25. März 2015

RUSSIA UNDER ATTACK - Paul Craig Roberts

»It is worth making politics with this great
country (Russia).  In Europe there is no 
stability without Russia, and certainly 
not against Russia. «  
Hans-Dietrich Genscher ( born 1927), long-time former 
Secretary of State of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Russia Under Attack
By Paul Craig Roberts

While Washington works assiduously to undermine the 
Minsk agreement that German chancellor Merkel and French 
president Hollande achieved in order to halt the military 
conflict in Ukraine, Washington has sent Victoria Nuland 
to Armenia to organize a “color revolution” or coup there, 
has sent Richard Miles as ambassador to Kyrgyzstan to 
do the same there, and has sent Pamela Spratlen as 
ambassador to Uzbekistan to purchase that government’s 
allegiance away from Russia. 

The result would be to break up the Collective Security 
Treaty Organization and present Russia and China with 
destabilization where they can least afford it. For details 
go here: http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/03/18/4656 

Thus, Russia faces the renewal of conflict in Ukraine 
simultaneously with three more Ukraine-type situations 
along its Asian border. And this is only the beginning of 
the pressure that Washington is mounting on Russia.

On March 18 the Secretary General of NATO denounced the 
peace settlement between Russia and Georgia that ended 
Georgia’s military assault on South Ossetia. The NATO 
Secretary General said that NATO rejects the settlement 
because it “hampers ongoing efforts by the international 
community to strengthen security and stability in the region.”

Look closely at this statement. It defines the “international 
community” as Washington’s NATO puppet states, and it 
defines strengthening security and stability as removing 
buffers between Russia and Georgia so that Washington 
can position military bases in Georgia directly on Russia’s 
In Poland and the Baltic states Washington and NATO lies 
about a pending Russian invasion are being used to justify 
provocative war games on Russia’s borders and to build up
US forces in NATO military bases on Russia’s borders.

We have crazed US generals on national television 
calling for “killing Russians.” The EU leadership has 
agreed to launch a propaganda war against Russia, 
broadcasting Washington’s lies inside Russia in an 
effort to undermine the Russian people’s support of 
their government.
All of this is being done in order to coerce Russia into 
handing over Crimea and its Black Sea naval base to 
Washington and accepting vassalage under Washington’s

If Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, and the Taliban 
would not fold to Washington’s threats, why do the 
fools in Washington think Putin, who holds in his 
hands the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, 
will fold?

European governments, apparently, are incapable 
of any thought. Washington has set London and the 
capitals of every European country, as well as every 
American city, for destruction by Russian nuclear 
weapons. The stupid Europeans rush to destroy 
themselves in service to their Washington master.

Human intelligence has gone missing if after 14 years 
of US military aggression against eight countries the 
world does not understand that Washington is lost
in arrogance and hubris and imagines itself the ruler 
of the universe who will tolerate no dissent from its

We know that the American, British, and European 
media are whores well paid to lie for their master. 
We know that the NATO commander and secretary 
general, if not the member countries, are lusting for 
war. We know that the American Dr. Strangeloves in 
the Pentagon and armaments industry cannot wait 
to test their ABMs and new weapons systems in which 
they always place excessive confidence. 
We know that the prime minister of Britain is a total 
cipher. But are the chancellor of Germany and the 
president of France ready for the destruction of their 
countries and of Europe? 

If the EU is of such value, why is 
the very existence of its populations 
put at risk in order to bow down and 
accept leadership from an insane 
Washington whose megalomania 
will destroy life on earth? 

Putin speaks: Hope that Washington Hears – Paul Craig Roberts: 

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