26. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

I am God.

Beloved Ones,
The golden Age of mankind has begun.

The awakening continues at a unique scale, 
until the arrival in the Light of this world and 
of individual human Beings has been fulfilled.

Human Beings create a new, golden consciousness, 
the divine is accepted, recognized and lived, and 
everything that is vibrating low is let go in Love 
from the life of these human Beings.

3D and 4D-Resonancefields are vacated 
The light warriors of the first and last hours vacate the battle 
fields in the lower vibrating realities of 3D and 4D worlds and 
they rise to light heights, in order to assist this world with a 
steady, living and loving consciousness. All dark energies, all 
dark forces do not find a resonance field in the light warriors 
any longer, because these human Beings have left these 
energy fields or have dissolved them. This is the result, this 
is the reward for the year-long purification work in your own 
sphere, because truly: 

Whoever has prevailed over his ego, has overcome 
his lower nature and has defused the inner minefields 
of misfortune, does not offer a platform for any attacker 
and does not offer to any sluggish energy the possibility 
to dwell.

The confrontations on the lower vibrating level do 
not pertain to these human Beings any longer.

Whoever has awakened and has freed oneself 
from the feelings of lack and sensations of impotence, 
affects due to one’s pure consciousness and due to 
one’s loving presence. 

These human Beings are conscious of their effect and they 
know that they are healed from the wounds, which this world 
tore in their heart, and they know that this perfection mirrors
in this world and in the eyes of human Beings.
These human Beings are indeed Masters of this time and 
these human Beings are recognized as such, because deep 
inside every human Being recognizes truth from untruth 
and can distinguish perfection from imperfection.
These human Beings move in the new matrix exalted 
above all earthly conflicts.
The Light has prevailed and Love triumphs.

Due to this new and “golden consciousness”, which these 
human Beings are endowed with, very much destructive 
energy is withdrawn from this society and the processes 
of transformation are again accelerated.
The dark energies, the forces of darkness thereby lose 
the resonance fields, where they can carry out their games.

End of the Matrix 
The end of this game in this matrix is ongoing, because as
soon as the dark ones no longer find energy, before they 
destroy themselves, the last discharges are taking place, 
and they want everything that still exists on their level of 
resonance be pulled into their own downfall.
Therefore it is of outmost significance to deny the dark 
forces any kind of nutrition. And in this moment the life
of a light warrior changes fundamentally; all becomes easy, 
all is in harmony and the river of life flows unimpeded into 
the ocean of God’s Love.

The time has come, wherein the change orients itself 
according to this new consciousness of some human 
Beings. Whoever remains in Love today, without 
denying the still imperfect conditions in this world, 
prevails on all levels at the end of time, in the worlds, 
which were created due to your power of creation and 
due to my wisdom.
Therefore do not let yourself be infected by low energies, 
by the intentions of individual human Beings or groups of 
human Beings, which you are increasingly confronted 
with in this time.
Recognize these for what they are, and rise above it. 

Look at the world free of valuations.
Perform healings without new obligations.
Love unconditionally and without any 

The new Age has begun! The resonance fields, where dark 
battles can be carried out and where human Beings can be 
pulled into suffering and pain, are getting lost for the dark 
players of this time. The opportunities, in order to keep
human Beings in the wheel of karma, decrease.
Many light warriors awaken now and many light warriors 
are now taken over by the dark powers. Envy, jealousy, 
anger, greed, and all appearances of lack, which develop 
due to an overpowering ego, pull these human Beings into 
new conflicts and create a constant inner war situation.

These human Beings neglect the greatest necessity of 
these days, to reconcile with human Beings, with oneself 
and with all Life, by fighting in the manner of the ego and
to be in discord with oneself.
These “Masters” have not yet left the stage of low vibrating 
battle fields of this time, and hang on to the false assumptions 
that they can go forth as victors from this place, where there 
can only be losers.

Thereby the old energies of battle are still acting on the 
basis of these human Beings, where heroes are born and 
underdogs are created, whereby there are victors and the
losers arm themselves for the next round on the carousel.
Instead of prevailing over self, over the lower nature, 
these light warriors get tangled up in new battles on 
the old level. Thereby they create new karmic ties, 
which incur further lives in this world.
The energies of Love, the power of the all-healing Light, 
the life in deep inner peace, remain unreachable concepts 
for these human Beings.

The golden Age of human consciousness requires 
from you a new consideration of all life. 

And this view means to rise above the events in 
this world, without denying them and, due to the
limited human field of view, without overlaying 
them with opinions, distort them with assumptions 
or to evaluate them.
The Creator Gods of this time know that an encounter 
with the Light can only occur far from darkness, that an 
encounter with Love is only possible far from hate, and 
that an encounter with God can only be affected due to
a consciousness, which is liberated from the ego.
These days, wherein the arrival of humanity 
in the Light is fulfilled, are taking shape.
Whatever works on all levels of All-That-Is becomes 
visible, and also how the divine plan for this world 
and for this mankind is being fulfilled.

Look at what is acting within self!
Look at yourself in the mirror and remove any shadow 
from yourself, because in the now upcoming time human 
Beings will become perfect and human Beings are made 
aware of their imperfections.
All life reveals itself in a unique manner. Blessed are 
those, who have now uplifted their consciousness and 
can integrate the present Light influx into their Being 
with joy, because they are free of blockages
– an empty vessel, ready for God’s Love.

Rise up. Withdraw darkness the foundation, 
and refuse nutrition for any dark power.
View the events of time, the course of the 
world and the fate of mankind with your 
detached loving consciousness.

This mankind has arrived in the 
Age of the golden consciousness.

I am


Bordering Process of the Planet – ASANA MAHATARI: 

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