4. März 2015


Conversation with God

JJK: I observe that actually really nothing and nobody 
remains excluded from the powerful transformation 
energy, which flows to earth.
Is the whole earth in a state of emergency!?

GOD: In these days this is the quality of space-time.
I am with you, with each human Being, who now follows 
these words from the Light.
I am with every human Being and with all life in the 
infinity of Creation. I am GOD.

Powerful Time- and Energy Quality 

Yes, all Life is being captured by this powerful time- 
and energy quality. The truth paves the way on all 
levels, extinguishes every lie and every imperfection 
must yield. 

Whoever has successfully hidden his true essence 
until today, all masks will be removed from his face 
and the actual view of what is and what still works 
in a human Being is now possible. 

Even the most guarded dark secrets will now be lifted on 
an individual as well as global level, because the 
transformation energy of truth works like a powerful 
fire, which burns everything which has not been created 
fire-proof. Individual human Beings look comprehensively 
and unconditionally at the face of their own life-lies, and to 
mankind in total the “temple of the lies”, the dark intentions 
of malice, wherefrom the lowly vibrating entities directed this 
mankind, will be revealed.
For all light warriors it is now important to continue with one’s 
own purification tasks and consistently continue one’s own 
awareness process. Because only thereby can the evil, which 
shows itself now on the global level, be encountered without
fear and its ground can be dug off. 

Whoever has understood, accepted and transformed 
one’s own fears, holds in one’s hand the key for a light-
filled life and already on earth has arrived in the 
Kingdom of Heaven.

JJK: To “recognize evil”? Thereby I notice that many light 
warriors have not or very insufficiently developed their 
power of distinction. For many it is still impossible to 
distinguish a true from a false prophet, or light-filled 
doing from dark doing. Therefore many fall for the new 
Gurus of these days or remain with the priests of the 
old institutions from time.

GOD: This is also a quality of this time, which creates new
experiences and let human Beings come closer to freedom. 
The “false prophets” as well as the human Beings, who hang
on to them, thereby create a common experience, which they 
have not lived until now. The roles are differently distributed, 
yet the problem definition for both groups of human Beings, 
either “victim” or “perpetrator”, are one and the same: to be 
able to step out of this condition due to pain.
Also the fundamental energy for both groups of human 
Beings is identical: The ego-attachment, claim to power 
and unredeemed sexual energies.

Sexuality and Peace 

Especially the blocked sexual energy is the one, which
drives human Beings strongly into a neurosis*, whereby 
they coin themselves as victims or feel called to exert 
power over others. 

If the sexual energy circulates freely, then a human 
Being has attained power over himself, is the energy 
blocked, then a human Being has the need to exert 
power over others or to control other human Beings, 
because he cannot control his sexual energy. 

*The term neurosis was coined by the Scottish doctor 
William Cullen in 1769 to refer to "disorders of sense
and motion" caused by a "general affection of the nervous 
system." Cullen used the term to describe various nervous 
disorders and symptoms that could not be explained 
physiologically. However, the meaning of the term 
was redefined by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud over 
a century later. It has continued to be used in psychology 
and philosophy.[1]The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 
of Mental Disorders (DSM) has eliminated the category 
"neurosis" because of a decision by its editors to provide 
descriptions of behavior rather than descriptions of hidden 
psychological mechanisms.[2] This change has been 
According to the American Heritage Medical Dictionary, 
neurosis is "no longer used in psychiatric diagnosis."[4] 
The term is derived from the Greek word νεῦρον (neuron, 
"nerve") and the suffix -ωσις -osis (diseased or abnormal 
condition). (Wikipedia, remark, JJK)

It is a “replacement action”, whereby victim 
and perpetrator want to balance a lack in this manner.
The sexual energy sets free enormous forces in a human 
Being, if the allocations are not correct or if this force 
cannot flow freely, a human Being must behave unnaturally,
meaning, against his own inner nature, and must compensate 
this condition on another level. 

JJK: Whereby or when can somebody assume that 
his sexual energies flow freely – therefore are liberated?

GOD: For that there is very simple “evidence”, which each
one can apply for oneself. Ask the question: “Am I sexually
fulfilled?” Thereby it is not about that somebody has sex 
with a partner, instead about, do I feel well with and in 
my sexuality. What feelings, sensations and impulses 
come up as I think about sex?
Do I experience lack thereby or am I fulfilled thereby. 
The central question is: Am I at peace with myself 
and with my sexuality? Am I at peace with what is, 
without denying something, without suppressing it? 
Can I look at my sexuality in Love and in peace? 
This is the point. Each human Being can easily
determine this for himself.
The second important point is that the sexual energy
simultaneously constitutes the life force of a human 
Being. Human Beings, who rest in themselves, are in 
peace with them and treat themselves lovingly, have 
transformed the sexual energy as far, so that these 
circulating currents of Light in their bodies can act for 
the benefit of the whole Being. Thereby the “sexual 
fixations” diminish to the degree, as a consciousness 
is oriented toward the divine. 

The liberated sexual energy is the force, 
in order to get to higher vibration levels. 

JJK: Sex, power and money, these are the dominating issues, 
as it is about with false prophets of this time to exercise
pressure and control over their students. Meaning, these 
conditions will still intensify?

GOD: Yes, this is the course of this time. 
For a very short duration, all unredeemed 
conditions are now appearing. And the spiritual 
seekers receive, as well as the “false Gurus”, 
the opportunity to go through the necessary 
and desired experiences.
Generally it is true that each human Being always encounters 
his “right” Guru! Each learning and development step attracts
the reality, which is necessary. Insofar there are no “false
Gurus” or “false prophets”, because also this fallacy, also 
this illusion of different awareness processes is useful.
Nonetheless what can be “false” about a Guru or a 
prophet? What can be “false” about a student?

Repetition Loops 

This expression applies, when both sides, Guru and 
student, get stuck in their roles and cannot liberate 
themselves from it, despite many opportunities in 
several lives.
If experiences have been made and if they also want to be 
continued like in an endless loop, then a human Being misses 
the goal of his birth to enter the subtle realms. Stagnation 
and relapse, instead of progress and becoming aware are
the results.
Furthermore many of these “false Masters” carry out 
misdemeanors on their students, whereby they enrich 
themselves from their energies, on subtle as well as 
physical levels. If this demeanor remains unrecognized, 
meaning, a human Being continues this behavior after 
he has experienced it once, profound karmic entanglements 
are created, which incur many further lives in dense matter.
Each low vibrational experience serves the purpose in order 
to quickly overcome it, after it has been exhausted on a 
low vibrating level. If it repeats, due to many influences 
of time, the condition becomes unbearable and toxic; 
the soul is poisoned, and only extremely powerful 
events may burst open these shackles, can human 
Beings be liberated from their spiritual lethargy.

Today this is widely distributed among many “students” 
and “Masters”. These human Beings are stuck in an 
endless loop of repetitions, no matter which life issues 
they deal with. They step out of this matrix and enter a 
new matrix, which is yet identical to the old one.

This is the “self-created reality of repetitions”, 
which were solely created by human Beings in 
this manner, and originally were not destined 
in the divine plan.

5-10 Lifespans 

There was a time, when Creator Gods in human form, 
after 5-10 lifespans of 1000 earth years each or more 
obtained fulfillment. Angels, which took on a human 
body, strode across this world in a very short timespan 
and returned to the origin enlightened and with an 
infinite richness of new experiences.
These long lifespans of 1000 or more earth years enabled 
human Beings to very quickly attain great development 
and awareness processes. The kingdom of peace was 
established in that world and nothing hindered the 
spiritual evolution of individual consciousness.
The different changes, which the planet and human 
Beings experienced, due to destructive forces in the 
course of time, yet created massive upheavals and 
let this world fall out from divine balance.

The life conditions, which mankind found in the 
last thousands of years until today, were totally 
unknown to the high culture of Lemuria. Now this 
remembrance returns, because you are the ones, 
who you wait for.

JJK: Meaning, many human Beings find themselves in 
these endless loops of repetitions and do not notice it. 
Do they thereby create new links, new karma, that 
would necessitate new lives in a lower vibrating world?

GOD: In the case that the sin against Life, meaning,
the sin to keep oneself harmless with the energy of 
fellow human Beings, no matter in which form, has 
not been repeated, God’s Grace will become effective.
Yes, new dependencies are created.
Yet these can be suspended in a very short timespan 
and solely due to the “recognition of what is”.
God’s Grace affects that in this case a new life in a
lower vibrating world is not necessary. What is required 
is the deep recognition of cause and effect, which one 
was exposed to oneself and have others exposed to.

Root of Arrogance 

JJK: A female reader wrote us a wonderful saying 
regarding the “false prophets” of this time:  
“Arrogance comes before the fall, not before 
ascension!”  Coined for those, who always dig 
in the same location, to stir in the same turbid
soup of their own vanities and lift themselves 
to “Masters” above human Beings and the world, 
yet thereby entirely ignore their own issues. 
What is the root of arrogance?

GOD: Arrogance carries the energy of low worth.

And whoever feels “inferior” on the inside, cannot 
swing up or cannot reach the high Light levels of 
All-That-Is. Self-vibration attracts foreign vibration.
An unrecognized low worth, no matter with how much 
effort it is overlaid, is a wound, which must be healed 
and must be closed, before a human Being can swing 
up to the divine. 

„Arrogance“ pretends courage and self-
consciousness, yet is exactly the opposite of it. 

The more insecure a human Being is on the inside, and the 
more inferior he feels about himself on the inside, the stronger 
is the need to balance this lack. Many of these human Beings 
acquire specific capacities, feel thereby superior and thereby 
define their “outstanding rank” among human Beings. Others 
on the other hand mutate to aloof and hostile loners, in 
order to justify their special status in front of the world.

In both groups of human Beings low worth is active and 
these entities are dominated by different lack issues and 
are held in constant unrest. “Arrogance” has many faces 
and here two widely distributed idiosyncrasies are explained. 
Therefore “arrogance” always comes before the fall, because 
everything unreal dissolves, as soon as it meets reality. 

Arrogance lacks the basis of truth and no 
matter which illusion a human Being may 
choose reality will destroy any illusion.

Distinguish Gurus and Prophets 

JJK: Can you once more illustrate to us, whereby one 
can immediately recognize truly false prophets, those, 
who want to chain us to wheel of the endless loop?

1.) The Ego dominates: „Me, me, me“.
2.) Exercise of power, self-presumptions 
and control paranoia are predominant.
3.) Sexual dependencies are aimed for 
and sexual misuse is the result.

JJK: Why do only a few human Beings recognize
these obvious signals? Why do human Beings
remain with these Gurus, who keep them in 
the endless loop?

GOD: Because they let themselves be blinded
by specific capacities of these human Beings.
Somebody can, in comparison to you, walk on hot 
coals, and you are already impressed. Another one 
can, in contrast to you, recite all scriptures, and 
you are immediately impressed.

Some can, in comparison to you, walk on water, 
transmute lead into gold and reawaken the dead,
and you are already impressed. This enumeration 
can be complemented with anything possible and 
be carried on. In each one of these situations 
human Beings let themselves be blinded due 
to outer magic instead of feeling attracted 
due to the inner capacities of a human Being, 
due to the Light, which acts in that human Being. 

The truly divine is simple, 
is silent and does without any spectacle. 

Whoever loves does not ignite fireworks,
instead awakens the fire of Life in you.
The truly wise one loves silence, is like an 
ocean and never shows off his abilities,  
instead puts them at disposal, and a healing 
and sacred intention is always connected with it. 

The immature student seeks the
immature Master due to his outer abilities.
Whereas the mature student recognizes the 
mature Master due to his inner charisma, 
due to the Light, which emanates from him.
The students testify much about the Master 
and vice versa. 

The criteria for a genuine encounter on 
a healthy level is the love capacity of both: 
Two lovers attract each other and require
nothing more than their Love, in order to 
perfect self in the mirror of the other. 

They satisfy themselves in their Love and not 
due to the abilities, which come from them.
Whatever is visible, is insignificant, 
whatever works in the invisible is the measure. 

What use is his knowledge to a Magician,
With a heart of stone? What help does a 
Prophet get from power and status,
Without Love? 

With these words I bless this mankind.
Appeal to me, and, with an open heart, 
be willing to expose everything to me.
Dedicate yourself to me, because the more 
unconditional you are with it, the more 
unconditional you encounter the abundance 
of all Life, which I am.

Captured by GOD and entering into the Love, which I am -


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