21. März 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Battles of End Time 

Momentarily our whole family is damaged? We all have 
been or still are not in our whole strength. Our immune 
system is very challenged. Why?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Beloved Warriors of 
the Light! And in this address is already the 
answer. You are all in the battles of end time.
This fact expands to all coworkers of the Lichtweltverlag, 
as well as to all human Beings, who are in the process 
of fulfilling their light-filled assignments.

Even if your protection is very powerful, energies 
get through again and again. This is the result of
the immense discharges on this level and it is impossible 
to exclude these entirely, so that a human Being remains 
entirely untouched. Go through these phases – always 
look toward the Light at the end of the tunnel and entrust 
that for your daily affairs and for the fulfillment of your 
assignments sufficient possibilities and strength are always 
made available.

This time quality is characterized, whereby immense 
energies are set free and level the path toward the 
Light or toward another level of All-That-Is.
And you find yourself in the middle of these processes, 
you human Beings, who have a delicate and vulnerable 
body. It is impossible to be immune in a physical body 
against any expression of space-time.

What is possible, is, that every indisposition quickly 
evaporates, because a light warrior can access extremely 
suitable methods of healing and means to regain inner 

Know foremost one thing: You are always protected, 
you are always carried, you are always cared for, also 
if you encounter some great challenges wherefrom you 
sometimes – and in the first moment – are in danger 
of capitulating. 

Even if your body temporarily wears down, 
never get paralyzed in your spirit, even if you 
encounter darkness in all places, never forget 
that you are light warriors.
From you emanate the Light of the future, 
the Light for a new world, which is already
built and whose manifestation on this level 
of All-That-Is is still to be awaited.  

The divine Light penetrates this world now. 
All levels are captured by it. Truth appears 
in all areas of Life. The more intensive the light 
flux is, the stronger is the resistance of the dark 
ones, because these forces never want to face the 
truth and therefore keep themselves far away from 
the Light or they try to weaken the light-filled 
warriors by all means.

The inconsistencies of this time, whereby the 
divine becomes more visible with each day and 
captures this world, and on the other hand that 
darkness threatens to continue to expand in this 
world, can create confusion in human Beings.

Make yourself aware also of the following:
This time quality gives birth to these phenomena 
and the end of all these burdens for light warriors 
is near, very, very near.

In infinite Love I assist each human Being, 
who calls on me in pure intention and with 
a loving heart.

I am

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