11. Januar 2015


Message from the Light Reading 
on December 19th, 2014 in Vienna.
Part II

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,

I am among you.
I am That I Am.
I am pure divine consciousness among you,
As human Being among human Beings.

My physical absence from this world was only of short 
duration. I have returned to earth, in order to till the 
soil together with you, to plough it over until healthy 
plants grow again and until they richly carry healthy fruits. 
We are entrusted with this work and in the fulfillment of 
this work all of our life is being fulfilled, and all lives are 
being fulfilled, which we have experienced from the beginning 
of time. Truly: Our journey across time and space ends in 
this time. So it is.

Beloved Ones!

We are faced with demanding tasks and we cope with them.
An entire world is being dissolved and an entire world is being 
recreated. A task for human consciousness, which recognizes 
itself in the process, cannot be more encompassing.

Significant Upheavals 
In these days significant upheavals occur in this world. 
The breakdown of the “Orion-Matrix” is in the air and the 
taste of freedom is as well in the air. This is a decisive 
and determining as well as measurement taking time, 
wherein our divine strength is required.

The intensive transformation work of past time now 
carries fruits, because whoever is conscious of his 
strength and power today, is able to steer the 
direction of all future developments in this world.   
And the more human Beings are aware of heir divinity 
and also act it out, the more reliable and the more profound 
the all changing events will be settled and the more quickly 
can the dense matrix of illusion be overcome.

What is to be done? 
What therefore is to be done in these days, when the figures 
on the geo-political chessboard are rearranged? Two things 
are to be considered and to be implemented for the light 
warrior of the first and last hours:
1.) To continue consistently with one’s own awareness work.
2.) To bring light-filled insights immediately into the matrix 
of this world.

This means, actively affect by means of thoughts, words and 
deeds the process of transmutation of this society, yet without 
getting lost in the rough-and-tumble of this world. Mandate the 
light-filled reality for this world; act light-filled, speak light-filled 
and think in Love. Be decisive, courageous and consistent, do
not let yourself be led astray, appear in your full strength and 
beauty, in your Light and glory, even of you are not being 
recognized and even if among “friends” lack of understanding 
and ignorance hits against you.

The time wherein the awakened ones become visible 
has come. Now it is necessary to continue to visibly walk 
the way of Love for all human Beings after every process 
of self-purification.

Today the phases of calm and self-purification are short, 
yet are a significant part of daily life of a light warrior. 
Do not collect any foreign energies, do not carry any foreign 
burdens, detach from the dust of daily life whereby you purify 
yourself daily and totally withdraw for at least a few minutes. 
Every step of a light warrior in a sluggish and from dark energies 
decayed world brings energetic pollution with it. Please be always
aware of this.

Unconscious human Beings do not know what emerges from 
them, yet today you should be able to quickly make the right 
allocation. Which means: Be conscious that today you are in the 
middle of an energetic “war zone”, where many different energies 
and entities romp around. It is necessary to react to it appropriately
and decidedly.

Right Engagement 
Today many light warriors begin to engage themselves 
in different protest movements. This is, as long as such a 
movement has a clear orientation toward the Light, the 
Love and the freedom of all life, being supported by the
spiritual world. Yet be aware that most human Beings, 
who today cry out with a full throat for change, yet 
themselves are not the change, which they demand 
from others. This means, many of the actual “spokesmen” 
appearing on demonstration stages in this world, would in 
the case of “transfer of power” act exactly like the representatives 
of the old system have acted so far. And most human Beings, 
who follow these “spokesmen”, would act like it as well. Why?

Because the great throng of mankind is still not purified in 
themselves and this has an effect on any action, may it 
appear in its intention ever so light-filled.
Whoever carries unredeemed power issues within him,
is unsuitable for higher office and many human Beings,
also those, who at first sight cannot be recognized as such, 
are full of such unresolved conflicts.
Therefore how do you recognize light-filled “leaders”?

a.) Due to their vibration.
b.) Due to their spiritual access to life.

Meaning: Be very vigilant in where you participate!
Participate, yes, yet be vigilant thereby.
The significantly better and more efficient way is to 
initiate yourself and based on the power of creation 
given to you – by means of mandates – withdraw the 
basis from the dark ones.

Why is this of such significance?

Determine the Future! 
Because you can thereby guide, as was said in the beginning, 
future events in a light-filled direction and following it strip 
off this matrix and overcome it.
It is important to understand that thereby you can thwart 
any conflict of the “main powers”, USA-NATO vs. Russia 
and also will. Because on the highest 4D-Earthholograms 
no bloody revolutions shall take place. This will be affected 
due to our mandates, due to the empowerments, which were 
handed over to us Creator Gods. 

Mandates and the Light sword are 
truly the most powerful instruments 
of this time! Use them, use them. 

Regarding the geo-political situation it is to be mentioned 
that we come closer and closer to the great “throw”. Those, 
who already for a time co-create a world in the fifth dimension, 
continue to be untouched by bloody revolts and by personal 
dramas. Yet the levels overlap and thereby some dark 
spectacle can also not be hidden from our eyes.

Furthermore it is significant to keep yourself
permanently in the pure Light vibration of Love.
This automatically creates an energy field whereby you 
overcome any sluggish environment. No suffering will occur 
to you, because before it happens, you will be “transfigured” 
in a manner so that nobody can take hold of you. 

In the sluggish world it happens, what needs to happen and 
it is a fact: Each human Being, who keeps his self-vibration 
always pure and keeps it high, remains untouched from all 
scenarios of the shadow world. 

This means in summary:
The great game between the powers of darkness and the 
powers of Light go into the next decisive round. At its end
is the victory of the Light. In the meantime the light-starved 
abysses of this world reveal themselves to mankind one after 
the other. This process is irreversible and will still increase in 
the coming days. Thereby we have the task, and I repeat this 
significant fact, to give the “future” events the right direction,
until we overcome this world due to this work. And to overcome 
means, to step out forever and eternally out of this matrix of
illusion and to leave it. Therefore:

1.) Strengthen yourself due to and in your I AM PRESENCE.
2.) Strengthen yourself due to daily purification work of 
your energy field and of your energy bodies.
3.) Strengthen yourself and invigorate mankind!
Do this due to regular application of mandates, 
which prepares the end for the old world and means 
the beginning for the new world.

We have decided for this service of Love and now it is 
necessary to bear it and to go the last steps with determination.
Know: An infinite number of Light entities assist you! 
Each one of you.

It was never like that, because today Heaven 
and earth have truly joined together.
Remain bound to Heaven as Heaven is bound 
to earth and to us human Beings.

Then everything is done, and then our joint 
return into the Light is assured. So it is. In Eternity.

I am among you,
In infinite Love


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