22. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Children of Mankind,

I am God.

Rise above self, rise above your lower intentions, 
rise above your imperfection and become perfect.
Yet never rise above your siblings from eternity, 
who like you are standing in service in this or in 
other worlds since eternity – in their own boots, 
according to their own yardstick. Truly:  

Whoever rises above other human Beings, 
will fall, whoever chooses arrogance instead 
of humility, will tumble, will neither partake in 
the kingdom of Heaven nor will be transfigured 
from this world.

Human Beings rise above human Beings 

Not only impatience but also arrogance spreads 
among the light warriors of the first and last hours.
Human Beings rise above human Beings and this is a 
great injustice, which the ones perpetrate on others 
and do it to themselves. 

An ascending one is full of humility toward all Life, 
because he knows what the remaining ones still 
must overcome. Whoever has looked at his own 
horror and has redeemed it, is carried with empathy, 
is determined by deep inner peace and is to be 
recognized by his Love. 

The empathy for all Life develops out of this attitude, 
develops Love for all human Beings and develops the 
right access to every event in a radically changing world.
Only those, who deny their own shadows, encounter life 
in an inappropriate manner. Whoever does not perform 
the right allocations for himself, cannot interpret these 
in fellow human Beings or cannot recognize them correctly.

A true Master knows his place in the whole fabric of 
this world and knows his place in the co-operation 
with every individual human Being.

Each Human Being contributes! 

Know you Gods in human Gestalt: 
The burden of the whole world never rests on 
anyone’s shoulders! Nobody by himself is responsible 
for the ascension or the descent of a whole world, 
because truly: Each human Being is backing the 
burdens of this time, co-creates a new world, often
times unnoticed. Each human Being goes as far as his 
soul can carry him and as far as his heart is willing to 
open up to the path of knowledge. 

Even if only a few return to the Source, now, as the call 
for the return has been heard in every corner of this world: 
Every human Being comes forth from the Source, 
which I am!

Mote in the Eye of Others 

Among the light warriors of the first and last hours 
vanity, unresolved feelings and emotions, being 
smart-alecks and pretensions have emerged and 
have crept out from the deepest shadow realms of 
their heart. This is an opportunity for healing, the 
possibility for perfection, because what use is it to 
rule over human Beings, as the ruler-ship over one’s 
ego has been forfeited.

The waiting for the ascension has demoralized many 
of those light warriors, who were outfitted with high 
assignments, and now their still unredeemed issues 
begin to show – on all levels, without makeup and 
obviously. The dark shadows of the soul wanted to 
escape due to an “early ascension”, and today this 
intention has been shattered, because enlightenment 
and ascension can only occur on the field of a healthy 
psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual Being.

This soil must be tilled and nobody can separate from
it, instead, each one, who tries this, who appears as
a Master before his time, today meets himself and the
so far neglected conditions.

From now on do no longer wait for your ascension; 
instead begin immediately to deal unrestrictedly 
with your own history and your unredeemed issues. 
Thereby time and space disappear and the day of 
redemption happens and does no longer have to 
be expected.

To the light warriors of the first and last hours: 
Examine your thoughts, examine your words, 
and examine your underlying motives for your 

This is what counts today, because humility leads 
you back to God, because everything exists out of 
His Grace. 

Recognize your misbehavior, your false thoughts 
and your inadequacies, and change them, now, 
and as long as there is still time for it. Forgive 
yourself without denying the consequences of 
your ignorance. 

These words from God pertain to those, 
who it pertains to. It is those, who see 
the mote in the eye of others while being 
blind to the beam in their own eye.

It is those, who it pertains to.  
I am GOD


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