10. März 2015


Conversation with God
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

JJK: What is the reason that many light warriors maintain 
an absolutely inappropriate self-image? Meaning that they 
believe of themselves to be far advanced seekers of God or 
even consider themselves to be Creator Gods. Yet actually 
a multitude of these “Masters” are confronted with all issues
of their ego, with their lower nature in every step, without 
themselves registering it, even though the environment 
has recognized this long ago?

GOD: I am That, your Creator, All-That-Is, God.

Beloved Ones! 

A truthful self-image, an accurate self-assessment 
and self-awareness are always based on a 
redeemed Being. This is the basis whereupon 
the divine grows, the soil whereupon a human 
Being is refined and becomes sacred.

False Self-Image 

That highly gifted human Beings, human Beings with 
significant heavenly assignments, are working on earth 
and have left the path of the Light is the remaining and 
fundamental issue of this time, because they have been 
overtaken by foreign energies without themselves 
recognizing it.
Alien and dark energies can only permanently be placed 
in a Being, as it has not recognized it as such or it has 
not been perceived as a “threat”. And it is with those, 
who have not redeemed their “human and interpersonal 
affairs”, and instead deny these. These human Beings 
like to ignore, what makes a human Being in a sluggish 
world, on a lower vibrating level: greed, envy, anger, 
jealousy, fears and hate conditions are neither recognized 
as such nor are these transformed, instead these low 
vibrating illusions are looked at as justified form of 
expression or these human Beings do not recognize 
it in themselves. Many light warriors with high assignments 
therefore carry many unresolved issues in them and these 
hinder them everywhere in their humanness.

JJK: What I also observe is the fact that these 
highly gifted human Beings are almost entirely 
"resistant toward advice”.
Meaning, they do not want to know anything about 
eventual shadows, which should be subjected to a 
fundamental inspection. It is a very muddled situation, 
into which these human Beings have maneuvered 
themselves. Is there a possibility for healing?

GOD: This possibility always exists.
There is always a way, which changes everything and 
brings forth the Light. Thereby it is essential that there 
is a degree of willingness and that the maturity of the 
soul demands it.


JJK: What is often puzzling to me is the fact that 
significant portions of human Beings with high 
assignments flatly ignore their own energetic 
basic work. Thereby an enormous zest 
should really come from such human Beings.
Some believe to be above it, other on the other 
hand simply deny their inner conflicts.
This brings forth the “esoteric psychopath” 
and it seems to me that this type of human 
Being is widely distributed in the esoteric scene.
Sometimes I think to myself, a psychological treatment 
would be much more helpful than spiritual healing work
– at least as a first step. Because the spiritual healing 
work must be truly wanted, understood and accepted, 
the recognition that this is also necessary must exist.
But whoever of those, who believe to already know 
everything, recognizes this in themselves?

GOD: A complete healing always includes the whole 
Being and is always of a spiritual nature. God’s Light 
is the universal healer. Yet it is correct that the basic 
work of human sensations, feelings, imaginations, 
opinions, neurosis, imprints from many times or
blockages from many lifetimes can also contain 
a psychological treatment. This is advisable, if 
human Beings no longer can open to the divine
Light, because they do not want to confront their 

JJK: But whoever does not want to confront oneself 
will most likely also shun a psychological treatment?

GOD: Not necessarily! One shuns this only as long 
as life remains bearable. As long as the suppression
mechanisms function, based on a still mostly “ordered” 
life, the general suppression of all shadows also functions. 
Yet based on the intensive Light flooding of the planet 
and of human Beings, this is rarely still possible. Life is 
a mirror and whoever no longer can bear daily life, must 
open – also for healings.

JJK: But whoever this pertains to, 
certainly see this totally differently.

GOTT: Differently yes, as long as they 
do not have to encounter their shadows.
Yet life offers every possibility and this means 
that every human Being will be presented with 
exactly the circumstances, which are needed for 
his growth.  

Whoever avoids the divine Light, 
will be reminded of his unredeemed 
issues due to life circumstances, 
until a change in behavior 
occurs in this human Being. 

Very often human Beings find themselves more quickly 
in psychological treatment than they like, yet this is 
always only a beginning of healing and never the end.
This phase can be quickly overcome, as a human Being 
is truly read to open to the Light.

Everything is given to human Beings and it is indeed 
the choice of each individual, where the journey in 
this world and in this space-time leads.

Regarding the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
who are now going astray, it is the be mentioned:
Each one must be healed and purified on the inside 
to a very high degree, in order to be able to fulfill 
one’s assignments. Also the retrieval of divinity is 
only possible for those, who are purified in their 
foundation and beyond that are constantly bound 
to the Source of the Light.

Whoever dives into one’s own or foreign shadow 
worlds, for these human Beings the essential 
self-recognitions and self-experiences are still

The „Chosen Ones“ 

And still know one more thing: Many human Beings, 
who pretend that they came with high assignments to
this earth or that they are the “chosen one”, are not 
one of them, and many, who you would never guess,
are one of them. 

Whoever lifts himself will fall, because only those, 
who have experienced themselves in the Light of 
their whole truth, have lost any inclination toward
false assumptions and pretensions. 

Let the Light shine on the summit, so that 
you remain visible, steadfast and empathetic. 

Like the sun steadfastly outpours its Light, a Saint 
does likewise: Light, which does not burn anyone 
and Love, which does not crush anyone. Never impose 
yourself, never put self into the Light, because the Light
 in itself is enough and for human Beings, who see it,
it is assistance, healing and a gift.

Most effective Protection 

JJK: What is the most effective method to protect 
oneself in the actual time quality, wherein there 
are unbelievable discharges on many levels?
I see again and again, as attacks occur, that 
they do not do anything to me on the inside, 
yet physically I am very challenged.

GOD: Consciousness! Consciousness is the most 
effective protection. Due to the consciousness of 
what is, the necessary measures can be initiated 
or can be mandated. It is of existential significance 
that today you perform the correct allocations. 
What is it that bothers you? Then the way is clear, 
and then the necessary redemptions can be mandated. 

Correctly applied power of distinction, a clear 
view of what is, is the protection of this time. 

Once a human Being has this ability, and then the 
dark forces can weaken him temporarily, yet can 
never divert him from the path or keep him away 
from healing actions.

JJK: This means to perform the right 
allocations is the lifeblood in these days?

GOD: And the timely recognition of those.
This means, examine each human Being for 
their actual inner quality. 

What a human Being says is meaningless, 
what a human Being does is meaningless.
What a human Being truly thinks and feels, 
what makes a human Being on the inside
is of significance. 

JJK: I see also that human Beings change.
Meaning, today they still appear light-filled 
and loving in order to change already 
tomorrow into a little devil?

GOD: Also this is necessary to be recognized in its core. 
Each human Being is to be recognized as what he is due 
to certain behavior patterns. It is neither his abilities nor 
his knowledge, whereby his inner development may be judged. 
It is only about what kind of energy is set free from this human 
Being. And the faster and the more exactly a human Being 
develops the ability to recognize this, the more uninfluenced 
will his own energies remain. A qualified action is only possible 
on the basis of the knowledge of things. In summary: 
In this time of times it is about the correct allocations!

Whoever can perform these remains unaffected, 
may many dramas of God’s unredeemed children
also still pour over the heads of light-filled human 
Beings; your soul remains pure and untouched by it.

JJK: Today I had the impression that we have 
overcome the level, where a third destructive 
World was supposed to happen. Has this planet 
uplifted enough so that this is no longer an option?

GOD: We will address this topic in one of our next 
conversations. Indeed: The world heals, even if the 
healing process brings with it very many dramas, 
blood and pain; for those, who can only heal due 
to these suffering experiences.

Joy penetrates human hearts and peace prevails 
in this world. Mankind and the Mother of all Life 
have taken the path in that direction.

Who is God?

All-That-Is, is God.
Who I am in infinite Love. 

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