 
the way of Love is being fulfilled and the way of Love is 
being perfected in all those, who have started it a long 
time ago.


The consciousness, which worked on this earth 
as Master St. Germain throughout many times.

I am among you, as a Human Being among human 
Beings, as one of you – created of the one human 
blood, emerging from the one divine Spirit and
returning together with mankind to the All-That-Is 
reality in God.

Know: In these days the path of Love 
is being fulfilled for us. We have fulfilled 
and some of us have more than fulfilled, 
and what we, before this time in the great 
throw of the Creator dissolves, still have 
to accomplish is: To awaken the sleeping 
companions, even if at the end it is only 
one who lets himself be touched by this 
our Love.

We have come from Heaven into this world and 
we return to Heaven – and until then we crown 
our work on earth, whereby we hold high our Light 
until last and let our Love flow, into a world, which 
threatens to destroy itself; such, as if soulless forces 
were at work and such as if the human Beings, who are
responsible for these upheavals, would not see to which 
abyss they themselves aim for.

And I say to you: The time is being fulfilled on 
all levels and on all timelines. Worlds are being 
torn down and being created anew, in a throw, 
out of one cast.

Many worlds expect us, because we come from 
worlds, which only very few have ever gone to.

Great new assignments wait for us, after we
have fulfilled this great assignment here on 

Beloved Ones,

With these introductory words to the message, 
which I transmit to mankind on December 19th, 2014*
I bless you, who are ready for this journey into the Light, 
and you, who enter into the Kingdom of God’s Love.

And I bless those, who incur new experiences 
away from ascension, because the truth is: 
Each human Being is attracted to the world, 
which makes the desired experiences possible 
for him; and in this manner each life is being 
fulfilled at its time, in its space.

I bless this mankind,
In Peace, in Love and with God’s Grace

I am

*12/19/2014, Light Reading in Vienna.
Message to be published tomorrow.

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