11. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, 
longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh 
with the affections and lusts. Bible, Gal 5,22-24

Everything that is alive is born of the Spirit, the Love 
for all emanates from the Spirit, and whoever works 
out of the Spirit is truly God’s child and God’s 
messenger on earth, and to those human Beings 
bliss befalls on all paths.


The message is: 
think, sense, feel and act as 
all-loving divine consciousness. 

Be the Love, even if you meet hate.
Be joy, even if you are surrounded by lack of joy.
Be peace in a warlike world.

Be patient where impatience of many light 
warriors has taken possession.
Be friendly to those who meet you with rejection.
Be kind in all matters, because kindness is the 
scent of Saints.

Be a faithful perfecter of your assignments, 
because whoever becomes unfaithful to self 
wastes one’s life.
Be the ruler of your self, be aware of it and 
never let yourself be guided by lower motivations.
Be kind in all considerations of life; be meek in all 
actions of life, and meekness is: To recognize God’s 
omnipresence in all Life and to bow in front of all Life 
in deep appreciation.

Indeed you must overcome your lower self, your 
ego-consciousness. This urgency is portrayed in 
the drastic picture whereby it is necessary to nail 
your passions and your wishes “to the cross”.

The path of a human Being to God is always blocked 
by a dominant ego, and the path is free as soon as 
the ruler ship of the almighty divine consciousness begins.

Detach yourself from the lower vibrating world, which 
still works in you. And this world acts subtly, invisibly 
and it determines the life of many light warriors, who 
have come to earth with good and light-filled intentions.

Whoever does not want to liberate oneself from one’s 
lower nature and yet calls my all redeeming light sword 
and my blue-golden flame of truthfulness into his presence, 
calls in vain, because to be freed of all foreign influences 
means foremost to recognize one’s own blockages and 
wanting to let go of them. It is your will, which affects 
this, if your will is not present, nothing can happen, 
nothing, which would have value or could move a 
human life to new pathways.

You cannot serve two masters. You cannot ride on two 
horses simultaneously. End this condition and fulfill your 
heart with courage, fulfill your life with new strength, 
whereby you spiritualize your life and liberate yourself 
from lower motivations, which permanently chain you 
to the wheel of time.

Recognize your shadows, so that the Light may appear, 
recognize your power, so that the ego disappears; 
recognize your beauty, so that the divine emanates 
from you – visible for all and for the glory of your Self.

You are living eternal consciousness!
End your life in the love-starving reality 
of a Spirit enslaved by the ego.

Your will is the power, which affects this and 
my presence is the protection, under which this 
miracle of a human Being becoming God manifests.

I am

Heritage of Atlantis, Pendant Gold/Silver, Christ Consciousness 9:

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