31. Januar 2015

Telos, Willkommen in Agartha - eBOOK New Publication, JJK

Honored Readers!

After the German language print version of 
„Telos-Willkommen in Agartha“
is being prepared in these days for the second edition
(First edition Mav 2014) and the English language eBOOK
is already available. May I present to you today the digital 
German language publication of this wonderful work:

eBOOK –Telos-Willkommen in Agartha: 

For us it is a great joy, due to this publication, to open 
up another possibility, in order to be able to experience 
the touch with the divine Light and/or experience an 
encounter with our siblings from Inner Earth. 

„Dedicated to all human Beings”, it says in the book.
And whole-heartedly to all our Readers!

In gratitude to be able to do this work and
in Love

Your Lichtwelt Team and Jahn J Kassl

Telos, Willkommen in Agartha (German print version) - JJK: 
Telos, Welcome to Agartha (English, digital version) - JJK: