29. Januar 2015



Honored Readers!

In view of the fact that some clairvoyant human Beings, 
visitors of the Light Readings, who can look into the subtle 
level, sometimes perceive dark energies in different manners 
during the Light Readings, on November 24th, 2014 I received 
this explanation regarding this topic.

These perceptions are not always, but very often 
correct and have a good reason, which is explained 

With Love and in Gratitude

Jahn J Kassl

Profound and extensive Healings 
During Light Reading 

written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

From the message of January 14th, 2014:
'Redefenition of Light Readings 2014',
from ASANA MAHATARI, it says under point 2:
2.) The rooms, where the light readings are being held,
will be, after Jahn has done his work, energetically sealed. 
Which means, a “transformation turbo” will be ignited in 
these sacred rooms, thereby enabling transformations 
and healings of an absolutely new extent. 

The „energetic interlocking“ implies for the actual time 
quality that every dark entity or energy, which has 
entered into the room of the Light Reading, the following:
1.) have done it with the permission of the High 
Light Realms, and
2.) after the Light Reading begins, remain in 
their energy, in order to receive healings.

Presence of Dark Energies 
These are entities, which are ready for certain healings 
and these are the exceptions and are not the rule. Also 
they are entities, which can be in direct relationship to 
Light Reading visitors. This means that some energy 
balance can only happen in the presence of those entities, 
which are directly connected with it.

The dark, which is transformed during the Light 
Readings, attracts the dark ones and dark energy.
And in the care of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, 
Angels and in God’s presence, some dark forces receive 
the grace of healing and are “passively” or “actively” 
present during some Light Readings, which means that 
their still dark intentions, which still cannot not be led 
to redemption, cannot affect, in whatever manner, the 
Light Reading or human Beings on location.

Know: Nothing and no one can disturb neither the 
transmission or the healing processes in Light Reading 
visitors or in anyone, who is touched by it! 

Everything obeys the extensive healing of a Being and 
during the Light Readings all possibilities and all 
opportunities are offered and exhausted for it.

Indeed, after the room of the Light Reading has been 
“interlocked” or has been “sealed” for the duration of 
the Light Reading, the healings begin. These healings 
also reach those forces, which have been granted access 
to this place with explicit behest from the Masters and 

With this insight to that, I promise you the victory over 
darkness and I ensure you of my constant and ubiquitous 
presence in all your lives,

In Love, In Eternity, in Peace,


The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light
Reading lifestream or on location.

Redefinition of Light Readings 2014 - ASANA MAHATARI