12. März 2015


Commentary of the „Audacity of the Week“, 
whereby Obama declares Venezuela a “threat 
to the national security” of the USA per executive 
order of March 9th, 2015. 

Written by Jahn J Kassl 
Translated by Franz 

Audacity of the Week 

“After the latest escalation in the diplomatic battle between 
the USA and Venezuela, President Obama has declared the 
country a threat to national security. A corresponding executive 
order has been published today. In addition he ordered sanctions 
against seven persons of the socialist country. Obama’s speaker 
announced that the USA are increasingly alarmed about the 
increasing intimidation of opposition politicians.
The conflict between the two governments is the worst one 
of its kind since the election of the President of Venezuela 
Nicolas Maduro in 2013. He accuses the USA wanting to
topple him and demanded that the US embassy in Caracas 
reduces its staff from 100 to 17. The opposition speaks of 
the attempt to divert the attention from the severe economic 
problems of the country. Despite the sharp words there is no 
talk so far of a stop of the Venezuelan oil exports to the USA.” 
(orf, 03/09/2015) 

Like it was already presented in the article 
„Obama indictment for murder“, in Venezuela failed 
what succeeded for the CIA in the Ukraine, namely, 
to putsch an American-friendly government into power. 

The plan was discovered, according to the online portal 
Ameriak21 due to information, which young officers passed 
on to the security forces. Maduro explicitly thanked these 
young officers during his television address with the following 
words: “I would like to thank these young officers and intelligence 
services, because we were able to investigate and thwart the 
Putsch attempt against our Country.”
Source: http://www.rtdeutsch.com/11909/international/koennen-die-usa-es-nicht-lassen-putschversuch-in-venezuela-aufgedeckt/ 

Obama therefore reacts to the failed US putsch in Caracas 
and declares per executive order Venezuela a “threat” for 
America. Does it go any wackier?

Who threatens whom? 

Who threatens the world with its weapons?
Who marches murdering, pillaging and threatening to 
burn everything into sovereign countries? Who carries 
out drone wars with thousands of dead? Who avows to 
torture, who operates torture prisons worldwide and in 
Guantanamo? Who pursues heroes like Julian Assange 
or Edward Snowden and throws whistleblowers like Bradley 
(now Chelsea) Manning into prison? Whoever believes to 
have come out victor in the “Cold War” and whoever recently 
believes to be able to win a “hot war” with nuclear weapons? 
Who serves High finance and devalues money, who supports 
the agriculture, food processing, weapon, energy and pharm 
industries, and eliminates civil rights? Who destabilizes the 
whole globe and who attempts to pull all of mankind into the 

Venezuela, which remains sovereign and lets money from the 
oil exports flow to its own citizens and does not want to throw 
it into the throat of the global oil cartels, or the USA?
Who is here the head villain and who may justifiably feel 
Is it the USA with a military budget of roughly 2.5 
billion Dollars per day (!), (officially 640 billion, including 
the hidden, supplemental and special budgets, or the 
indirect military expenses, 1 trillion Dollars per year), or 
Venezuela with a yearly budget of 1.6 billion Dollars for 
armament and the military? Are you serious, Mr. President? 
Naturally not, but it is the strategy of the dominance agenda.

This announcement is the audacity of the week, because 
that the devil worshipper Barack Obama has the gall to 
make this announcement and denounces peaceful Venezuela 
as a “threat to the national security” of the USA, gives deep 
insight. Not less nervy is that Obama expresses through his 
speaker his concern about “the increasing intimidation of 
opposition politicians in Venezuela.” 

In the USA human Beings are simply incarcerated without 
a Court of Law or without legal defense! The long arm of 
the police State can reach every citizen – true opposition 
does no longer exist for a long time. Or does it make any 
kind of difference if the USA heaves a Democrat or 
Republican to the presidential seal of the USA? 

„Individual acts of tyranny can be attributed to the arbitrary 
opinion of the day, but a whole row of suppressions, which 
have begun at a certain time and have outlasted every 
change in Ministers and Presidents, are a very obvious 
proof for the intentional conscious plan to push us back 
into slavery.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826, from 1801 to 
1809 the third President of the United States and the 
main author of the American Declaration of Independence)

Party and candidate are irrelevant and is not an issue.
Every President carries on the agenda for World domination 
and the decimation of world population. FEMA-Concentration 
camps are in operation and the total surveillance of citizens 
is commonplace. Also the no-fly list becomes longer and longer, 
meaning, those, who are not immediately imprisoned, are just 
like with Venezuela now, are declared a “threat”, are not allowed 
free movement and cannot leave the country. This is the freedom, 
this is the democracy, which Obama means as he takes a pot 
shot at Venezuela or in these days increasingly also at Russia,  
“the regional power”. (O-Ton Obama)

Obama is „concerned“. I am truly!
It is a well-founded reason, because the media 
as well as politics almost never react to the audacities 
of the US administration. 

For several decades now, no matter 
how wacky the appearance of the US 
administration is on the international 
stage, our media and the Western 
politicians do not take notice of this 
in self-denying submission. 

The reporting is offhand, the issues raised have nothing 
to do with the facts, and lies are spread, like it cannot 
be any nervier. The audacity to declare Venezuela a 
threat, no longer attracts the attention of our Western 
elites. Long ago one has submitted to the interpretive 
primacy of the USA – the most stupid calves truly choose 
their butchers themselves!

De facto it is Venezuela, which is threatened by the USA!  
Hugo Chávez from 1999-2013 the most popular President 
of the South-American State on the coast of the Caribbean 
did not survive his effort for a unified and from the USA 
independent South-America. He was murdered by the USA, 
even though in official history writing one talks about a 
“natural death due to cancer”. Only, nobody asks about this. 
To investigate the White House? Dead loss.
To criticize? Not at all. To take an opposite stance?
Cannot happen. We will also never experience this 
with our politicians and the presstitutes.

Obama lies, the West knuckles under 

Once more do the USA under Obama prove what their 
agenda is: The ruthless enforcement of the New World 
Order agenda, whereby the sovereign individual countries 
back down or are forced to give in due to staged uprisings. 
In short: The USA is about the destruction of this mankind, 
which is joined by international law! Thereafter the world 
government shall be established and the ruler ship over a 
mind-controlled humanity shall be begun.  

Russia or Venezuela? It really does not make any difference, 
because the extremists in Washington in their unique hubris
are daring everything – nuclear first strike against Russia, 
China included. In summary:  

America is not only financially at its 
end, but foremost its establishment 
is morally bankrupt! 

„Everywhere the world wakes up and people rise up. (…) 
The empire fears the truth, fears the independent voices. 
It calls us extremists, but they are the extremists.“ 
Hugo Chávez at the UN general assembly on 
September 20th, 2006.

Chávez was right! The world wakes up!
Yet we will need the assistance from 
Heaven with this kind of leadership. 

I trust in this.

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