18. Januar 2015


Healing due to God's Grace 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones, 
You are carriers of initiations and you are endued with 
contracts from many times. Energetic structures, which
have been preserved until today, have an effect in you, 
and thereby some opening of your Being has been lacking 
until today.

In this hour of God’s Grace, we totally dedicate ourselves 
to these issues and we, the Masters of the Light, mandate 
in unison with the human intention that today, here and now, 
all human Beings, who devote themselves to this message, 
will be liberated from all still existing contracts with the dark 
ones and from all dark initiations.

The time for it has truly come and the time is ripe, 
because before the high levels of All-That-Is can be 
inhabited, the low vibrating agreements and arrangements 
from different levels of time, from different timelines,
must be removed and suspended. Now it has come thus far.

1.) Dissolution of dark Contracts 
After the fundamental purification of your energy bodies 
has already occurred, we now begin with the dissolution 
of dark contracts or contracts with the dark ones from space-time. 
This applies to all levels, where you have ever been present. 
This is a healing, which happens now and due to the free 
human will and the almighty divine Grace becomes effective now.
It occurs now. 


2.) Liberation from dark Initiations 
At the same time you are now liberated from all dark
ceremonies, the initiations, which you were subjected 
to on many levels of space-time. This is the next level 
after curses, and after many of you have already been 
now the dark magic and light-starved initiations 
will be lifted, which hinder every divine Being in 
the exercise of the power of creation. 
It occurs now. 


Archangel Michael, Asana Mahatari, The Christ 
These healings are now possible, because you have arranged such. 
Supported by the power of the Ascended Masters and in the loving 
omnipresence of the Archangels, sufficient spiritual Light flows now 
to this healing, so that you can now be released from the initiations.

The blue light of truth and the clarity of pure love work, Archangel 
Michael is present. The gold-violet flame of transformation and 
liberation works. Asana Mahatari is present. The pink-red ray of
unconditional love, the Christ consciousness, works. 
The Christ is present. 
It occurs now. 


Opening of the Heart 
In the following step your hearts will be opened.
The heart is the seat of the Christ consciousness, 
the place where love is manifested and wherefrom 
it spreads. If the heart chakra is healed, then the 
healing of all further chakras is ensured. Belief patterns, 
opinions, meaning mental fallacies, lock the access to the 
heart. And these hindrances are now being removed, so 
that by opening to the Christ Light you can attain Christ 

Human Beings are nothing without Love, 
with Love human Beings are everything 
and human Beings have everything. 

This opening of the heart occurs in this instant,
in all human Beings, who follow these words with 
great attention and inner dedication.
And in the meantime all chakras of a human 
Being will be simultaneously worked on.
Meaning: Any healing, which is now possible, 
will now be given.

The living Christ is among us, the Christ consciousness, 
the Love for all that is, appears, in all, who are now 
ready for this step.
It occurs now. 


Opening for the Divine 
Now the moment has come, in order to open you to the above, 
in order to open to the Divine, to open to the cosmos. Now the 
crown chakra is opened in all human Beings, who now follow 
these words of the Light. This occurs in all human Beings in 
an individual manner and with individual intensity, yet everyone 
receives the opportunity now to experience the touch with his 
divinity, whereby a uniquely delightful binding to the source 
of all sources, which is God, can now be experienced. 
It occurs now. 


The seventh chakra, which is located outside of the physical 
body above your crown, is now activated and opened. With 
all human Beings in different intensity, yet with all as far so 
that a touch with the divine can now be experienced. 
It occurs now. 


At the same time, all chakras are freed of all impurities, 
which can now be removed. The Ascended Masters, 
the Archangels and Angels work with us and on us. 
Be aware: It occurs now. 


The connection to the cosmos and to God has now been 
established and it remains established as long as you 
have determined it for yourselves.

This is the gift, which I hand over to you today, 
because the light-filled streams from Heaven can 
only flow through a purified and open Being, and 
only a conscious human Being can recognize where 
the blockages are located, how hindrances build up 
and whereby they are to be removed.

And I remind you of it, now, as the healings 
are in process or as you are healed.

I ask you to establish within you this sacred condition
of wholeness, which you have attained now, and not 
give it up flippantly.

Experience the direct binding with God at every hour 
of the day, now it is possible.

Hindrances, which build up and can 
hinder these conditions still are:
1.) Wrong thinking. 
a.) opinions 
b.) fantasies 
c.) belief patterns

2.) Foreign implants on different levels of your Being.
a.) Dark energies can, in a moment of carelessness, 
take possession of your energy body and put subtle 
“deactivation implants” there. These create energy 
fields, which make you unreceptive for God’s Light 
and for the perception of higher levels of All-That-Is. 
And you are open then, when you do not recognize the 
dark ones as dark and you keep “familiar” company with 
these forces, instead of putting them to rout or to destroy

Destroy the Destroyers 
This game is still the determining issue of this end time. 
Examine yourself daily about such dark programming.
And act instantaneously, if you presume that an inappropriate 
energy may have established itself in your Being; destroy it 
whereby you guide the Light sword and/or you apply the 
tool of mandates. 

Destroy what wants to destroy you!
Remove from you, what wants to keep 
you away from God or wants to remove 
you from God.
Redeem from you, what wants to lead you 
astray from your redemption.
This is the most significant task of the 
upcoming time! 

After you have been freed from curses, 
initiations and contracts and you have thereby 
oriented yourself toward God, it is necessary to 
take care so that your purified energy field also 
remains purified.
Then your thoughts remain clear, your heart vibrates
in Love, and your consciousness rises above any sluggish 
Every healing originates from the heart.
And for those, who never stray from the path 
of the heart, any healing is now possible.
The living Christ is among you.
Without any luggage, liberated from curses, 
initiations and contracts, you can now depart 
for the last journey back to the origin, to the 
Father of all Life, the Mother of All-That-Is. 
The journey into God’s custody. 

You remain healed and untouchable, 
as you choose this for you and as you 
remain vigilant in your life, perceive 
consciously and act decidedly. 

No power can displace you, from the place, 
which God has assigned for you. Because only 
the godless remain far from the Graces, but the 
ones inspired by God, live in His abundance and 
in His infinite Kingdom of Grace – eternally. 

I am That I Am.
In infinite Love



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