9. Januar 2015



written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Honored Readers!

Whoever has seized the Now, understands it and has it 
internalized, exists and acts far from time and foremost 
far from impatience. Impatience causes unrest, brings discord 
and in the soul of a human Being, who has been captured by it, 
affects permanent indisposition.   
Today it is necessary to face this fact concretely and appropriately, 
because the process of the planetary and individual ascension is 

It is one thing to understand theoretically 
the concept of the Now, yet it is an entirely 
different thing to also understand it inwardly, 
because only then impatience disappears 
and the waiting, for whatever, ends. 

For a human Being, who waits for his ascension, 
time can become agonizingly long until then.
The power of this situation over you can be taken from you, 
whereby you walk across the veil of space-time and arrive in 
the space-time-less Now – also and foremost, if you still 
stand in this world due to your assignments and serve 
all Life.

For this reason I have decided to publish here the 9th chapter 
“Seize the Now” from the book: “30 Gates to Enlightenment” 
(Invocations, Exercises, Mantras), so that being timeless in 
this world already opens for all, who are willing to go beyond
the intellectual understanding of the Now. 

„You can immediately let go of the concept of time and space, 
as you lift your consciousness and sharpen it - it is up to you,
from which position you observe life, and it is not in the 
position, where life actually happens.” (Lord Maitraya)

In gratitude to be allowed to perform this work and
in Love

Jahn J Kassl

Seize the Now,  
Exercise/Part I-II 

The Now can only be captured, so you direct the 
attention of your thoughts towards the present moment. 
The further you go astray and follow day dreams and plans
for the future, the more difficult it is, to embed in the Now. 
This means, that each unrest, each expectation and waiting 
comes from the mind.

Impatience develops in the mind, because it tells you, 
what has to happen when, and if it does not happen, you 
become reluctant, restless and you loose your balance within 
yourself. So that you can arrive in the Now, you need to become 
conscious of it. Because your soul feels embedded in the Now 
quite naturally, it does not know any other state of being.

Observe a human Being, observe a thing, an object,
select something. Then look at it. And then try to watch
it only, fixedly watching it, what shows – without evaluating it, 
without judgment, without care. This is pure observation and 
you are in the Now.

Train this practice it at every opportunity, when your are 
out and about, when you work, as you meet other people,
as you climb a mountain by yourself or you spend time on 
an island. Move away from the attitude of evaluation. 
Then you watch what is, in relaxation, free of any pictures, 
which trigger thoughts. This requires just some practice 
and you will be free.

Time disappears under such an observation, there is no 
more impatience, no waiting – although it seems that 
there is nothing to do, you are very active, it is the most 
awake condition of a human Being, as he is capable of 
pure observation. That is the Now. 

And always, and that is at the same time the second part 
of the exercise, when the mind interferes wanting to be 
important, also observe that, do not judge, do not say, 
that the mind should be quiet, no, also observe your 
thoughts, as they come, even if they are judgemental, 
observe every reaction within yourself, until everything 
quietes down, is stillness and peace.
Your thoughts, which emerge from your mind, are not 
used to just being observed, and as you do such, they 
disappear, because they have become redundant. 
The ego feels, it is unnecessary and gives up, to occupy 
you furthermore with this unrest. 

The most effective resource, in order 
to reach stillness, is to observe the 
thoughts, which cause so much unrest, 
continuously and watch them as they 

They are powerless against such a technique, 
which robs them of any life foundation.


Exercise that, day after day, and you will inherit the Now.
Yes, your own thoughts are the greatest manipulator of a 
Why that? Because your “own thoughts” are most of the 
time not your own. In them you find the collective consciousness; 
and all manipulated thoughts, which have been created by the 
collective, find entrance into your system. So most of the time 
you think foreign thoughts and not your own.
Therefore there is so much unrest in your heads. 
If you were totally free from them, you would think 
and act in complete agreement with your soul, be in 
the Now, yet you would not produce any redundant 
thought loops.

So it is of great urgency, to clear all your patterns, 
to let go of any opinions and concepts, and to free 
your head. Then the exercise, which has been given
here, is a wonderful game, which relaxes you and does
not require any effort.

You are then ready for the “pure observation”, 
as you have dismissed your thought concepts.

This is now possible and happens almost by itself, 
in human Beings, who have already achieved mastery.

I will teach all other human Beings, to do the exercise, 
to do it, until you are quiet, until you remain in the Now, 
centered and anchored. 3D and 5D begin in your 
consciousness. From inner to outer, that is the way.
Begin with this exercise, it serves to bind you to your inner 
knowledge and to release you from all mistakes, which your 
mind provides continuously.

In my love you are real, and I am amongst you, to give 
instructions, which return power and might to you, because 
as long as you think old thoughts and you feel old life in your 
emotional body, you are excluded from the miracles, 
happening day for day in front of your eyes and unfolding 
in your life.

You can immediately let go of the 
concept of time and space, as you 
lift your consciousness and sharpen 
it - it is up to you, from which position 
you observe life, and it is not in the 
position, where life actually happens.

Until soon you loved Ones, 
The time for the harvest is now, 
and I train you to become capable helpers. 

Ps.: The complete digital book: “30 Gates to Enlightenment
Invocations, Exercises, Mantras” will shortly be published 
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Go there and Love – MASTER KUTHUMI: 

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