17. Januar 2015


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

»Are we being correctly informed? I do not exaggerate, 
if I allege that the future of human society depends on 
the answer to this question.« Arnold J. Toynbee, (1889-1975)

And today we have arrived in this future and we 
are not being informed correctly, instead we are 
boldly lied to, wherever it is possible!
Media lies pile up like it could not be any more 
bearable. Recently regarding Europe’s 9/11 – »Charlie Hébdo«!

The Paris massacre in the cartoonists’ office „Charlie Hebdo“, 
whereby 12 human Beings were murdered, shocks the world. 
Rightfully so, because murder and manslaughter are never an 
answer, regardless of upon what and what for! Yet this terrorist 
act follows the well-known scripts of Boston and 9/11. 
Inconsistencies, wherever one looks.

Boston 2013
Both operations of mid April 2013 in Boston and the 
beginning of January 2015 in Paris are like two peas 
in a pot:
- Attack as a global media event
- The suspects are two »Islamists«
- Both of them are brothers
- At least one of them previously had contact 
to intelligence and were known to intelligence 
for several years
- media effective pursuit by Police for several days
- shooting during the escape
- hostage taking
- purposeful intensification to the showdown, 
whereby the death of the suspects virtually lies 
in the air (and recently is being preannounced, see above)
- global hype about »Islamist assassins«
- Statements from Presidents and Heads of State
- psychological unification of the world against the 
(radical) Islam. 
Kopp Verlag, Gerhard Wisnewski, (1/9/2015)

Like in Boston, two »Islamic brothers« are pursued by 
the police and take a hostage. And like with 9/11, the 
perpetrators are immediately known. The killer commandos, 
which otherwise cannot be stopped by anything or anybody, 
conveniently leave behind their identifications in the proximity 
of the crime scene. The passport of one of the alleged main 
perpetrators of the WTC, Mohammed Atta, was found in perfect 
shape by the FBI two blocks from the WTC, while the steel 
construction of the WTC melted away and everything of 
substance dissolved, or like in Paris, was conveniently 
»left behind« in the car.

France’s Minister of the Interior Berndard Cazeneuve 
therefore knew immediately, who has to be »neutralized«
»There is an operation ongoing in order to neutralize the 
responsible ones of the cowardly assassination from two 
days ago.« (tagesschau.de, 1/9/2015). Meaning: 
Only a dead suspect is a useful suspect.

Lynch Justice of the State
The circumstance that today any suspects are simply killed 
instead to grant them a proper process, like it corresponds 
to States governed by the rule of law, shows that we have 
arrived in a totalitarian system. The State itself applies lynch 
justice, instead of the rule of law, whereby each citizen is 
granted a regular and fair process, in order to preserve, 
protect and practice the law. Facts and backgrounds remain 
in the dark and it is obvious that this is what is desired. 
It was exactly like that with the alleged murder of Osama 
bin Laden in May 2011 by a killer commando from the US 
government. His body was simply tossed into the ocean; 
where there is no accuser there is no judge – done.

The State as terrorist, which due to 
suspicion and without due process 
not only passes the death sentence, 
but also immediately enforces it by 

Entirely according to the script in the case of John F. Kennedy’s 
assassination in 1963. The alleged perpetrator Lee Harvey Oswald 
is shot two days after the attack. Meaning: Witnesses, alleged 
terrorists or suspects are removed even before they can testify. 
Also those, who investigate and thereby discover the whole truth, 
commissioners and policemen, in most cases do not survive. 
The list of »murdered suicides«, which were ready to testify 
against the official version of the Kennedy assassination 
or of 9/11, is endless. And also this aspect can be found 
in Paris. The investigating police officer Helric Fredou (45) 
supposedly killed himself with his service revolver shortly 
after the attack.

In the meantime our politicians and the media continue 
to play the disgusting media organ. Also calls for stricter 
laws, like in the USA, increase. Paris therefore is the prelude 
to far-reaching citizen surveillance measures in Europe.
These crimes, committed by whomsoever, is exploited by 
media and politics in order to increase fears in the population, 
in order to maintain a threat scenario (»It is the task of politics 
to increase the feeling of threat in the population.«
Angela Merkel, 02/03/2003 in the presidium of the CDU), 
until our opposition to still stricter measures of surveillance 
diminish. If in these days I listen to the conversations of 
human Beings in the streets, then it also has been 
successful by all means.

The political and media hypocrisy, the cynicism with which 
our elites go to work here, is yet limitless. And always when 
I think that the trickiness of our elites can no longer be topped, 
follows a new gusto piece of their heinousness, just like this 
time, because today we are all »Charlie«!

Where were the »Charlies?«
-Where were the Charlies, when the Israel-Zionist-Pack
around Netanjahu turned the greatest free-air concentration 
camp into rubble and ashes? Just until July 2014 there 
were more than 1000 deaths.
-Where are the Charlies, when it is about to mourn 
the daily deaths due to the US killer drones?
-Where was the outcry of the Charlies as the USA killed
over 1 million civilians in Iraq, changed the land into a
uranium desert and grabbed the natural resources?
-Where does the outrage remain in the case of the 
Ukrainian genocide? The more than 5000 dead civilians
alone in Donbass do not exist at all for the Charlies, 
they much rather preoccupy themselves with the  
»evil Russians«.

»We are Gaza.« »We are Iraq.«  
»We are Donetsk.« Nobody had 
the idea until »Charlie« came.

How Pictures lie
How abysmally mendacious and brutal our representatives 
actually have become, can also be blatantly seen from the 
pictures of the demonstration in Paris on 1/11/2015.
Agency photos, which were distributed worldwide to the 
media, showed the representatives from the different States 
at the front of 1.5 million French, who participated in honor 
of the terror victims. Linking arms with each other and determined, 
President Hollande, Chancellor Merkel and their 40 colleagues, 
Heads of State of rank and name, including mass murderers 
Netanjahu, Poroschenko, Lieberman, Szarkozy, Cameron etc., 
pretended as if they led the demonstration. The truth is 
quite different:

»The group photo in its entirety is a forgery, 
because it suggests that the 40 State Representatives, 
which traveled to Paris, led the funeral march on Sunday. 
They did not!!! The photo was taken far away in a deserted, 
protected street and the media have combined the pictures 
after that. Taking the pictures took about 10 minutes and 
was a PR stunt.« (Alles Schall und Rauch, 1/13/2015) http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.co.at/2015/01/israelische-zeitung

Meaning, this pack let itself flown in for this photo 
shoot and the presstitutes assembled the pictures of 
the Paris demo and suggested thereby that Hollande, 
Merkel and Co led the protest.

»Journalism means to publish something,
which somebody else does not want to have published. 
Everything else is Public Relations.« George Orwell (1903-1950)

Compassion, outrage – everything only played, 
simply »public relations«. Our politicians command 
this and how. In summary: Terrorists demonstrate against 
terrorism, mass murderers against murder, and dictators 
for fascism under the cover of democracy.

All are Charlie and bonkers. Global hysteria has captured them. 
That the predecessor magazine of Charlie Hebdo, Haria-Kiri, 
has been outlawed by the French government and ceased to 
exist, today is insignificant. Other interests are being pursued 
today and this terror act is perfect for it.

-Europe shall be destabilized until it comes to open 
revolts and chaos. Until then, laws will be successively 
toughened and »anti-terror laws« implemented.
-Peaceful demonstrations like the »Monday demo«,  
»solemn vigils« or »PEGIDA« are criminalized and their 
speakers and organizations are draconically punished, 
in order to frighten copycats.
-Any other opinion is no longer allowed; media and 
politics have taken over the complete interpretative 
primacy of expressions.
-Under the cover that one must defend freedom of 
the press and freedom of opinion and use the Nazi 
club, anybody thinking differently is being pursued sharply.
- The authorities determine what is allowed to say, 
and what not, and the media distribute it.
- Human Beings are asked to »observe« their neighbors 
and friends and to report anything unusual to the authorities.
- Mistrust shapes the society and the prisons get filled.
– These measures, which split society, in order to play 
human Beings against each other and to hound one another, 
are flanked by financial crashes, wars, pandemics and social 
misery, which at this point in time have captured human 
Beings in all of Europe.
-Unrest and anarchies are the result.

This game shall be pursued as far, until human Beings, 
who survive this, say, without ifs and buts, yes and amen.  

»All we need is a really great crisis, and the nations 
will accept the New World Order.« David Rockefeller, 
1991, at the Bilderberger conference in Baden-Baden 
(World banker and Bilderberger) or American banker 
James Warburg as he said the following during a session 
of the Senate committee for foreign relations on February 17th, 
1950: »We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. 
The only question is whether World Government will be achieved 
by conquest or consent.« 

- The chipping of all of mankind by means of the RFID-Chip 
is then still only a formality, because whoever declines this, 
does not exist and cannot participate in daily life of the New 
World Order, can neither buy or sell, because the implanted 
chip takes over today’s known functions of cash or credit cards 
(will be abolished!).

This is far enough in this gloomy presentation 
of the elite’s plan for all of mankind.
Originating from the Rothschild family, 
this agenda affects all government offices in this world.
The army of minions is huge and is at work in all levels 
of society, in order to implement this objective, knowingly 
or in ignorance – which is irrelevant in its consequences.

What is the way out in times like these, when the 
»articulation of the truth is a revolutionary act, 
because deception and the lie are omnipresent.«
(George Orwell, 1903-1950)?

The Way Out!
1.) Our capacity for insights!
2.) Our clarity!
3.) Our courage!
4.) Our compulsion for truth!
5.) Our trust in our own power, whereby this 
undertaking of the dark ones must fail.
6.) Our exit from the victim role.
7.) Our trust in a great divine plan.
8.) Our binding to heavenly Light forces
– we are not alone and we never were.
9.) Our power of manifestation, whereby 
everything can be created and also will, 
as we apply it richly and with determination, 
wisely and healingly.
10.) Our Love of Life.
11.) Our Love of ourselves.
12.) Our Love of God.
13.) Our dedication to our light-filled work.
14.) Our will for our own transformation, 
because whoever changes oneself, changes the world!

»Society cannot be changed, as long as the human Being 
does not change. Mankind, you and the others, have 
created this society from generation to generation.« 
Jiddhu Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

Similarly from another source: »Each human Being has the
chance to at least improve a part of this world, namely
oneself.«  Paul Anton de Lagarde (1827-1891)

And exactly for this reason do we experience the failure 
of this dark plan, because more and more human Beings 
face this necessity and create »order in one’s own house«
change themselves, free themselves from damaging 
thoughts, blocked emotions and false assumptions or 
opinions. Thereby entirely new energy is constantly 
fed into the collective energy field of humanity, the 
light-filled »energy of liberation.«
This changes everything, transforms 
the matrix or let us overcome it.

We are the ones, who count now.
We, each one of us, because: 
We are the change, 
the transformation and Life.

And we are without fail not »Charlie«!

Jahn J Kassl

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