5. Januar 2015


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: A radiantly beautiful Angel faces me and says to 
me in my native language (Slovenian):“Zahvaljujem se ti za 
vse kar ti delaš. „I thank you for everything that you do.“ 
After I also thank the Angel for everything it does, it leaves me. 
(End of dream)  

Interpretation: The thank you is the thanks of the Source and 
the thanks of Mother Earth (mother tongue) for everything that 
the Lichtwelt project brings into the world. Thereby the thank 
you from Heaven includes everyone, who contribute here, directly 
or indirectly, and no matter at what position or with which 
assignments. And I pass on this “thank you from a radiantly 
beautiful Angel” to you, honored reader, with the following 
message. (JJK)

Beloved Ones!

From the High Angel Realms we speak to you.
From the High Angel Realms we come to you in this world.
We descend from Heaven in great numbers in order to 
accompany you back to Heaven, which there are many of 
We direct our Light into your Being, we guide our Love 
into your hearts and together with you we manifest new 
worlds; in these days. 

Today we express our gratitude for 
the great deeds, which you fulfill, 
so that the divine plan is fulfilled for 
this world. 
We thank you for everything that 
you are willing to do, for everything 
that you are able to overcome. 

You belong to the great family of Angels.
You are the selected Creators, who, before you have 
entered onto this earth, have taken off your Angel wings
out of free will, in order to get them back in due time, 
as the ascension into the Light is fulfilled for Mother 
Earth and for yourself. And this time has now come!

Due to God’s will you transform today into an Angel, 
which you have been since eternity.
While we served in the subtle realms, you 
have worked in the physical world, and truly:
Your service has been and is a challenge, which is 
unequalled in All-That-Is and cannot be compared 
with any other assignment in God’s Creation.

We thank you for your stamina.
We thank you for your confidence.
We thank you for your dedication to the 
Source and for the Light of Love, which never 
We thank you for your profound belief in Life, 
which is eternal and which expects you now 
beyond all deceptions. 

No time has been like this one! 
Never before have been assignments 
like these. You have mastered these, 
have prevailed over hopelessness, have 
attained deep trust in God and you have 
recognized the illusion in this world. 

You have worked as an Angel among human Beings, 
and many have seen your Light and many deny your 
Light until today, because the unimaginable withdraws 
from the limited human mind.
Today you begin to furnish the newly created worlds,
created by you; you begin to spread out the sowing 
of a new mankind, because the new levels of Light are 
home for those, who have overcome this world and have 
uplifted themselves to the highest.

As multidimensional Gods you bridge over time and 
space in an instant and this ability becomes apparent now,
so that you depart from this world and expand into other 
On this earth all preparations for your “goodbye party” go 
according to plan, because what will be experienced by the 
remaining ones, rolls past you; water, which does not drench 
you, fire, wherein you do not burn.

The High Angel realms, the powers of Angels in billions, 
have entered into this world and we have joined with you, 
because together we fulfill the great plan of the Creator; 
we as Angels, you as human Beings.
We are a divine family, which works in the beyond and is in 
this world, which knows all levels of Creation, like a mother 
knows her beloved child.

We thank you, 
Who has transformed this world due to your Love:
Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. In Eternity. 

In infinite Love

A Great Star Breaches the Silence GUARDIANS OF THE WORLD: 

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