7. März 2015


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Paris, January 7th, 2015: Attack on the editorial offices 
of the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. In the evening and 
the day after thousands participated in solidarity marches, 
which led to the central demonstration on January 11th 
with 1.5 million people in Paris.
Moscow, February 27th, 2015: Boris Nemtsov, Russian 
Opposition politician is murdered in the open street. 
One day later a funeral march takes place in Moscow 
with 16,500 (according to officials) up to 50,000 
(according to organizers) people.

Paris and Moscow 

With both crimes it is noticeable that the protest 
demonstrations are really well organized. Flags, banners, 
candles and large placards were already at hand immediately 
after the attacks, as if these were preceded by long preparations. 
It is known that immediately before the murder of Nemtsov a 
great demonstration had been planned, yet the speed at which 
the great placards were outfitted with the photo of the murdered 
person is remarkable. Nobody noticed and especially not the 
mainstream media that the design and the printing of placards 
take time and certainly cannot be done within a few hours. 
Just the opposite. In Paris as in Moscow, guilty ones and 
demonstrators were more quickly at hand than the smoke 
of the weapons deflagrated.

The presumed Charlie Hebdo assassins were simply liquidated. 
The authorities cast the judgment and enforced it on location. 
Totally according to the script of the presumed murder of  
Osama bin Laden. The State of Law is sidestepped and no 
longer functions. Whoever needed proof, it is the following: 
Suspects are murdered by the State and the question of 
guilt is simply solved without a proper trial.

That the 45 year-old deputy director of the criminal police 
in Limoges, Helric Fredou, a high-ranking commissioner, 
who was entrusted with the investigation of the assassinations 
in the satire magazine editorial offices took his life, rounds out 
the disastrous picture of our “democracies”.
In this case, what is more probable is that he was 
“self-murdered”. Logically an autopsy was denied to 
his mother. This is how the State treats its citizens,
in order to bring officially sanctioned lies among the people.

There is a similar picture in Moscow, whereby the accomplice 
is known to the Western press a long time ago, only that 
one rather subtly bring Putin and so-called “close circles 
of the Kremlin” in connection with the attack on Nemtsov – still. 
„What has happened to Russia?“ (orf – online 3/1/2015)
„A trace leads to the Finance Ministry“ (fokus.de 3/4/2015) 
The CDU Foreign Ministry Politician Franz Josef Jung accuses 
Putin to have created a “climate of hate and hysteria”. 
(Die Welt, 3/4/2015) 
The presstitutes and the political actors still shun clumsily 
pointing to where they are drawn, or to point the naked 
finger to Putin. They still avoid working with obvious
accusations. But this is still coming.

Whose Advantage? 

The simple and logical question in such and similar 
cases is: Qui bono? „Whose advantage?“, which the 
media and politicians practically blend out! 
Namely neither Paris nor Moscow has any kind of 
benefit from this crime. Instead the USA-NATO 
alliance definitely has a benefit from this!

Since Charlie Hebdo the criticism of the French President 
François Hollande about the EU sanctions against Russia 
has been silenced. And exactly according to the NWO 
priests new stricter laws have been enforced in France, 
officially for the “protection” of the citizens, but actually 
for the “surveillance” of them.

And Moscow? One person in particular does not receive 
any kind of benefit from the assassination of Nemtsov, 
Vladimir Putin. To kill an insignificant opposition politician,
who has surpassed his political zenith a long time ago, 
along the Kremlin walls in an open street, is a stupidity, 
which can hardly be assigned to the Russian government. 
Are other principals in the game? Certainly.
And as one searches for the beneficiary of this murder, 
one certainly finds an answer.

Because only due to this murder, Nemtsov achieves 
significance posthumously, which he never had at 
any time in his life, not even during his heyday 
under Jelzin as Vice Prime Minister. 

The predators in this case: Also the USA-NATO alliance. 
The murder of Nemtsov can cause unrest inside the Russian 
empire, drive people into the streets and split society, which 
is solidly behind Putin. It is America’s goal to repaint Russia 
into orange and install a US vassal government in the Kremlin, 
and during Jelzin and Nemtsov they almost achieved that goal 
(Under President Boris Jelzin, Nemtsov was Vice Prime Minister 
of the Russian Federation between 1997 and 1998 and was 
considered one of the prime architects of the economic 
reforms of the country. Wikipedia) 

«To assume that Russia would be willing to give up its 
sovereignty and – like many European countries – becomes 
a vassal and satellite of the USA, would be a dangerous 
fallacy. But this is exactly the goal of the Russian policy 
of the USA.» Prof. Dr. Wjatcheslav Daschitschev, Moscow 

«It is not fair that Siberia only belongs to Russia.»
Former US Secretary of States Madeleine Albright 

«Humanity must end to make wars or wars will make an end 
to humanity.» John F. Kennedy at the end of the Cuban crisis 

The question of who benefits from such attacks 
therefore does not occur to the presstitutes.
The press itself will very soon no longer exist. 
The loss of readers of the “independent” mass
media is quite significant, because human Beings 
read less and less the lies and no longer want to pay for it. 

„The news websites of the mainstream media slide 
deeper and deeper into a crisis. Especially hard hit is 
Sueddeutsche.de (-22.1 percent) – because they can 
no longer dress up their online reach. But also Focus 
Online (-8.6 percent), N24.de (-14.7 percent) or n-tv.de 
(-8.5 percent) suffer from a strong loss of readers. 
Thereby unaffected are the alternative media.“ 
(kopp-verlag.de, 2/28/2015)

Under false Flag 

In summary: In Paris and in Moscow attacks under 
false flag took place and thereby the mainstream 
media define backgrounds, motives and perpetrators 
more quickly than the blood of the victims can dry.  

Exactly according to the example of the 9/11 reporting 
from BBC. While the entirely intact building can be seen 
in the background, BBC reports the collapse of WTC7 and 
was, with this report, incredibly 25 minutes too early, 
because only then did the building actually collapse.

Yet the readership decline does not seem to affect the 
mass media. As long as support finances from different 
sources like the Rockefellers to Soros flow and the New 
World Order agenda is carried out to the satisfaction of 
this elite, simply a few editors are dismissed or the 
budgets of some editorial offices are reduced.
More and more journalists carry always more work, 
and thereby the conscientious investigative journalism 
is impossible, even if someone really wanted it.

Murder, crimes and assassinations under false flag are 
fundamentally nothing truly new. New is only that our
main media with self-destructive consistency and with 
a hit rate of exactly 100% always highlight the wrong 
background. They are a total failure in all areas of being 
masters of creating false tracks of the truth, which they 
are committed to report. This is the picture of our media. 

Consequences and Future 

Putin predicted such an assassination under false flag 
already in 2012, in order to create “involuntary martyrs”: 
(Video: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41124.htm). Unfortunately he could not prevent it! The consequences are 
obvious and the USA already talks about a “successful nuclear 
first strike”, whereby Russia could not counter anything against 
it. Obama and his chief strategists really believe this and also 
mean it like that. 

Thereby the EU-USA have again come a step 
closer to their desired goal, a “total war” 
against Russia and their own demise.

Tragedy America 

And while the medial headlights, according to the principle 
of “hold the thief”, are brightly directed toward Moscow or 
toward any other arbitrary location in the world, the events
remain underexposed in the USA or are not even exposed at 
all. There the increasingly violent US police force cares
for the next tragedy.

Los Angeles, March 2nd in front of all eyes: 6 policemen shoot 
a homeless person, who wanted to continue to sleep in the 
street. As he wants to crawl back into his tent in the city 
district of skid row, the policemen suspect that he wants 
to reach for a weapon. The policemen fire 5 shots, „Africa“, 
as the man was called, was dead on the spot! 
(heute 3/3/2015) http://www.globalresearch.ca/millions-view-video-showing-police-murder-of-homeless-man-in-los-angeles/5434568

Nobody asks: “what has come of the USA?” 
Nobody asks about the doctored US economic data 
or about how they want to reduce the incredible 
19 trillion Dollars in debt?
Nobody asks about the FEMA concentration camps or 
the elimination of civil rights. Nobody asks about the 
increasing chipping of US citizens or what they think 
about torture or the drone wars.
Nobody accuses Obama of having created a
climate of hate and hysteria”. And Obama 
can rightly be accused of this, what Putin has 
been unjustly accused of.

America is bankrupt and Obama is the least popular 
President of the United States since World II. People 
are upset about the economic policy and about the 
reduction in civil rights. 
„Roughly 33 percent of all US-Americans say that  
US-President Obama is the worst President since 
the Second World War. 28 percent see in George W. Bush
the worst President since the Second World War. 
Obama’s unpopularity is so huge that 40 percent of the 
asked people find him worse in direct comparison with  
George W. Bush. Yet 39 percent are convinced of the 
opposite. This is the result of an actual survey of the 
American Quinnipiac University.“  
(Deutsche Wirtschaftnachrichten, 4/7/2014)

This is totally different with Putin, who can point to a State 
debt of 13% of GDP. Obama can only dream about that. 
And also his popularity values are the highest of any 
active politician of recent times: President Vladimir Putin 
continues to be very popular with his citizens. Roughly 
86 percent of Russians are satisfied with the work of their 
head of State, as a new survey of the independent public 
opinion research institute Levada Center shows. 
(Voice of Russia, 9/24/2014) 

And we are being sold with the fairy tale of the dissatisfaction 
of the Russians with Putin and his way of conducting his office. 
Politicians and media report – about a “climate of hate”. 

These are findings, which apply foremost to the USA and
soon can also be attributed to the EU, as our politicians 
do not realize quickly that marching with the USA also 
means the downfall with the USA.

An upside-down and totally crazy world.
And our media create it, this world of lies
– away from any truth. 

„Are we being properly informed? I do not exaggerate
if I allege that the future of human society depends 
on the answer to this question.“ 
Arnold J. Toynbee, (1889-1975)

Today the question is defined:  
The future of human civilization 
can no longer be entrusted to the 
lying politicians and the media! 

The future is with each one of us, whereby 
we clearly reject this system of lies and repeat 
the truth at any possible opportunity; no matter 
how uncomfortable it is for us and how others 
feel about it.

It is necessary to support the truth, until it 
has established itself everywhere in this world.

We have much to do and what counts and makes 
me confident is: We become more and more. 

I am not “Charlie” – JAHN J KASSL:  

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