6. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

The coming time is in the sign of fundamental 
transformations of all firmly anchored blockages 
in human nature.

„Sediments“ are redeemed

The „Sediments“ of patterns, assumptions and imaginations 
are redeemed, until you constitute a free and purified vessel 
of God’s Love. Many purifications of past time created these
conditions and today it is necessary to redeem what has 
settled down in you and does not want to yield.
With the divine Light, with the blue Ray of clarity and 
transformation and with the light sword of 
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, who I am among you. 

The transformation work in this world and in 
human hearts continues and is still not completed! 

Many human Beings, who think of themselves that they are 
perfect, succumb to a great fallacy, because redemption and 
healing is a continuing process until each condition and the 
complete human nature has been entrusted to the Light and 
absolutely every shadow has been redeemed in the Light. 
Layer after layer are removed, layer upon layer are redeemed; 
the world heals and with it human hearts.

Now go to work again, continue with what you have begun 
years ago. Remain consistent on the path of Love and on 
the path of Light. You yourselves are the path and the goal, 
you yourselves are Life and the Light and you yourselves are 
Love and pure divine consciousness.
Liberate yourselves from the last and still deeply 
remaining dormant but very effective belief patterns. 
Liberate yourselves from what restricts your freedom. 
And it is the false inner images of Life, whereby you 
put on the chain mail of space-time yourselves 
and whereby you make yourselves to slaves; 
determined by alien energies, dominated by collective 
patterns, opinions and belief patterns.

Master Ship & Humility  

means to have lifted yourself above self-deceptions 
on all levels of your Being. Know: Each human Being, 
whose desire is entirely oriented toward one’s ascension, 
will walk in joy on this path of the ultimate purification and 
will not claim to be “enlightened”, only to forego further 
transformation processes. 

Truly: Humility is the trailblazer to perfection and to master 
ship. And humility means to see the Light of the Creator in 
every human life, to recognize it. It means, to see in the 
reflections of every human life your own shadows and to 
judge nobody for their shadows.

Observe attentively what emanates from you, what you 
send out yourself. Is it kindness, is it love, and is it 
empathy? Observe how you go into battle. What kind 
of energy do you guide with the light sword that has 
been handed to you.
Is it courage, knowledge and inner clarity or is it anger, 
hate and the desire to triumph over someone else instead 
of removing evil conditions?

Have humility for your own life, which is sole and unique, 
and bow in front of every life, which, just like yours, 
is sole and unique. The humble one knows the course of 
time and knows his many roles in the great game of 
shadows and Light. How could such a human Being make 
accusations for these to those, who have chosen dark 
experiences today? Only a fundamentally humble soul is
ready to receive power, because it is mature to manage
it responsibly and wisely. 

Therefore go on, so that further attributes of 
the Light may be transferred to you.
And to go on means to fully dedicate oneself 
to the coming great time, the “time of penultimate 
transformation”, the metamorphosis and transfiguration 
of one’s soul. Healings of immeasurable power are now 
being affected. The extent is awe-inspiring, the reason 
is your longing and at the end is bliss in God.

Light warriors!

Accept what I announce to you here and what Heaven brings 
to you. It is the gift of freedom on all levels of your Being.

In infinite Love,

I am

Master-Dialogues, Volume I (digital)JAHN J KASSL:

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