20. März 2015


Letter from the author and publisher,  
Jahn J Kassl,  regarding the digital first 
edition of “The Biography of Jesus, Part I” 
and of “The Biography of Jesus, Part II”, 
in the English language. 

Translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Honored Readers! 

Today it is a great joy for us to point to the English publication 
of “The Biography of Jesus, Part I”, and to “The Biography of 
Jesus, Part II”.  

The life and the work of the biblical Jesus in Jerusalem are 
full of misinterpretations and false assumptions. For the 
Roman-Catholic Church it was about attaining power and 
to exercise it. It was a logical conclusion to construct a 
belief concept after the church was supported under Emperor 
Constantine (Constantine the Great, from 306 to 337 Roman 
Emperor) from the 4th century on, and was elevated to State 
Religion, in order to suppress human Beings due to guilt and 
fear and in order to attain ruler ship over them.

From that developed the invention of the crucified Jesus, 
who gave his life for human Beings born with original sin.
Thereby the picture was also consolidated that salvation 
in the beyond can only be attained through the Roman-
Catholic Church, after the sins have been atoned on earth.
The in-between role of the church was created, between 
the here and the beyond, a role, which the church liked
and still likes to play, and as a consequence in order to 
keep human Beings from a direct relationship to God. 
Everything that tastes like Gnosis (“Gnostics” from the 
Greek “gnosis”, which means “recognition”) today is still 
suspect to the Roman-Catholic Church and is being coined 
as a “false doctrine”!

Human Beings were degraded to victims; mankind was 
programmed for suffering and stayed away from realization. 
And suffering for human Beings was foremost inflicted by 
their own church. This is a perfect and fiendish cocktail,
which has an effect until today.

The fictitious “Crucifixion” 
Served as an example for many seekers and some 
Christian mystics rivaled with this fictitious experience 
of suffering. This is a grotesque and diabolic world, which 
the Roman-Catholic Church created here: suffering, violence, 
pain and injustice were means and consequences of this 
delinquency against mankind, because the trail of blood of 
the Roman-Catholic Church throughout centuries is indeed 
unsurpassed and of the most abhorrent characteristic. 

Alone during the “conquest of America” by the Spaniards, 
100 million human Beings were killed in the first 150 years 
in the “name of God” – the “greatest mass murder of all time”.  
(Theologian Leonardo Boff, Publik-Forum, 5/31/1991), according 
to Pope John Paul II a "fortuitous guilt" (Spiegel special Nr. 
3/2005, p. 91), because in this manner the Catholic faith 
also gained a foothold there.

Truth paves the Way 
Yet the truth reliably paves the way into the 
public and also into the published arena: 

„Viennese scientists working with Archeologist Dr. Norbert 
Zimmermann discovered the Christ sensation in Rome’s 
catacombs! They find pictures of Jesus – however these 
show him only as a joyful philosopher, miracle healer, 
Shepard and not as a victim of brutal crucifixion scenes.” 
(…) „In the third century Christ was known as the fulfiller 
of miracles. Only later the Church has imprinted the picture 
of Christ as a martyr.“ (Dr. Norbert Zimmermann, 
heute, 12/2/2008)

And the books “The Biography of Jesus I and II”, 
which were transmitted by Jesus Sananda, work 
exactly against this fallacy of history. 
How and where did Jesus spend his childhood? - Why was 
John the Baptist really killed? - Who was Mary Magdalene? - 
How was water transformed into wine? - What fed and satisfied 
five thousand? - How do we understand HIS messages? - Whereby 
do we explain the "phenomena" of the Stigmata? - What really 
happened that night when Jesus was arrested? - What is it 
about the "death on the cross"? - Was the grave empty? 
You will encounter these and many other answers in this 
book - an encounter, which can change your life, because 
you encounter HIS power and HIS eternal Love for human 
“Did the Last Supper actually take place? Who was Judas? 
Was there a betrayal of Jesus? How were the last days in 
Jerusalem? The sermon on the mount and the Lord’s 
Prayer in Jesus’s words. 

These are some of the topics, which you encounter in 
these books, and questions, which are very clearly and 
unmistakably answered by Jesus: 

„My death on the cross 
never took place!” (…)
„The so called delivery of the 
keys to Peter never occurred!“ (…)
„Miriam from Bethany was never 
a prostitute and never a sinner, 
like one wants to portray her.
She was and is a high initiate 
of Life, and we were most intimately 
connected with each other.
The marriage of Canaan was our 
marriage. I was her bridegroom, 
she was my bride.” 

Jesus points to his actual work with an abundance of 
further descriptions of his life on earth, which are 
neither described in history books nor in the bible.
And it is these facts, which make the two parts so 
significant for the healing of human hearts.
To unveil the actual events in the life of the 
“Nazarene” mean to me and the Lichtweltverlag: 
to reconcile human Beings with their self-image 
and to remove the guilt, which the Church imposed 
on them.

Foremost these words from Jesus are an opportunity 
to liberate oneself from the dark energies, which 
emanated from the Roman-Catholic Church and 
still emanate from it. 

As soon as human Beings recognize how much Popes, 
Bishops and Priests deceived them, and how much 
they were driven into fear by the So-called “sacred 
writings”, the Roman Catholic Church loses its power! 

I see at as my duty, the necessity to point this out and 
to open the door to freedom, and it is equally an 
assignment and a joy for me and the Lichtwelt Verlag.

Hence we are grateful to be able to present to you the 
English translation (by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb) of the 
German original of the Biography of Jesus, already 
transmitted in 2007 and first published in 2008.

It is indeed time, to release from the fallacies of old 
time and to recognize our life task as a liberated 
consciousness “to love, in order to shine one’s 
Light into Creation.“ (Jesus Sananda) 

In Love

Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 

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