21. Januar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

In the moment when a human Being is willing to overcome 
everything, foremost oneself – and in the moment when 
tears of self-pity are replaced by tears of longing for God, 
recognition occurs – instantaneously. 

In the moment when a soul is matured for further development 
steps, it brings all events into its life, which fosters this process. 
And this moment must be waited for and must be expected for; 
it cannot be forced by anything or anybody. Because: 

Recognition will always be given and 
the all-knowing consciousness opens 
to a human Being always due to 
God’s Grace. 

Whoever would like to reinforce these sacred processes 
due to one’s own concepts, thereby disregarding the 
necessary energetic fundamental work and ignores his 
inadequacies on earth, cannot enter into the realms of 
Heaven; no matter which assignments have sent these 
human Beings to here and no matter which »great history«  
this human Being boasts due to his incarnations. 

Enlightenment occurs as soon as a human Being 
has made peace with his mirror image and has 
closed friendship with his unredeemed issues. 

Then true humility replaces arrogance, then what has
been incomplete becomes whole, and then God emerges 
out of a human Being. 

The Mirror, which I am – for all Life, 
Works Miracles, as you have the Courage to look at it. 


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