2. März 2015


The false Prophets

Whoever receives his energy exclusively from God 
and whose nourishment is the inexhaustible primal 
Source of All-That-Is is a true Master, and not the 
one, who expects for his well-being the gratitude 
and dedication of human Beings seeking help from 

And this behavior, whereby Masters in great numbers 
enrich themselves from the energy of their students, 
from the strength of the ones seeking help and protection, 
is widely pronounced among the false prophets of this time. 
This parasitic behavior, this misuse of their position, always 
also brings forth karmic consequences and truly: 

For a Master, who enriches himself from 
the energy of their entrusted ones seeking 
God, misdeeming himself on his students, 
it is better to never have entered onto earth. 

According to this “character trait”, it is easy for any ongoing 
or existing student to recognize the actual quality and 
qualification of a Master. Never bend your knees in front of 
this evil, never bow your head in front of these human Beings, 
instead turn away and leave everything else to divine providence. 

The pronounced characteristic of true 
Masters of this time is the complete 
energetic distance to all human Beings 
and it is the absolute transfer of responsibility 
to God of all directly entrusted students. 

A simple, genuine, oriented toward the inside 
life and appearance complements this picture.
The noise of this world no longer penetrates to 
these Masters. Neither do they participate in this
noise nor do they foment it due to ill-considered 
words, due to unconscious actions or due to fallacies,
which still remain dormant within them.

The true Masters of this time can only be recognized by 
an intelligent heart, because they never call themselves 
“Master”, but are recognized as such. The true Masters 
of this time serve the whole and are servants of humanity
– in truthfulness and Love, turned toward the world in 
silence and very often unrecognized by human Beings. 
These human Beings receive their highest fulfillment 
from their binding to God, and their service for this 
world is a pure expression of their Love for Life.

Whoever thereby identifies oneself is to be noticed, 
is to be trusted, and is interlaced with God’s Light.
Whoever calls himself a Master, and says: 
“Look here, I am the one!” is a charlatan – without 

Therefore: Be mindful, how those, who call themselves a 
Master or say about themselves to have been nominated 
as a Master by God, act outside of their official appearance 
and in the midst of daily life. Who are you dealing with here, 
as you admit to somebody? Who pretends to be a Master, 
and who is it really? 

The false prophets are the pestilence 
of this end-time, because they not only 
lead astray walking human Beings far 
away from a spiritual path, but they 
also unsettle genuine seekers! 

This burden weighs heavier than any ignorance whereby 
a human Being carries out misstep after misstep, because 
this conscious “act of misuse”, only to feed the low human 
nature with sufficient energy, is a sin against Life.

Beloved Children,
Turn directly to the Source!

Let yourself be directly guided by God, directly instructed 
from the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels 
and the Light forces from Heaven.

Masters in human Gestalt are amongst you and yet rarely, 
yet those, who pretend to be your Master, those who are 
fitted with sufficient abilities, in order to deceive you,
such “Masters” are widely distributed.

The path toward recognition is always a path directly
through your heart, directly through your energy field, 
directly through your Being. Let yourself be guided by 
God and you reach your goal securely.

Yet if nonetheless your path is the one, which brings a 
walking sacred Master into your life, then trust your power 
of distinction, so that you recognize the good ones and 
avoid the false ones.

Examine yourself and examine your Master. 

Examine yourself if you are ready 
to walk across the fire and examine 
the Master, if he has already walked 
across the fire himself. 

Act accordingly and you will fulfill the path of Love in 
God’s Light. Trust, go there and distinguish, the way is 
paved for you, as you recognize the bumpiness of this 
path as vigilant warrior of the Light and overcome it.

You are the Children of the Great Light.
The Great One is the Truth,
Is the Way and is Life.

All of Mankind is born out of HER
And is secured in HIM.

In infinite Love

I am

Healing of the Living Mother Earth – GOD: 

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