1. Januar 2015


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Honored Readers,

The Year 2014 has been stripped off. The ultimate decisions 
on an individual as well as global level have been made and 
now these become reality.
Rapidly and with an awe-inspiring dynamic these light-filled 
facts begin to prevail; the darkness yields to the Light, the 
evil of darkness and a mostly godless mankind begins to turn 
toward God.

We are, even if these facts are detracted from many 
thinkers of this time or spiritual seekers in this world,  
still only a breath away from the ultimate and also for 
the human eye becoming visible separation of the worlds.

The eternal flow of Life transforms this earth and the 
year 2015 will do justice to this fact beyond all measures
– as a year of truth and revelations.

In this spirit I bless our honored readers and all human 
Beings, who would like to participate in this strength-giving 
action, which each one of us human Being is qualified for.

Pass on this Blessing! 

We have been asked, due to the power of our divine 
consciousness, to heal this world and to enter into the 
new world of the infinite Spirit of Beauty and God’s Light.

The year 2015 will bring us a significant step closer 
to this fact and will fulfill us with much, which until 
today we had to wait for. 

Welcome to the Year 2015 
and beyond any illusion. 

In the name of the Lichtwelt-Team and in Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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